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Started: 11/5/2015 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Explain to me why abortion is good and why is it not murder.


I would like to accept your debate about abortion.

I will start by explaining why abortion is a good thing.
Abortion is a good thing because it means if a teenager becomes accidentally pregnant they can stop the pregnancy and carry on almost normally. If they are made to go through with the baby it could be very damaging for their lives. This is because at their age they don't have the ability to take care of a baby and raise a child if they did they wouldn't still be in education.
You may argue that they shouldn't have got themselves into that position but the fact remains that it is unfair to let them have that child knowing that it may not be properly taken care of.

Furthermore every women has the right to control her own body and if she feels that she is not ready to take care of that baby then she should be entitled to an abortion. As it is her life and her decision. If it is a teenager who is in that position then they might be at the optimum point in their education and to have to take just short of nine months out of school will decrease grades considerably not to mention once the baby is born and the girl is having to take care of a baby at the same time as studying.
This girl (if still in school) might have to then face up to bullying and people judging her for what happened which could lead to upset, depression and low self-esteem.

Now I will argue why abortion is not murder(Please note this argument is not intended in a cruel way).
Abortion is not murder because it happens before the fetus has developed into a baby this means you are not killing a baby but removing an organism. The fetus can't think it doesn't have a conscience so in my opinion it is not yet a human being.

Thank you for reading my first argument.
Debate Round No. 1


To start off, you mention that teenagers can have abortions so they are not bullied in school for getting pregnant. So that is a good argument, but why can't they just send it to an orphanage or a foster home. Then, you mention that the girl that is pregnant can have control over her own body so she can choose what happens to the fetus. If the girl can choose what her body can do then how come the fetus can't choose to live? Lastly, abortion is basically promoting the Eugenics movement. What is that? It is when people tried to get rid of those who are not perfect. If you are getting rid of a fetus that is in a teenage girl, then you are trying to make her like all the other girls.

Thanks for reading.


Thank you for posting your argument.

To start I would like to answer your question 'but why can't they just send it to an orphanage or a foster home.'. This is of course a valid option but often by sending a child to a foster home they can be left feeling unwanted and unloved as they might not know who their real parents are, this could lead to them feeling abandoned and confused.
Furthermore the fetus can't choose to live due to the fact it does not yet have a conciseness and cannot make decisions as it is technically not yet living.
I would also argue that I am not trying to suggest that a girl in that position has the abortion to make her like every other girl, one because pregnant or not nobody is the same. But more importantly I am suggesting that should a girl find herself in that position she is entitled to an abortion because at that age it is vital that you get the correct amount of sleep, that you don't miss out on too many lessons because it can make a big difference to your education and lastly it is a critical age for starting to make your way in the world; so think about how a young child to look after or being pregnant could effect these factors.

So now onto my arguments.
Okay so as I said, in my opinion you are not killing a baby just removing an organism because the fetes has not yet developed into a human. This means it can't be classed as murder. There is no killing involved. If you were to remove this organism no harm is coming to a human, especially as the baby has not grown fully into a child.
In your argument you put a lot of emphasis on how I mentioned it could cause bullying but the point I would like to stress is how this could effect the rest of the women's life. When somebody chooses to have a child it is a big life decision and a lot of things have to be considered. A child has to be looked after all day and night, so if somebody becomes pregnant accidentally it is unlikely that they have the time or maybe even the money to look after it. Don't forget a child is a big financial commitment too.
Now if the women is still in education; any stage of education (GCSE or in the middle of a PhD) it will have a knock on effect and the women's grades will likely be decreased. This is because they will have to take a huge amount of time away from their studies. Imagine, that person could have had ambitions, they might have wanted to travel the world and a baby could really stop those dreams from happening and because of this the mother may feel angry at the child and not look after it properly.

Next you should think about the possibility that that women was raped. If this is the case then she should most certainly be allowed an abortion as she had no control over it, it was not her decision. After an event like that she would most likely be feeling down and anxious and more stress would worsen her mental health. If this women was then forced to go through with the baby then she may neglect it as it could be a reminder of what happened and she could treat the child badly because of it. Is it morally right to make someone go through with a baby when you know the child could be abused?

Now we must not forget about the father in this situation. Now there is a good chance that the father will stay to try and support the mother in this position which is a good thing, but then we have to ask ourselves is this going to do him any good? Of course he too could be in education and of course he would most likely experience similar problems as the female; problems to do with bullying, grades and possibly meatal health, which we have already discussed.
So then there is the chance the father abandons the women and wants to have nothing to do with her or the baby, in a scenario like this is it really fair to put a women through the stress when she didn't even plan to have a child? As this will badly effect her health both mentally an physically.

