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Abortion is Wrong

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Started: 7/22/2013 Category: Society
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Women should not have the choice of abortion unless the women was raped, incest, or for medical reasons. Abortion should be categorized as murder from part of the mother. If the mother came through with abortion she should have the obligation to serve time behind bars due to her taking a child's life away. Same goes for the doctor which performed the abortion. No one should have the ability to kill a baby just because they couldn't take the responsibility of caring for it there is other alternatives for the child to live abortion isn't the only option


Women should have the choice of abortion no matter what. It is the woman's body and the govornment shouldn't tell her what she can and can't do. If your against abortion you shouldn't worry if other people are doing it. Its their choice, not yours.
Abortion isnt murder. According to abortion is the "removal of the embryo or fetus in order to end pregnancy".it doesn't say anything about murder. Also, the fetus isn't a child. Its a group of cells and tissue. Did i also mention it doesn't even have a brain? It can also be considered a parasite since it gets all its nutrients and vitals from the host. Parasites dont always harm the host either. A fetus doesn't have any human like characteristic as i explained earlier.
A woman should be able to have an abortion if she can't take care of the baby. She shouldn't have to take care of it if she doesn't want too. Having children is a big step in life. Mentally and financially. No woman should have to do that until shes ready. Even if a woman was going to give the child up for adoption she might not want to spend months being pregnant. Pregnancy takes its toll on the body and changes it forever. She might also have to work to earn money. No woman should have to be pregnant if they dont want too.

My sources
Health class
Biology class
Debate Round No. 1


First off the women shouldn't open her legs if she isn't ready to care for a child, having sexual intercourse is a big step in life as well, if you think you are mature enough to have sex well then you should be mature enough to nurture a baby. Abortion is a selfish act, yes you are killing off a fetus but you may have killed off a child who could've grown up to cure cancer, or change the world but we wouldn't know that because the immature women didn't take on the responsibility to care for the baby. There are numerous of women who can't have children but yet there are plenty of girls aborting due to them not wanting to have to take time away from their lives to care for a baby that was a product of their sexual intercourse. Life begins in the fetus abortion is the act of taking human life. No civilized society allows one human to intentionally harm or kill another human without punishment, and abortion is no different than killing any other human


Acually, during the time when humans where evolving, it was normal for them to have sex during their teen and young adult years. Science has proven it. Same thing today. Its natural for humans to have sex during that time in their life. The problem is during thoese teen years, teens are normally in school and living with their parents and young adults are in collage and not ready for children yet.
Abotion isnt selfish. The mother isn't ready for a child and why should she have it if she doesn't want it? Its not fair for her to have to spend years of her life caring for the child when she could be in school, collage, or working. Also, most women who can't get abortions can afford taking care of children either. It would be unfair for the child to not be taken care of properly. Also the child wouldn't have love either because the mother never wanted it in the first place.
Yes, i can see there are plenty of girls having children and women who would want thoes children but even though adoption is a good idea the mother is still going to have to go through pregnancy. Being pregnant changes the body in so many ways. Girls arent ready for it and shouldn't have to be put through it. Also its not safe for girls to have children. When humans where starting to evolve it was safe for younger women to have children but not anymore. Stats show that most complications are with young mothers.
As said in my previous argument, the fetus isn't living. Its technically a parasite because it depends on the mother for everything. It doesn't even have a heart or brain, which are qualities of living humans.

For you next argument I'd like you to answer these questions

Since your defonition of anortion is murder, does that mean misscarriges are involuntary manslaughter? From

Also, wouldn't be putting a mother in a position to take care of a child when she isn't ready for it also punishment?
Debate Round No. 2


kimberry forfeited this round.


Okay. Onto voting. Just like to mention some of your arguments where about if a women had the right to determine their own sexual behavior. That has nothing to do with abortion.
Debate Round No. 3
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