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Abortion should be legal

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Started: 9/15/2016 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Women should have the option of having an abortion, either because they are unable to take care of the child, they were raped, it is an unwanted child, or because they know they have drug problems.

QUESTION: Whether you are for or against abortion, how should the idea of abortion be avoided, where both sides compromise? In others, what is a solution?


Moral Argument:
The fetus growing inside the mother is a living being; but, it is not part of the mother. It is a separate human entirely. Therefore, killing it would not only be illegal, but immoral as well.

First, fetuses have their own blood type. During the third week after the female has been fertilized, these developments happen (they count two weeks for her period and the ideal time for intercourse to conceive a child. The third week is when the actual fertilization and sexual intercourse occurs.):

"Week 5 is the start of the "embryonic period." This is when all the baby's major systems and structures develop.
The embryo's cells multiply and start to take on specific functions. This is called differentiation.
Blood cells, kidney cells, and nerve cells all develop.
The embryo grows rapidly, and the baby's external features begin to form.
Your baby's brain, spinal cord, and heart begin to develop.
Baby's gastrointestinal tract starts to form.
It is during this time in the first trimester that the baby is most at risk for damage from things that may cause birth defects. This includes certain medicines, illegal drug use, heavy alcohol use, infections such as rubella, and other factors." (1)

A part of a woman's body does not have its own organs and even blood type. Those are characteristics of a person.

A baby can feel pain around eight weeks after conception. (2) Most abortions occure before eight weeks (52.6%). However, 47.4% of abortions happen at the eight week mark and over. (3) This means that the baby is feeling pain seperate from the mother; as well as its own organs ceasing to function.

A part of a woman's body does not experience seperate pain of its own body and body parts.

With the fetus showing characteristics seperate from its mother, we can only naturally assume it's its own unique, functional human being.

This is distrubing. It's footage of a child being aborted. If you would like to see my points in action, here you go.

Case 2: Women's Mental Health After Abortion

Women who consent to an abortion suffer from mental health problems after the abortion. Not only is the baby being murdered, the mothers' mind is being killed as well. A quote from my source:

"After the application of methodologically based selection criteria and extraction rules to minimise bias, the sample comprised 22 studies, 36 measures of effect and 877 181 participants (163 831 experienced an abortion). Random effects pooled odds ratios were computed using adjusted odds ratios from the original studies and PAR statistics were derived from the pooled odds ratio.

This review offers the largest quantitative estimate of mental health risks associated with abortion available in the world literature. Calling into question the conclusions from traditional reviews, the results revealed a moderate to highly increased risk of mental health problems after abortion. Consistent with the tenets of evidence-based medicine, this information should inform the delivery of abortion services." (4)

Which such a significant sample size, there is no room to doubt the result of the study. Women who experience abortions are significantly more likely to experience mental health problems post-operation. If you still aren't satisfied with my source, allow me to provide more studies to back up my claims.

"Results: Forty-one percent of women had become pregnant on at least one occasion prior to age 25, with 14.6% having an abortion. Those having an abortion had elevated rates of subsequent mental health problems including depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviours and substance use disorders. This association persisted after adjustment for confounding factors.

Conclusions:  The findings suggest that abortion in young women may be associated with increased risks of mental health problems" (5)

"The State of California pays the costs of childbirths and abortions for low income women. A study of 173,279 California women who had a state funded childbirth or abortion in 1989 found that 53 of them committed suicide within eight years of their childbirth or abortion. A 2002 study of this data found that women who had an abortion were about 2.5 times more likely to commit suicide in the eight years following this event than women who delivered a child:" (6)

Taking Care of The Child:
Many adoption clinics actually offer many financial benefits to help with the pregnancy. The mother can even decide which parents the baby will have.
"All of our staff are friendly and love to work with our birth mothers.
  • You'll have free housing during the adoption so you can be
    stress free.
  • You'll have help paying your bills.
  • You have the choice between an open, closed or mixed adoption.
  • You choose your baby's family." (7)

Rape and Incest:
Not only can it not be proven that incest and rape actually happened, a very small percentage of abortions use the excuse of rape of incest. only 0.3% of abortions are caused by rape. Only 0.03% of abortions are due to incest. (8) If they were, why not just birth the child and put it up for adoption instead of ending a life?

Unwanted Child and Drugs:
Again, adoption. There are programs to help the child if addicted to crack/other drugs. Why would that even be a justification to kill the baby? Oh, the baby may be born addicted to crack so let's just kill it now. I don't want the baby so let's just kill it instead of putting it up for adoption and giving it a chance to live.

Question Response:
There isn't really a compromise. Many people are on one side of the spectrum. I believe in stopping abortion to save unborn lives.

Arigatou Guzaimasu

Anime OP:








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Posted by CynthiaJoannTerry 2 years ago
Abortion should be illegal. Why? Because, that thing growing inside you, is a living, breathing, innocent, HUMAN. Though becoming pregnant may have not been your decision, NO MATTER THE REASON, you should not be allowed to kill that baby, because if you do, IT IS MURDER. If you don't want it, or cannot take care of it, wait until it's born, and when possible, put it up for adoption, DO NOT KILL THAT CHILD, for it hasn't even had a chance to live.
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