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A question about god

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Started: 9/29/2018 Category: Religion
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How do you know god isnt the devil himself?


I know God is not the devil becuase in the bible the devil appears to adam and eve as a serpent(snake) to which is actually a symbol of malice and evil and is a forbidden form God chooses to take as it represents evil, Also in the bible every story of what God creates is explained with a backstory it never stated God was a devil or was at one point the devil. God made a vow to protect the people of Jerusalem and if he were the devil that would break the vow and corrupt the world of trust between the people and God which again was never explained and if God were the devil iy wouldn't explain why the people of jerusalem made it to the land of milk amd honey.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok but the devil does things right? And the devil supposidly has free will?

God couldnt take the form of a snake? He took the form of a man

Well surely the bible wouldnt tell you that god is the devil, When the bible is supposidly from god

Are you saying god couldnt protect Jerusalem to fool extremly gullible people to make them think he is not the devil?

People get to places on their own. . We got to the moon in case you didnt notice


HaydenCR forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
God is the serpent.
There are only three in the story, A+E and god. Keep in mind that this is not a test, To say that God needs or wants to "test" us is to say that God is not all-knowing.
God has control of all the parameters of the garden, As they were put in place knowing A+E would fail and then could be blamed with original sin. God can not openly contradict himself, Hence the serpent and the forked tongue, The double meaning. God created imperfect beings, And blamed them for their imperfections.
Posted by skilz80 3 years ago
@missmedic you stated this: "Jesus Christ Con read your bible. Satan did not show up in the bible until, Isaiah 14:12 - 15 and Ezekiel 28:12 - 19. God made the snake God made the garden god made the tree, He made it all and God also knew A+E would fail, So it was never a test. Gods do not test people because gods already know if gods don't know they are not gods. " However I disagree with that completely. Read Genesis Chapter 3 again. The word serpent is used and yes a serpent can be translated as a snake. However there is another context in which serpent can be and is used. It also signifies the fact that one who speaks with a split or doubled tongue, One who lies with deceit. So this can be rewritten as: Now the Great Deceiver came was more beautiful than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And it still holds the complete same meaning and message. You can even refer to the Hebrew text of the Original Old Testament form which it was translated. There can be another context in which this can be translated too as well, Most think of serpent as a modern day snake such as a rattle snake etc. But a serpent can also be a Dragon or a Wyrm. Yes the ones that fly in the sky with hard scales, Can breathe fire(mythical - legend) part, Other types don't fly but swim or swarm in the seas or oceans as they are sea serpents. Now how many different past cultures and civilizations show depictions of Dragons? All through out Mid-evil Europe all the way to the Far East, Through out Africa and even some of the Native Tribes of the Americas before the European migration. So at one time on this earth there were Many Dragons! But now the topic of debate would shift to the idea that did these past Dragons have the ability to speak like Humans? So the Hebrew text is not very concise on which translation to use as both can applicably be applied without losing nor changing any of its meaning nor changing any of its context and still portray the same message. A Fallen Angel!
Posted by skilz80 3 years ago
I for one do not believe that God is Lucifer directly since God created the Angels of Heaven and Lucifer is an Angel of Heaven. However the one thing that I think about sometimes that your local churches don't teach is this: Ask yourself if God is Two Faced, Think about this hard for a minute before trying to refute or debate this. It is more of a hypothetical question, But something to consider and is in no means to speak blasphemy against God. It is more of a true understanding of him that most can not rationalize. Take this for example: He created Us in His Image. He gave use the Gift of Life, But also more important the Gift of Free Will! In order to have Free Will one Must be able to Choose and in order to Choose between two things there Must be Opposition! Good & Evil, Up & Down, Black & White, On & Off, Positive & Negative etc. One can not Exist without the other! Since we are Creative Beings that have the ability to Make Choices and that were are Like Him; think about this for a minute. Does he not still possess all of those same abilities? Did he not Create Lucifer too? In order for their to be Free Will He Must of Created both Good and Evil! They both Came from Him! Are we not Two Faced? Now this only describes the Nature of God, But this does not Express Who He is! His Heart is all about Love and being good to one another, But wrathful and vengeful when required. Did Jesus not say, "Be slow to Anger"? This doesn't mean that we can never be angry and kick some butt at times when it is justified, But it should never be our first or initial response! Also does the Bible not tell you that Lucifer a. K. A. The Devil and his minions can not tempt you first without having permission from God himself? Remember He gave us choice which is an ability that he had within him to begin with! So with this kind of understanding I can agree to the fact that God is both good and evil! All things came from God as He Created All Things! Food for Thought!
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
So perhaps try knowing what you are talking about hayden rather than forfit your mind for no good reason. . What if satan as your bible describes, Is your god? Is it irrelvant?
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
i have been thinking about this one canis, To say that there is no unicorn on the moon if the truth is i don't know, Is like me saying the unicornless moon in my mind is real, And that i am therfore god of reality. . Which is insanity
Posted by canis 3 years ago
"How do you know god isnt the devil himself? ". . You could not know. . There is nothing "to know". . . So it depends on your imagination.
Posted by HaydenCR 3 years ago
It's funny that like 4 people are debating me at once in a comment section. Firstly this debate isn't absolute. He's asking me persobally how I know if God is not the devil. This debate is. . . Subjective, Becuase i'm giving him my own understanding of why God isn't the devil, So all of you trying to give me qoutes from google, Not even the bible and trying to insult my religion and call me a fake Christian is just ridicoulous. If you are a real man stop putting arguemnts in the comment section while im already putting my attention to someone else and post a debate and challenge me.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Again, Backwardseden has brought up the same objections over and over again. I have answered to all of them. Go to some of our debates to see what I'm talking about
Posted by asta 3 years ago
Even the NT says that a woman can't assume authority over a man and it states that most people will go to hell.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
"Also in the bible every story of what God creates is explained with a backstory" Well let's change the subject completely. ALL of those who claim that they are christians believe that god grants man Free Will. How come there is 0% of any story, Backstory or full page story of ---anything--- in god granting man free will in the bible. . . Something to the effect of "I the lord thy god grants man freed will"? How come there's nothing to the effect of that? So in turn according to your god you have not free will and bringing the subject back neither did Adam and Eve. Their destinies were chosen long before they were conceived.

Your god murdered 2, 821, 364 in his bible which included babies, Children and pregnant women (abortions in which you christians have a problem with. Talk about a 100% pure and absolute contradiction in which there are a good 1, 000 contradictions and inconsistencies thus making your bible unreadable) in which you perfectly justify. And your satan killed 10 in your god's nightmare of a bible That's right. Only 10. Who is right?

"it never stated God was a devil or was at one point the devil. " GREAT! So then by your interpretations there is something that your god does not know. Therefore your god is not a god.

The rest of your statement only makes sense to you.

In the bible the devil/ satan only gets to say perhaps 10 verses VS the thousands of verses that your god gets to say. Talk about "liberty and justice for all"? Nope.
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