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Abortion is murder

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Started: 5/27/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Accept this debate if you have any logic to back you up.


I'll roughly lay out my position in the opening argument.

A fetus is roughly morally comparable to a human. It has potential to become a person and the biological functions and sensation of one (increasing in late pregnancy) and therefore should be treated as such. I also hold that there are no convincing arguments that discount abortion being the taking of a human life.

I should also say that there are clearly some abortions that are not murder, justified through the life of the mother being at risk.
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Posted by okuuuuuur 3 years ago
someone give me hard evidence that you are not killing a human by aborting them, because from what I can see science definitely dictates that human life exists from the moment of conception. If the child in the womb is a human life, no argument for abortion is adequate (except in cases where the mothers life is at risk), otherwise this is not even an issue, if we are just removing the equivalent of a ball of goo from the mother's womb, but that is not the case. We all have got to realise that human life should be cherished and is not disposable and cheap.
Posted by GodsWarrior76 3 years ago
Sorry, haven't been on in a while, I didn't see that someone accepted the debate. I'll restart and I hope you join @A341.
Posted by A341 3 years ago
Well that's one definition of murder but it wouldn't make sense in this debate for 2 reasons.

1. It is illegal in some countries (including one I hold citizenship in if we want to go down this route).
2. That definition isn't the one used in common parlance and is clearly not the one intended for discussion by the wording of this debate.
Posted by Thoht 3 years ago
@A341 The definition of murder is illegal killing. If you consider a zygote, fetus, or embryo a full "human" and grant them full human rights, it is only murder per-se if the abortion was held in a state where abortion is illegal. If the state had laws banning abortion, it would be murder.

A better topic would be "Is Abortion Killing?"

Killing can be justified under many circumstances.

As such, the topic is true or not only based on your government's current laws.
Posted by A341 3 years ago
@asta personally I wouldn't in the vast majority of circumstances as I don't view it as having aggravated circumstances necessary for the death penalty and having a significant amount of mitigating circumstances. I can't talk for the US (I assume you are an American) as I'm not an American and not fully knowledgeable about the ideology of the US pro life movement.
Posted by asta 3 years ago

Why wouldn't most conservatives want abortion to be punishable by death?
Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
Pregnancy Abortion is the unconditional admission to murder. The words describe taking control by office stopping human life. Admissions are not always true, and those who make them can often be mistaken. The problem is this burden created by the admission is shared openly in the public, this means every-one who interprets the admission is actively taking part in the crime it describes.

The question here is not about the punishment the admission its self requires. It is the idea of how a Presidential/Prasedera pardon effects the confession that has gone unpunished and does the admission count as conviction when untested for public safety. The second crime that would need to be addressed is the much harder to confirm perjury, as Pregnancy abortion described a lie officially on paper. Again this goes along with the voter"s powers of declaring woman as President, and not constitutional burden of new title like Prasedera.

The precedent here is that if we have knowledge of some-one going in to a bank to take a value of credit by force, we display a proven ability when we do not wheel them into the bank and allow them to walk under their own power.
Posted by A341 3 years ago
@Asta I don't think that there are many people who think all murder should be punished with the death penalty, it's generally reserved for aggravated circumstances.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
If abortion is murder

And murder should be punished by death

Does this mean people who have abortions should get put to death?
Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
Technically abortion is the confession to murder, while it can take place both before and after any official end of life takes place. It is a self-incrimination that is shared publicly without judicial separation based on its constitutional principle. All woman must confess to a felony crime regardless of innocence or guilt. This is wrong by Constitutional principle as it allows woman to be united under a single state of crime as purpose.

Step one in represented a United State that does not entail the act of self-incrimination through confession or admission. Female Specific Amputation, Gender Specific Amputation are at least two alternatives that are admitting action but do not self-incriminate that action directly by wording is a possible crime.

Step two, establish if abortion is a confession? As this is a United State issue is there any woman who can argue this is not a self-incrimination? Could a woman have held liberty and honor for all woman in representation to United States Constitution?

Step three establishing the confession self-incriminating? This is made by determination is it the statement which is made publicly that creates the united state of crime and then passes it to all people?
Is the Self-incrimination transferable to the general public? Has there been past judicial action which questions a public claim to office end of life. What titles is this claim given by law? Does one of these titles apply to the self-incrimination?

Step four is the understanding that any self-incrimination has some danger to the public regardless of when the incrimination is considered to have start. Before or after. Pregnancy Abortion for one is stating an office end to life that has been admitted to have officially been witnessed as started, plus an official end does not ever take place unless there has been an office start.
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