Thank you for reading my argument.
Debate Round No. 2


will1261 forfeited this round.


For my closing argument I will give a summary of my main ideas about why abortions are a good thing and not murder.

Firstly, I believe they are a good thing because they help to lower the number of unwanted children who are abused. This is because they can stop a pregnancy in someone who is not yet ready to have a child. Therefore the mother can continue with their lives without having their education or work disrupted too much (in a case where the child is an accident and unwanted).
The argument is the same if a teenager becomes accidentally pregnant they will not be able to care for the child if they could they would not still be in education. This means that abortions are good because they prevent children being not properly cared for.

Also if a women was raped abortions are a good thing because the pregnancy won't have to continue and cause a reminder to the women about what happened to her. Furthermore if a women was raped and they go through with the child they might take their anger out on the baby which would be unkind and the child may grow up feeling unloved.

Many people argue that the mother should go through with the baby and then if she doesn't want it then it could be put in an orphanage. However this may make the child feel unwanted and confused as they don't know who their real parents are.

In my opinion abortion is not murder, this is because it happens before a baby has fully developed. Therefore you are not killing a human but removing an organism. The fetes can't think it has no consciousness this means it doesn't know what life is.

Thank you for reading my closing argument on why abortion is good and not murder.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Forever23 3 years ago
Great job to both of the debators! I thought that the points brought up by the opposition were very strong. The point about woman having control of their body was very good. Great job again and thank you.
Posted by EtaoinShrdlu 3 years ago
To me, the debate hinges on when people consider the foetus to be a person. For some it's at conception, for others it's at the point of 'quickening' (when the foetus first begins to move in the womb, usually around 13"16 weeks), and for others it's at viability (usually around 24 weeks, though some foetuses have survived outside the womb before this time). NerdyGirl25, when do you consider the foetus to be a person?
Posted by Nerdygirl25 3 years ago
I understand what your saying and I completely agree that people should learn to face up to consequences of their actions. But the fact remains that if someone isn't ready and they (stupidly) got themselves into that position they won't be able to take care of a baby so it isn't fair to make the women go through with it particularly if there is a chance the baby won't get the proper support which it needs. There is also the chance that the women was raped and this means she isn't responsible for being in that position and it will have badly effected her mental health, this means she could take the frustration out on the baby. Furthermore the fetes hasn't yet developed into a person it isn't a human being yet.
However I do agree that if someone got themselves into a position that they shouldn't be in at their age then they should take responsibility for it.
Posted by StephanieRod1122 3 years ago
I'm against abortions. Want to know why? Young people even older people decide to kill an innocent creature who has not even stepped into our world, before it can actually breathe air! They either complain that they are not ready, or they either do not want to lose their man. Honestly, if you weren't ready why did you have sex in the first place? If you were responsible enough to open your legs, be responsible to take in your consequence. Sex isn't an everyday thing, you have sex with the person you LOVE. And if that person loves you back, then having a baby is never a mistake. But, half of these women seek the attention, and can't handle the affection huh? STOP ABORTIONS!
Posted by Nerdygirl25 3 years ago
*the not th
Posted by Nerdygirl25 3 years ago
I think that the comment that GoOrDin just made is an extremely prejudice assumption. For starters we have never even met and if he had met me he would know that I am possibly th most nerdy person in the school and I disapprove endlessly of people who have sex underage. I am not a quote 'slut' and I wouldn't dream of doing something so outrageous as was suggested in your comment I am simply using my debate skills to hopefully win this argument so I would appreciate it if you wouldn't post such unnecessary and untrue comments. In fact I'm tempted to report it but I wont because I think I've made my point Thank you!
Posted by GoOrDin 3 years ago
I am going to bank on it that Nerdygirl25 is a slut who has sex with a lazy guy, a womanizer, a drug addict, or a good old stereotypical never-educate-himself boozer, and suggest that I anticipate zero actual arguments from her end of the bargaining table..

so I'mma list a few reasons.

1.) Incompetance.
incompetant Mother, incompetent father = incompetent youth.

2.) there are 9 billion people on the planet'; rapists, pedophiles, idiots, asshoels, corrupt politicians, losers, suiciders, and the majority of the planet lives in Poverty.

Maybe. the child is nothing more than an agent of obligation to ignore global issues and poverty.
In fact it is. Stop breeding, there are starving people already here.

BUT, I agree, that rape victims should be permitted abortion privileges at all times, but women who willingly permitted a dick in her should be denied all abortion rights unless she has children already.
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