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Abortion is nearly always wrong.

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Started: 3/28/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I've come to this format to seek what people think about abortion. Abortion is one issue where I truly don't understand a litany of arguments and so part of this is me arguing to understand them better. I'll lay out my arguments and we can go through the rounds from there, no too strict of a structure is necessary.

I think this debate comes down to two statements.

1. Conception is the beginning of life.
Scientifically speaking, it is no doubt that conception is the point at which life begins. This is simply a proven and indisputable fact. But even if, lets say, it was not. Let's say that, instead, we in fact did not know where life began. I would still argue that its best to assume conception is where life begins. Any other point would be arbitrary and cause many ethically questionable situations (some examples: 1) heartbeat - are adults that rely on pacemakers not lives? 2) brain activity - are adults that are brain-dead not lives? 3) 'consciousness' - loose term, and what about individuals in comas?)

2. Murder is the purposeful, premeditated killing of an innocent life or a life that poses an immediate harm to another. Murder is ALWAYS wrong.
At some point, we have to make certain ethical assertions. I think this is a logical understanding of murder. Another important point is that murder is unjustifiable, i.e. it is always wrong.

That's it. That's the crux of my argument. I don't understand how people can justify abortion in any context if these two statements are true. I also don't know what the alternative to either of these statements is.

This provides a clear image of what I am PRO-ing:
Abortion is wrong in the vast majority of contexts. The only context in which is is acceptable is one where delivery would risk lethal harm.


1.) The beginning of life
A fetus won't even being to resemble a human being for around 8 weeks after conception. And a fetus will not be able to form any sort of memories or feel anything for 20 weeks after conception. Life does not begin at contraception, simply the process for creating life starts then.

Yes murder is wrong, but this idea is completely over simplifying the topic of abortion. There are so many different situations where abortion can be justified. What if the mother will die if she is forced to carry the baby to term? What about cases of rape? What if bringing the babe into the world would place it in an unstable home due to a lack of income from the parents (teen pregnancy). Abortion is something that needs to be taken on a case to case basis, there are cases that it is acceptable. And in the end it comes up to the choice of the mother.

Another reason that abortion should be up to the mother is simple. It is their choice. It is their body and you have no right to tell them what to do with it. whether they have an abortion or not doesn't impact you at all. So it should be their choice.

Hopefully in this response I have shown you how people can justify abortion. And why there are many time periods and situations in which abortion is acceptable and the choice of the mother. I brought up CHOICE a lot in this debate on purpose. That reason is the fact that it is a point that can't be refuted. In the end it is a women's body and you can't tell them what to do. I believe that in a certain time period after conception, it is the choice of the mother to have an abortion.
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Posted by Tracy1999 3 years ago
I support president Donald Trump because he suppose abortion is a wrong act. In terms of ethical aspect, abortion is a shameful act of human . We, human, are always proud of being top class creatures because we have feeling and intelligence. However, i have no clue why some people suppose that abortion is acceptable and they give a very cute reason which is because if the child was born without their parents and we have to bring them into orphanage, that means they can be a huge burden for society and government. That is true but dispossessing of live of a baby is really brutal . Why don't we find a way to deter the woman who are pregnant out of their control to the lowest instead of abrotion . In sum , i totally side with opinion that the author gave
Posted by philochristos 3 years ago
30 minutes is unreasonably short.
Posted by Quesadillas 3 years ago
If you increase the time to post arguments to 48 hours, and the voting time to 1 week then I'll accept. As it stands, this isn't enough time to have a quality debate.
Posted by judaism 3 years ago
The moral argument will always beat the logical one. Personally, I'm torn on the issue.
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