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Abortion should remain legal, and anyone who says otherwise is a hypocrite.

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Started: 4/18/2014 Category: Health
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Abortion, the removal of the human fetus during pregnancy. Why are people making such a fuss over it? I wouldn't know because I am not one, but others are not so keen to have a woman to her will. Reasons why it should remain legal?

1. A woman has a right to her own body. If you're advocating to make abortion illegal, you're indirectly making decisions for someone else.

2. Its literally accidental sometimes. Rape is the number one cause of unexpected children in the world, and think about it, would you want to mother a child of a man you did not know? Being married will be tough for both parents, because there will be the strain of another mouth to feed, and it will be even worse for a single mom for the same reasons.

3. The child would most likely be brought in a broken home(figuratively and literally). It is of my understanding that most rapes happen in poorer neighbourhoods, not saying that they don't happen in other areas. In poorer neighbourhoods, most people are poor. Who knows what the trauma is of a child going through this experience without a father. Mentoring a child requires two halves, a mother and a father, without a father in the equation, they will be more likely to be involved in crime, drugs, and jail. This is all coming from an actual survey, I will try to provide a link at the bottom.

4. Overpopulation, please, don't get me wrong, I am not a sadist or a misogyinist, I am merely a realist who can recognize that the amount of people in the world is unsustainable to the amount of food we can produce, and the oil that is left on earth, and space for housing. Abortion is a small thing helps control population.

5. If you're a woman who's advocating to make abortion illegal, what would you do if you got raped? Hmm? Yeah, that's what I thought, you wouldn't be so inclined to protest the removal of a child who you will have no emotional connection to, you will get an abortion for the sake of protecting your future. I would assume this is what a woman think's when she is thinking about getting an abortion. Don't talk the talk until you've walked the walk.

Sources, World Health Organization, Canadian Public Health Organization.

Sorry I couldn't supply the link to the survey, but it's on the website Health affairs. org


You say you have five arguments, but really you only have 2- Women have a right to their own bodies, and the rape argument. Only the first has to do with the latter part of the topic. To your first argument- Yes, they have a right to their own bodies. But in the case of abortion, they are killing not their own bodies, but those of an innocent child. In the case of rape- instead of killing an innocent child, give birth to it and give it to an orphanage or or foster home. You say we're making decisions for someone else? Making murder, rape, and stealing illegal is also making decisions for someone else. Our Declaration of Independence states we have the right to life. Abortion takes that right away from innocent children. Also, I don't see how being pro-life is hypocritical. Please provide an explanation of that. YOU are the hypocrite, not because of being pro-choice, but because you "assume" this is what a women goes through. Yet your next sentence is "Don't talk the talk until you've walked the walk." Same thing goes for you. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


I actually do have 5 arguments, Woman having rights to their own bodies, Rape, overpopulation, First-hand experience, and care of the child. please tell me how these are all the same. Yes, the declaration of independence gives the right to life, but in the womb, the child is not technically alive, the child is a developing fetus. Its brain is not fully developed, more specifically the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory, therefore the fetus has no mind. As I stated, and you so clearly ignored, If you were a woman to be raped, you would most likely attempt to get an abortion. That is what is hypocritical about pro-lifers, and if you're a man who is a pro-lifer, why ? How are you connected to a woman getting an abortion. My only clue would be you are the husband or man in relationship who has a wife who has been raped. Would you not want to get rid of a child who would not share your DNA, who would not share your blood? A Fathers pride in his offspring comes from the connection he has to it, and what connection does a father have to a child conceived through rape? Another thing, you so eloquently state "give it to an orphanage or a foster home". Do you actually know how much of our tax dollars go into foster care? as of today, over 500,000 children remain in foster homes. And mister "give'em to a foster home", children cost between 212,00 dollars and 490,00 dollars to raise a child to the age of 18, and that's bare necessities. Lets average those to numbers and say that it cost's 345,00 to raise a child to legal adulthood. 34500 times 50000, I wonder how many zeros are in that number? And remember, this is coming out of our wallets. Also, as I previously stated, children are more liable to crime without a father, lets just sink in how high the percentages would multiply with any parents at all. You also label me as a hypocrite. I've had family members go through this, I think I would know a bit more about this then you.

I've countered all of con's arguments, and to be honest, there all unoriginal ones.

