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Abortion: Bodily Autonomy And Integrity Is A Paradox

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Started: 5/26/2021 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Challenge Period
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The 2nd Definition Of A Paradox (According to Google): A statement or proposition that, Despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, Leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, Logically unacceptable, Or self-contradictory.

Definition of "Bodily Autonomy": The right for a person to govern what happens to their body without external influence or coercion. [1]

Reasons why it is a paradox:
1. A woman has to have an external influence to make decisions for herself because what if the woman doesn't know how to commit an abortion without damaging her own body.
2. Teaching kids this is ironic because they have parents (which counts as an external influence).
3. Even when you have governance over your own body, You'll inadvertently use force against your body.
4. Abortions aren't just willy nilly and hunky dory, They can cause real harm to you internally.
5. You are your own external influence, As much as you are someone else's if they are in similar situations.
6. Coercion doesn't have to be from anybody else but you to demonstrate the irony of this said paradox.
7. When it comes to integrity alongside with this paradox, You can't have one without the other.

[1] https://www. Rchsd. Org/2019/12/seven-steps-to-teaching-children-body-autonomy/#:~:text=Body%20autonomy%20is%20the%20right, Without%20external%20influence%20or%20coercion
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Posted by steveja 2 months ago
Yes - there is a paradox, But this entirely misses the MAIN POINT. At what point to we confer civil & human rights on the fetus/child?

I don't greatly care if some, Cognizant adult maims herself - that is their personal business. As a member of society I care a lot if some cognizant person harms another human - that is criminal. WHEN EXACTLY should we confer human rights on a fetus is the main issue that is constantly side-stepped. I'm not anti-abortion, But I am anti-aggression. I think that the historic social norm, That a fetus has some limited but significant rights at ~3 or 4 month is "about right". I can accept that "corner cases" exist in the case of very young pregnant females, Incest & rape. OTOH if you carry a 4 month-old fetus from a voluntary conception then YOU are responsible for the next 18 years+5months.

"A woman's right " is high-order political demagoguery - a junky idea. Does a woman have a right to kill her 5yo child? Why not? The answer is embedded in the issue of EXACTLY WHEN the "infant" gains rights. Without a first answer to that issue the rest is garbage. .
Posted by Dr.Smiley 2 months ago
Very interesting argument, Hopefully, You can get someone who disagrees.
Posted by Leaning 2 months ago
Jah, I can see the paradox.
But I don't think generalized statements are 'bad,
Implications are enough for people at times.
Spirit of the law, Rather than the letter of the law, So to speak.
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