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Started: 3/26/2015 Category: Health
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you say the baby doesn't have the right to be there without permission, I'm sorry but the woman having unprotected sex gave that baby the permission by allowing sperm to enter her womb therefore conceiving a child that MUST be carried to term or it is murder because it is still a separate human being


While a woman did have unprotected sex and therefore brought it upon herself to conceive, the fetus is not able to exist without the woman's rights being infringed. This makes the unwanted fetus a parasite. If my life depends on your life being taken over, I am a parasite in the same way. Of course, some have religious views against this because they think the fetus is a person and therefore has individual rights as well.

Even if a fetus could be considered a human being, the relationship between the fetus and the mother is not mutual. It is a polar relationship, the woman must sacrifice her own nutrients and time and effort and plans for the fetus's sake. The fetus does not counter this. Therefore, it is infringing on the property rights of the women. This is unless you mean to say that the woman does not have full ownership over her body.

Plus, the government does not own anyone's body and cannot tell them what to do unless they are infringing on another person's rights, which a fetus does not have as it is not a person. So it is up to the woman individually to decide what she believes, because as you said: she decided to conceive by having unprotected sex. So it is her responsibility, right?

This is not a women's rights issue. I do not support most of modern feminist culture. But I would be pro-choice even if men and women both gave birth. This is about individual rights as opposed to parasite rights.
Debate Round No. 1


yes Her body may be hers However by having unprotected sex she has a responsibility that if she has caused life to be created to allow that life to live, it is a separate person and the killing of any being with DNA that only is HUMAN is murder by definition. abortion simply for birth control is completely wrong. as is blaming a created life for the sins of the father. no one has a right to take a human life just because it is an inconvenience if you do not want a child do not have unprotected sex if you have unprotected sex it is your responsibility to bring that life into the world that you created voluntarily through your act of unprotected sex, to kill an innocent in the womb is an abomination


A fetus is not, by definition, a human being. This is because a human being must exist physically separate from others, as an individual. A fetus is not a human being, it can only be expected to become one. Like I said before, if unwanted, a fetus is a parasite, not a human being. If the unwanted fetus can only exist by the theft of the time, nutrients, labor, money, and planning of another, it is not an individual.

You implied that unprotected sex is the reason for abortion. Let's assume that your other arguments were valid (even though they weren't). Condoms only work around 98% of the time so there's one reason, and rape can happen so that's another. Do you believe a person should sacrifice her own well-being just so that a rapist's baby can be born? Also, what happens when someone uses a condom and it doesn't work? Abortion should be a personal decision, not a collective decision. You shouldn't have to ask a court if you can get an abortion, you should ask yourself.
Debate Round No. 2


it doesn't matter if its wanted or not a Fetus is HUMAN I mean when you are pregnant you don't say I"m with fetus do you, no, you are saying I'm with child, Anything who's dna is only HUMAN is HUman it does not matter if it is born or not, it is still a human being with feelings. as for the rapist thing, killing a baby just because of its conception is unfair, I say kill the rapist don't blame an innocent for the way it was created its not the baby's fault. if you don't want the baby give it up for adoption but don't murder it, Murder does not only mean those who are born it means any HUMAN and since anything that consists of HUMAN DNA only and is ALIVE which a baby in the womb is alive, is HUMAN it is Murder


While you are correct that a fetus contains human DNA, that alone does not make it a human being. You overlooked my point that the fetus cannot survive without the woman's time, effort, nutrients, and pain. You overlooked this because it so clearly proves my point, that a human being must exist PHYSICALLY SEPARATE from other human beings, or else it is on the same rank as a tape worm.

Besides, if a woman were to wait until she has gone through almost a year of time wasted to go through labor for a baby she doesn't want so she can put it up for adoption, then what is the point? People give birth so that they can raise a baby. If the woman knows she is going to go through all of this effort for a baby she doesn't want so she can give it to someone else, it is wasted time.

You also forgot to rebut my point that the government has nothing to do with this issue and should let the parent(s) decide what to do. If society requires that an individual waste their time and effort and money and pain for the sake of another non-individual, what kind of society is that?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dragonite1211 3 years ago
next thing you'll say is that the father has no right to the baby
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