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Abortion is murder

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Started: 5/22/2018 Category: Politics
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Abortion should be illegal and considered murder. It comes down to is the fetus living or not. And that answer is yes. Abortions are being performed later than 21 weeks of a pregnancy, at the nine week mark the embryo is officially a fetus and has a strong enough heartbeat to be detected by a fetal doppler. At ten weeks the mother of the child is able to feel the baby moving and the baby actually forms a bulge on the forehead due to rapid brain development, which having a developing brain is a sign of life considering the brain is still developing after birth. At this week the babies genitalia is also starting to be formed, deciding the child's gender. The baby also begins to have sleeping cycles, and the babies own blood supply starts to act and the child starts to produce insulin.Through these first weeks the baby's ears have developed and at week 18 are able to hear sound and at week 24 the sound becomes sensitive. By week 8 the fetus has started to develop pain receptors and is shown to be able to feel pain by week 20. The babies face starts to take shape by week 12. In the womb the child makes breathing like movements as if practicing when he or she is on her own. The baby's sex is official between 16-20 weeks. These are all evidence of a living being and make an abortion an intentional murder which is a charge of first degree murder.


i chose to do this cause i did not know what i was clicking haha and im in class and dont have anything else to do and will prob never get on this again
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