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Abortion should be legal in the US

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Started: 5/30/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I have never gotten an abortion. But I think that it should be something that is available to women all around America. Many women in America become pregnant, when they are not prepared financially, emotionally, or physically, when it comes to being a good and prepared mother. Imagine being very poor, and finding yourself being pregnant, you know that if you had a baby, you would not be able to afford meals, clothes, and a good home for your child. If you were in this position, you wouldn't want to have a baby, not because you wouldn't want to be a mother, but because you would want your child to have a good quality of life, if you had one. And your position at that moment would not give them a very good quality of life. so, you would want to get an abortion.
I understand that adoption is another option, and I think that many women would rather use adoption than abortion. But there should always be more than one option, when it comes to carrying a life inside of you for 9 MONTHS, which is very hard, and takes a lot of strength. so many women do not want to have to dedicate their bodies for 9 months, to another life that they won't be able to care for. So, I think that they should be able to get rid of the fetus inside them.

Another argument, is that it is not fair that in many US states, MEN, who are not even the ones who are affected by a women being pregnant or not, are the ones who are putting rules on women's bodies. I think that abortion rules, should be decided by the women of our country, who are the ones that will be carrying the babies, or not. Because although the men may be fathers, they won't have to experience being pregnant, or doing all the other child-related actions that women have to do. If the women in the relationship wants to have an abortion, and the man does not, then at that moment, his opinion is not the most important one. and if the women doesn't want to have one, but the guy does, than it matters what the women wants more than what the man wants(at that moment).
overall, abortions are a very valuable, and important option for women in the US. they have helped millions of women in the US, to make sure that they don't give birth to a baby that will not have a good life. And for that, and many other points, they should definitely be legal in the US. Thank you!
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