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A hot dog is a sandwich

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Started: 5/15/2017 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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should you choose to accept the debate, I would offer a few basic rules.
the last person to accept this debate immediately forfeited round one. please don't do that.

#1 round one is just for acceptance
#2 no ad hominems.
#3 standard rules regarding dropped arguments apply
#4 no new arguments in final rebuttals.


I accept your terms.
Debate Round No. 1


Sorry I didn't post sooner, I've been busy. I would also like to point out that this debate is going to be humorous and isn't restricted to normal debate mannerisms.

I hold that a hot dog is not a sandwich

thus I offer the following contentions to negate the resolution.

1. A Hot Dog is not officially considered a sandwich. The national hot dog and sausage council have determined that a hot dog is not, in fact, a sandwich.

there are several reasons that a hot dog is not a sandwich.
1. does ESPN show sandwich eating contests?
2. Imagine being at the ballpark with the organ playing, the crowd cheering and a vendor walking through the stands saying "Sandwich, get your sandwich here!"
3. Marlene Dietrich didn"t say that champagne and sandwiches were her favorite foods; it was champagne and hot dogs she loved.
4. You wouldn"t get arrested for putting ketchup on a sandwich in Chicago.
5. You don"t go to the ballpark and see racing sandwiches.
6. There was never an organized campaign for a sandwich emoji.
7. If you won the lottery, would you say "Sand wich!" No, you"d say, "hot dog!"

as you can see there are numerous differences between a sandwich and a hot dog. After all, simply stating that hot dogs are sandwiches because of their anatomical similarities is like saying that dogs are humans because we both have hearts, lungs, and reticular formations.


Thank you for replying to this debate.

I'll give you reasons on why hot dog is a sandwich.

1. Merriam Webster says that a hot dog is a sandwich
2. Hot dogs fulfill the requirements of a sandwhich.

1. You must be able to pick it up and eat it with your hands and without your hands touching the fillings. (If fillings ooze out it may be a bad sandwich, but it's still a sandwich.)

2. The fillings must be sandwiched between two discrete food items.

As you can see these requirements fulfill a hot dog. A hot dog is between 2 pieces of bread.

3. Just because hot dogs doesn't have the name sandwich in it doesn't make it one. Look at the BLT a classic sandwich but you don't see the word sandwich in it.

As you can see a hot dog fulfills the requirements of a sandwich. A sandwich is hold together by 2 pieces of breads in which is the most basic and important requirements.
Debate Round No. 2


I shall now refute my opponents arguments.

1. While Merriam-Webster may claim that a hot dog is a sandwich, they did not elaborate on why. They only did as everyone else always does in pointing out the anatomical similarities between hot dogs and sandwiches. To say that a hot dog is a sandwich because Merriam-Webster says so without then providing elaboration and supports for the claim is an appeal to authority fallacy. (note that when in my case I cited the NHDSC on the issue I then provided further supporting details on the claim building off of the information they provided.)

2. in his point two and subpoints one and two he once again simply points out the anatomical similarities between hot dogs and sandwiches. Again, there are many things that share a large number of anatomical similarities but are not considered the same thing because of it.

3. next my opponent states that simply because a hot dog does not have the name sandwich in it doesn't mean that it's not a sandwich. He cites the BLT as evidence of this, regardless of the fact that it is indeed called the Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich and can be found under the sandwich menu in most restaurants. The main issue I take with his argument, however, is that he is refuting a claim that I never made. While the argument could be made that I was not calling a sandwich a hot dog in my arguments, I hold hot dogs and sandwiches to be different things. Therefore, his argument could only stand if hot dogs are sandwiches which I don't accept as fact.

and to conclude, he points out the mere anatomical similarities between hot dogs and sandwiches one last time. Seeing as I've already refuted this claim multiple times throughout my argument, I don't see a reason to do it again.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by passwordstipulationssuck 2 years ago
yes, it is.
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 2 years ago
@What50 I thought your profile picture was a giraffe......LOL!!!!!!!
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 2 years ago
@What50 I thought your profile picture was a giraffe......LOL!!!!!!!
Posted by What50 2 years ago
Burden of proof is shared between both of us right?
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