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Abortion Should Be Illegal

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Started: 6/3/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 3 weeks ago Status: Debating Period
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(With exceptions for medical abortions)
People seem to provide many standards as to why abortion is right, Often sighting incidents such as rape and incest (which consist of less than 1% of abortions), However, It seems to me people have ignored the simple moral fact. No matter when you deem life viable, A fetus will still become life.

Now, Let's state a conclusion often made; the fetus is alive once it gains a heartbeat.

So- with a conclusion like this, We can say a fetus that currently has no heartbeat will be alive shortly- in a few weeks. Now, What gives the mother the right to prevent this life from happening? The fetus is already, At the very least, In the process of becoming alive. So "prevent" is not quite the right word- as the fetus is being "prevented" from a process it is already taking part in.

And, If we were to ignore the life of the fetus, It seems many people miss the fact that abortion isn't doing society any good. It isn't preventing unwanted pregnancies as birth control does, Or helping women to deal with the financial and emotional struggles of such pregnancies. Rather, Abortion is terminating these pregnancies. To make abortion illegal would force people to recognize this problem from a different, Healthier angle. To understand this, Let us look at the reasons for abortions.

25% say they don't feel old/mature enough to raise a child.
Well, Without abortion, How could we solve this issue? What if instead of abortions, Planned Parenthood provided counseling for these women, Helping them develop the necessary maturity. However, The majority of abortions happen from 20-34 years (20-24 at 31. 1%, 25-29 at 27. 6%, And 30-34 at 17. 7%). For the people having abortions at younger ages, Why not instead provide our youngest with proper sex ed and knowledge of birth control methods? Consider also adoption as an option- women need not keep the child if they truly are not ready.

23% of women state that they are not ready for another child as the reason as their reason for getting an abortion. Again, Abortion is not the best solution for this. Providing counseling could give these mothers a child-ready mindset. Birth control can be used to prevent this unwanted child. Adoption can be used as a child-friendly alternative to abortion.

19% say they can't afford a baby. Let us ask ourselves this; Why are we allowing these women to kill these babies, Instead of providing them financial aid as they may need it? The mothers of our country deserve better treatment- they raise our future. To solve this issue would be harder, But with enough hard work and a few charities, It's possible to help the financially struggling mothers. Again, I go back to adoption and birth control for those who are unable to afford children. Safe sex can prevent many unwanted pregnancies.

Now, We get to smaller percentages.
8% of women say they have completed childbearing/ others depend on them. Again, I resort to birth control and adoption. If you don't want to have children, Don't have unsafe sex.

7% have abortions due to health issues of mother or fetus- now this makes sense! A mother should not die or be seriously injured for a child not yet born.

Less than 0. 5% of abortions are from women who are victims of rape. Now, This is a very hard thing for a woman to endure, But abortion isn't the best solution. Rather, Let us provide women with the care they need to mentally handle a child. Remember adoption as an option. Instead of focusing on abortion, Focus on preventing rape. In certain cases, Where the woman is not mentally stable enough to have a child, I believe this should be considered a medical abortion, But this is not the reason most abortions take place.

Nonetheless, Abortions are a mass murder of future generations. People who now never will exist. Not only is abortion immoral, But it's not even the best option. Having abortion be legal will not help women and their rights, But instead, Kill their children and leave them blind to what could have been done better.

Sources for statistics; https://journaltimes. Com/news/national/who-are-the-in-american-women-who-choose-abortion/article_3263bd1b-70a9-5efe-91bc-eed1c68c4296. Html
https://abort73. Com/abortion_facts/us_abortion_statistics/


Its none of your business buddy, It is a personal issue not one for church or state.
Debate Round No. 1


Isn't it? How is the business of my country and the people of my country, Not my business? Does it not affect me?

To save you the trouble, I'll answer that question for you. It is my business. Abortion is a mistreatment of the people I love. I'm posing a question to the people; Why are we doing this? Immoral or not, Abortion harms people. Unborn and women. It seems that abortion is the only option, But I am simply showing people why it is not the only option. Why abortion doesn't help women as much as it harms them.

Is it not my business because it has not affected me personally? Because it grieves me greatly to see people in pain. I love people. I love my country. I love those yet to be born, And those who have chosen abortions. I want nothing more than to bring these people to awareness. To realize that being pro-choice is really more ignorance. It's a deceitful practice (as seen from testimonies from ex-employees), One that I believe should be stopped, And rather, Replaced with practices that are better for all people- unborn included.

With that, If this is not my business, Why is it yours?
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by missmedic 3 weeks ago
The abortion debate will probably never be resolved on a philosophical level, Because the anti-choice movement is strongly motivated by religious ideology. Their fixation on the fetus, With their foregone conclusion that fetuses are full human beings with rights, Cancels out any competing claim for women"s rights. Underlying all the pro-fetus rhetoric is the unquestioned assumption that women were made to have babies, This is their God-given natural role, And the law must enforce that. A logical extension of this view is that any woman who has an abortion must be a victim of coercion, Or too ignorant or desperate to understand what she"s doing. Since abortion is assumed to be bad for women, They must be "protected" from abortion by criminalizing it.
Posted by Phil-E-CheeseSteak 3 weeks ago
Yikes, I'm pro legal abortions and even I think that billsands is doing a pretty cringe worthy job arguing for them.
Posted by Dr.Franklin 3 weeks ago
damm this was a good argument but billsands had to ruin it. . . .
Posted by missmedic 3 weeks ago
how do you give rights to two individuals in the same body?
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