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A transgender is a they, Genetically.

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Started: 7/9/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 1 day ago Status: Voting Period
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Maybe the problem is niceness, Because you don't want to call people it or they, But really a transgender is due to a mutation, Or a genetic flaw, Like a 2 headed snake, It wasn't suppose to have to heads! Even though maybe in some cases having 2 heads is better for a species of snake, I don't know, But its not like you would say it has one head, Because its a 2 headed snake. So a transgender is a female and a male human, Which could come in handy perhaps if there was only 1 person left to repopulate the planet, And save our species, You would want it to be a transgender. So maybe we want transgender people to impregnate each other, To make more, Or to impregnate themselves, If it works like that.

So i have a question, Can a transgender impregnate themselves? Because really they are a higher life form if thats true, But if not they are just flawed mutations, Like a 2 headed snake that necessarily has no real use of a second head.

And also, Maybe a transgender is then born as a we or us, And not as a me, So saying hey you to a trangender is wrong, And maybe they need a male and a female name to clear things up.

If you knew a guy who had to heads, Don't you think it would be confusing to them if you said hey you?

So instead of trying to invent a new gender, We should use the plural we already have as we us they or them, Maybe it.


He or she, Take it or leave it
Debate Round No. 1


Dosnt work if its not true


I can not post my argument
Debate Round No. 2


Okay so 1. I had to find away to get around my profile to get to this debate

2. I couldn't post my argument

Let's try again

Calling Transgenders they is a problem because they is already a word and plural

They-used to refer to two or more people or things previously mentioned or easily identified.

It becomes problematic when talking about one transgender. For example

They is nor a male or a female. That makes no sense.

Trangenders are not they because its plural, And only refers to a group of people and Has nothing to do with gender.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Debater554 5 days ago
If someone has a penis and testicles, He is a biological male. If someone has a vagina, She is a female. If there is a genuine hormonal disorder, That needs to be dealt with. If they have some form BIID, And think they're the opposite gender, That also needs to be dealt with.
Posted by Anonymous03 5 days ago
godless9383 asexuals aren't attracted to anything, Transgenders wish to be another gender
Posted by vi_spex 6 days ago
But desires are not genetic, So who am i to say what their personal preferences are.
Posted by vi_spex 6 days ago
Id say they are like biologically bisexual, By confusion
Posted by vi_spex 6 days ago
Debater554, And if one has a vagina and a penis? And looks like a male and a female?
Posted by vi_spex 6 days ago
No not asexual. . How do you even get there. .
Posted by Debater554 6 days ago
Just call them by their biological gender. Their perceived gender is nothing more than a mental issue.
Posted by Godless9383 6 days ago
Are you meaning to say asexual rather than transgender?
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