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A visit to a doctor

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Started: 8/4/2018 Category: Economics
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A visit to a doctor

My parents found out that I was sick
So they took me to a doctor
To a psychologist and psychiatrist
Psychiatrist gave me some good pills
Psychologist talked with me
She told me how I need to get a job
To secure my future
How I need to have friends
And some joy in life
Oh, What a naive fool she was
I won't get a job
I don't need it to survive
I will have food and water in prison
And everything I need to survive
My existence is secured
Joy in life I will get when I molest children
I probably will never have friends
And that's something that doesn't
Bother me too much
I know that you are just trying to help
But I am a sick person that can't be fixed
Just pass me to my psychiatrist, I want my pills
They make me happier
They don't cure me of my sickness
They don't tell me how I need to do this or that
They just make me happy and I love them for that


You being on drugs like that for recreational use is wrong because it cost insurance a lot of money in health bills. I have stated many times why molesting children is wrong. Wanting to be in prison is wrong because it infringes on the rights of the taxpayer.
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