Sources, American academy of Pediatrics, Globalpost


Well, it just seemed like you repeated rape and I dismissed the overpopulation, as it is an insignificant number. Second, you say that men have no connection to the3 abortion process. Not true. Who made the baby? Both man and woman. And with all your fancy numbers, why couldn't I say "You're parents should have aborted you instead of paying all that money!"? And your points seem to say that no one should have a child in the first place. And you say effectively say that because children cost so much to foster, the kid should be aborted. If it's such a pain, why do they exist in the first place? And in the womb the child is technically alive. They are composed of cells and grow. They try to reject the needle, but are unable to. They silently scream. It's terrible. As for rape, less than one percent of abortions are due to rape,* so let's dismiss that. Even if you have had family members go through this, that still isn't first-hand experience. And you immediately assume that because I take the con position I haven't had any experience at all. You say your arguments are superior based on an assumption backed by nothing. You know nothing of my background, don't immediately assume I'm inexperienced. As for my arguments being unoriginal, I've heard all of yours before, too. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2


I do say that men have a connection to rape. I will quote myself "You should only be concerned about abortion if your the husband or man in relationship with said woman". My points do not say to abort over having children. When you are thinking about engaging intercourse, Financial, Habitable, and Emotional reasons and plans should be considered. F.Y.I, Aborting cost's less then raising a child. You asked me why children exist in the first place. Common sense tell's me your rhetorics are only self-harming, so I will not answer such an obvious question. "They try to reject the needle, but are unable to. They silently scream.It's terrible." How overly-dramatic and pathetic of you to insinuate that a fetus is self-conscious. As you stated, it is composed of cells and it grows. That doesn't mean it mentally lives. You assume you know what I assume. Now thats reaching a new low of hypo-criticism. And yes, I don't know your family background, but if you have had family members going through the trauma of having an unexpected pregnancy, the least you can do is not be inconsiderate and emotionally support the couple. Encouraging them to have a baby without financial backing, or enough housing space, is basically telling them to deal with it. Yep, you're gonna have a baby! It'll be easy! Have fun! No abortions for you! Deal with it! No money? Sucks for you! Living in a small apartment with rent due? You manage yourself! You're in high school and you made some terrible decisions that resulted in you conceiving a child that if your parents found out they would disgrace you and look down on your poor judgement for the rest of your life while you maintain the struggle of balancing the baby, school, a job, and the limited free time you have? Happens to everybody!

Abortions should be undertaken at the circumstances of the one who is requesting, or the unexpectedness of rape, or the personal choice of having a career, a husband, and a future. Making abortion completely illegal is like killing 20 people out of a group that you suspect one is a murderer. Its like condemning racial laws for the actions of a few individuals. All you have done during the course of thee entire argument is ineffectively rebut my points. Your only point is that the fetus "endures unimaginable pain, they silently scream". THEY HAVE NO CONSCIOUSNESS, NO MIND OF THERE OWN.

A woman's aspirations for a full-time career are eliminated with an unexpected pregnancy. Here own time is cut short, she works long hours to sustain the child, herself, and a bleak future. Is this what making abortion illegal is to accomplish? Straining today's modern woman into a pulp of actions, morals, and emotions? What is the happy ending of making abortion illegal? Well Mr. sunshine and Roses, THERE IS NONE.

I apologize for my outburst at the end. Con has made no relative points to the argument.


First: My statements about your assuming I had no family members go through this was not hypocritical at all. Without knowing anything about my background, you said, and I quote "You also label me as a hypocrite. I've had family members go through this, I think I would know a bit more about this then you." Moving on. I thought about this for a long time, and due to previous mistakes I forfeit debating the first part of the topic. The conclusion reached solely from this debate should be: Abortion should remain legal. However, if the conclusion reached at the end of the argument also is: And EVERYONE that says differently is NOT a hypocrite, I win the debate. For both clauses must be proved for the Pro position for you to win. Now, you stated for your reasoning that people who say abortion should not remain legal was: "If you were a woman to be raped, you would most likely attempt to get an abortion. That is what is hypocritical about pro-lifers". But rape accounts for less than one percent of all abortions (I cited on previous arguments). I fail to see how this makes ANYONE who takes Con on this is hypocritical. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3


It does not matter how many woman get raped in this world. If you are a pro-lifer, and you've even raped, and you conceived, good on you if you choose to take care of the child. You openly conceded the debate, and gave no explanation to why you're not a hypocrite. You're a male, I would assume. If you were somehow to be influenced, and you raped someone, or inseminated someone without consent, would you ask them to keep the baby? If so, you're a hypocrite, Don't know which part you're struggling to comprehend. I congratulate my opponent on sticking to his opinions, no matter what the conclusion, and for the record, Abortion is a personal choice, and no matter what the circumstances, denying abortion is such to denying access to school. Each hinder ones future in a negative way.


