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Abortion is murder and should be made against the law

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Started: 10/17/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Abortion is the murder of human life and should never be allowed under any circumstance. If a pregnant women was driving to an abortion clinic but died in a wreck, the person who hit her would be charged with the murder of the women and the baby. But if she got the abortion, it would not have been considered to be murder. The baby also should not be punished for the sin of the rapist, if a women were to get pregnant from being raped. If a father murdered someone, they would not kill the child. They would kill the Father. The baby did nothing wrong. Also most abortions happen at 6 weeks, and at 6 weeks the heart starts beating. The baby is alive and abortion will and does KILL the baby.


I accept your debate and I am pro choice. I'll start my argument with "with life comes death". No matter what we will die whether we are 12 or 80 years old. I do understand that killing an unborn child is not just bad but its unmoral. But look at this way, if your daughter got raped and she didn't want the baby because it doesn't feel like hers and its too much pain because she is 13 years old. Then what? still say no ? Look some people in this world are having sex consistently and breeding and some people live in an environment where its not for kids.

So in the long run it would be better if abortion is an option because I wouldn't have a kid in a situation where I know I couldn't take care of him/her. Babies aren't innocent, they just haven't learned about the world.

Now I don't agree with the random abortion to any babies which would be unmoral but cases such as underage pregnancy, rape, and incest should be the exception .
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Posted by ZSummerFoxZ 2 years ago
I see people saying what things like what if your doughter was rapped, ok so your going to kill someone even more a child just because you don't want it, that's a sick thought that kid had nothing to do with what happened to it's mom and yet you want to punish it by killing it, way to go America women from all over can come and get rid of there pest children just because they selfish think this THING will cost me to much now I can't buy stuff for my self, or I'm to young... oh I know I'll just KILL it and problem solved no I won't let someone else go though having to take care of this pest, or I will not have time for my self anymore that thing is got to DIE, oh and what happened to mothers would die for there child as long as he got to live? Well not now days, now it's ether me or the brat not I love my child so much I want him to live, I'm sorry but I'm not a woman and I'm gay so I will never have kids, but I do know if there ever came a time where I could save only my life or the kids life I will chose the kid I can't see being that heartless
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Abortion rates are very low in countries where young women are given a proper sex education, access to birth control and a support system, so unlike prudish America.
Posted by Zaya2.0 2 years ago
Abortion is not okay because if you do not want the child there are plenty of parents who want one.
Posted by cwt002 2 years ago
I know that Pro said under any circumstance abortion should be legal but of course, people jump to the most emotional and probably one of the most difficult questions when discussing abortion. But it is important to remember, abortions due to rape/incest account for about 1% of abortions. So ultimately, the questions is, if abortions were illegal except for cases of rape/incest or if the mother would die would that be good enough?

I would have to say, it does not matter if abortions would still occur if it were illegal. When something is illegal it will always continue to occur but at the same time, it serves as a deterrent. If people willfully break a law and hurt themselves in the process, their injuries are due to their irresponsible and illegal behavior. Not implementing a law on the basis of the consequences one endures by willfully breaking that law makes no sense.
Posted by Vogue_Paris 2 years ago
I tend to agree with the previous comment for this, as well as the opposition for the debate. While abortion may see wrong and morally unjust in the eyes of many (and I totally respect your opinion for that), let's take the cases where a baby is unwanted. Now, I don't mean a 22 year old party princess nympho who has random sex with every guy she can sink her claws into, and only aborts the baby for her own selfish purposes; but I am speaking of when a twelve year old is brutally raped by her perv of an uncle about three times her age. Should she really be subjected to the nine month hell of a memory she only wants to forget? And what about the baby in question? This child is not only the product of rape, but also the product of incest, which would surely bring forth a multitude of physical and mental disabilities. And maybe the twelve year old is not healthy, strong, or matured enough to fully carry a child to term; would you risk the life of one just for the sake of another who would already have more difficulty than it deserves from the very beginning?
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Making abortions illegal will not stop abortions, when you make anything illegal, you put the control of it in the hands of the criminals. Abortion is but a symptom of a greater problem. Deal with the problem and the symptoms go away.
Do you want to put wife's, mothers and young girls in jail or fix the problem?....................
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