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Ableton Live is better than FL Studio (Fruityloops)

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Started: 5/8/2013 Category: Technology
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You can use plug-ins for all DAWs so that point is completely irrelevant. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of music software could tell you that. The fact that FL Studio has more YouTube tutorials than Ableton has nothing to do with what the software is actually capable of doing. All it means is that you have to read the manual instead of copying what other people do.

The preset instruments, effects and editing options are much better on Ableton. The chances of creating something truly original are far higher. You can DJ in a real-time manner with Ableton. If you include Max For Live and Max / MSP, Ableton gives you something that FL Studio could only ever dream of - the ability to create your own instruments, effects and patches. There's a huge range of Max objects that blow FL Studio out of the water.


I'm sorry, but while this debate is personal preference, I'm an electronic music producer and I'm not going to let anyone bash on my favorite Digital Audio Workstation. So with that being said, I will happily debate you on this topic.

To first shoot down your argument of being "Truly Original" with preset instruments (which are basically VSTs), FL Studio has had several of these instruments implemented such as Sytrus and the newly added "Bassdrum" which gives the user entire control of how their project will sound.

The argument that you can't "Real Time DJ" with FL Studio is also false, considering the new "Performance Mode" that was implemented into FL Studio not too long ago which allows the user to play not just songs, but samples and clips with Novations own know...the hardware that was released specifically for Ableton? (lol)

Ableton is also VERY expensive compared FL Studios 99 dollars that gets you the simple version and only about 20 dollars more for the producer edition!

Now...for my argument.

First Off,
FL Studio has way better processing control than I've seen thousands of projects not being able to render due to the amount of RAM in a persons computer. I've been able to render every single project I've done with FL Studio and while I've had some hiccups with some instruments, I can always record that one instruments sounds and lay it into the project and it will sound perfect.

The EQing is also better in FL Studio, as I've been able to add thousands of PRESET effects that come with the program that have enabled me to make my projects sound like they were done in the studio and not some run of the mill DAW.

One last thing I'd like to point out is that I am able to Automate every single thing I want too in FL Studio.
Basslines, Volume, Effects, Hell...EVEN TEMPO which I don't think you're able to do inside of Ableton, which gives me more control over my projects.

and while this one last bit of detail isn't really that important.....I'd like to point out that.....DAFT PUNK uses FL Studio...yea...
Debate Round No. 1


The workflow's different, the built-in instruments and effects are different, the focus is different. I find Ableton's a lot more flexible and intuitive; other people find that FL Studio's layout helps them to be more creative. Try them both out and see which one you like better.

Many "convenience" features (Live packs, sampler drag-and-drop, warp markers, racks, semi-minimalist interface, etc) which engenders experimentation.
Quick MIDI-control setup. General presets exist for popular hardware, and individual mappings are straightforward. Some hardware integrates very well (APC, Launchpad).
Loop-oriented Session View which is fun for composition and awesome for live looping
CPU-efficient synthesizers (and effects, as far as I can tell)
Optional M4L environment if you really like Max or hate money.
Lots of little utility devices like MIDI note length/range/velocity manipulators that are incredibly useful when cobbled together into larger structures
Racks are saveable as a single preset
Really good tutorials and manual
Samples are stored by reference to save HD space, but can be copied into your project for portability/independence with a single menu command.
Demo mode is fully-featured without saving, so if your laptop explodes the day before a performance, you can borrow someone's computer, install the free Suite demo (and any samples/plugins/hardware you also rely on) and your project will be loadable and performable without worrying about activation and DRM.
Huge, very helpful community in places like this


silverkx2000 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by effimero89 5 years ago
"The preset instruments, effects and editing options are much better on Ableton."
Subjective, who is to say one effect or editing option is better than the other...

"The chances of creating something truly original are far higher."
Again, completely subjective, who's to say what is more original than someone else's...?

"You can DJ in a real-time manner with Ableton."
This is just as easy with FL, go to playlist option> Live mode

.."the ability to create your own instruments, effects and patches."
This can all be done with FL

All DAW's are basically the same thing. It is just personal preference. Most people don't use any of the preset stuff anyways. Its much more common to just use plug-ins like native instruments etc.
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