Some people think abortion should be illegal because they believe the fetus is alive (which I still do, but I refuse to debate this, as for this debate we agree the fetus is not yet alive). Or they're a women, and have been through this. Or they haven't thought this through Or a variety of reasons, all making them unhypocritical. It boils down to this question. If beyond all reasonable doubt it could be proven the fetus was just as alive as you and me, would you still support abortion? Of course not. That would be murder. Therefore, if you truly believe the fetus was alive, and therefore believe it should be illegal, you are unhypocritical, and the Con position wind the argument. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 4


Of course the fetus of any organism is alive. The question is, is it self-conscious? Does it recognize it's existence? If not, what exactly is being murdered? You are beginning to ramble. I am un-hypocritical? Therefore what? If I truly believe what? How exactly would you win the argument? You made some relative points in the previous rounds, you are now making observations with justifications based on assumptions. You conceded, there is nothing left to debate about.


I did not concede. I conceded on the first part of the topic, which is "Abortion should continue to be legal:, and not on "And anyone who thinks otherwise is a hypocrite". If one were to believe the fetus is self-conscious and has rights just like you and me,(I'm sorry, I meant to say this instead of alive last round) which many do. Even if they were raped and had a career/financial situation that would be seriously injured from raising a child, they still would not abort. Therefore they are not hypocritical, which proves the second clause of the topic wrong.

This debate has been my favorite of my short time here. I truly look forward to debating more with you. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by WishIWasSuperman 7 years ago
Actually Teemo, that's not entirely accurate. There would be many Christians who would be pro-choice for one reason or another, and I don't believe that makes them hypocritical. Specifically the bible doesn't speak about abortion, really the teachings common to Christian thinking is interpretation and application of specific reasoning based on interpretation of scripture to a topic not specifically addressed. If one was to have a different or more liberal interpretation or way of thinking and reasoning, they can be pro-choice, a Christian and non-hypocritical. Also a Christian doesn't "follow the bible" either. This is an over generalisation. Technically a Christian is one who follows the teachings of Christ. Early "Christians" didn't even have a bible, but would still be considered "Christian".
Posted by Teemo 7 years ago
A christian follows the bible. I don't devote my life to listen to the government. There is a difference. Furthermore I live in Canada. Canada is great.
Posted by TheDaftHatter 7 years ago
Also you forgot one of the most important things when it comes to pregnancy. What if the woman cannot physically give birth to this baby because of health complications? Like if she were to birth this child both would die, but if she got an abortion she could save herself and maybe have another baby in the future. Also this news article is very relevant:
Posted by edibleshrapnel 7 years ago
My morals and values in life aren't restricted on my beliefs per se, I do believe however that Jesus was god and god created everything. I don't agree with everything in the bible, and you probably don't agree with everything the government is doing with the country! We're both slightly hypo-critical, Teemo.
Posted by Teemo 7 years ago
Considering you are christian, you are being a hypocrite being for abortion, considering the bible says otherwise.
Posted by TheMaster_Debator 7 years ago
Actually, rape causes less than 1% of unexpected pregnancies, so your still wrong. Please make sure your information is correct next time.
Posted by edibleshrapnel 7 years ago
Whoops, I just noticed it now. That little bit about me saying rape is the number one cause of unexpected pregnancies was a typo. I meant to "rape must be one of the highest causes of unexpected pregnancies in the world". My apologies. I could see how that could cause problems
Posted by DreamSymphony00 7 years ago
What studies show that rape is the number one reason for unexpected pregnancies? I'd like to see it.
Posted by edibleshrapnel 7 years ago
@MyDinosaurHands, Love how you blurt out a statement without justification.
Posted by MyDinosaurHands 7 years ago
Rape is not the number one reason for unexpected pregnancies.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro had many grammar errors in the debate-point to con. Pro went on many attacks in the debate-point to con. Pro admitted "of course the fetus of any organism is alive" in round 4. If the fetus is alive, and you perform an abortion, you have KILLED the fetus.-point to con.

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