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Abortion should be illegal...after 6 weeks

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Started: 12/9/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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would like to address a few points right off the bat. I have heard several arguments, and will refute them.

1) It is a woman's choice, her body, her choice. - This would hold true, if the fetus was part of her body. Studies have shown that the baby has different DNA. It can obviously have different things such as gender, blood type, etc. I think that having different DNA, gender, blood type and just about everything else means that it is a different person.

2) It's just a blob of cells. - At 6 weeks, the baby now has nerves, a brain, and a spinal cord. That is not a blob of cells. Before 6 weeks, while I wouldn't be happy, I don't believe that that is a fetus. I think that before an abortion is approved, an ultrasound should be preformed, so see how long the fetus has been alive. Almost all abortions are before 6 weeks and under currently.

3) What about women who are raped? Or have medical issues? - Women can ruin a mans life by the mere accusation of rape. On top of this, 4/1000 abortions are because of rape currently. If there is an apparent health issue, that can be addressed and in those cases only, can result in an abortion at any time. If you were to say the same about rape, the number of rape accusations, which are already at an all time high, would skyrocket. Meaning less then they already do.

I am exited to see what you have to say. Please list sources!!!



First off, I would like to say a few things. Opponent, I understand your position and I wish you the best of luck. My position on abortion is that it should be legalized. Now, I shall move forward and get on with the argument:
1) You are a bit unclear on the whole thing about rape and I am assuming that you are saying that a woman could falsely say that she was raped and get an abortion. But first, a whole entire investigation must occur in which the law enforcement is involved and if the rapist is not identified, the accusation is put down, making your entire argument illegitimate. But if a woman was really raped and impregnated, why should she live with a child that reminds her everyday about that fatal and traumatic incident?
2) Many of the Americans living in the rural have to take a long trip in order to get to the nearest hospital to find out that they are pregnant or if they want to file an abortion. This means that it will take around six weeks before a female notices that she is pregnant and by then, it will be too late to get an abortion if the six week law is legalized. Lets say she was raped and doesn't know that she was impregnated, which, unfortunately, happens to a lot a victims of rape. That would be highly unfortunate for her and she will have to live with the child, meaning that she will be reminded everyday about her being raped.
3) You say that the fetus is not part of the female body and that the fetus has its own DNA. I agree with this but you have to consider that without the mother, the fetus will be non-existent and that it is thus technically attached to the female including the fact that the fetus is also physically attached to the female. etc., etc. It was also researched that a fetus has no self-awareness and no consciousness, thus it can also be called dead.
4) A fetus is not legally or scientifically a person or human being so abortion cannot be equated to murder or taking a life since the fetus is not a person nor alive.
Thank you for your time, but I will add that i am a male and if you are a male also, we have no right to make laws about something that will never happen to us, thus it is really up to the women to decide.
Once again thank you for your time.
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Posted by Mharman 1 year ago
What makes you think the first six weeks are okay?
Posted by lannan13 1 year ago
I would accept this, but we've already done it.
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