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Started: 12/10/2015 Category: Politics
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By abortion keeping abortion legalized, we are losing millions of innocent lives on a yearly basis. If you are opposed to keeping guns legal in the United States; 57,000,000+ abortions have occured since 1973. Since 1973, only 1.6 million deaths as a result of gunfire. (I use the word "only" to contrast that number from the number of abortions, not to discredit the significant amount). So answer me this; what logical reasons can you give me for why abortion should remain legal?


Thank you for inviting me to this debate.

I assume you brought up the guns issue to prove that we as a society value life. I'll accept that and focus on abortion from here on.
I also will assume your question is how can we morally justify abortion, and not that you are disappointed that the population (in the USA?) could be larger than it is today.

As already clarified, we value life. Killing a person is considered morally wrong and is punished harshly by our justice system. So the entire question is from when on do we consider "something" to be a person, to have its own life.
I think we can both agree that after a child has been born it should definitely count as a being with a wright to life. On the other extreme I think we can both agree that sperm and egg cells are not considered living beings, as they are constantly produced by our body and die off when no intercourse has taken place.
We therefore have a time continuum between the fertilization of the egg cell by the sperm (forming a zygote) and the birth of a new child. Somewhere in that continuum we have to draw a line from where on we consider the zygote/embryo to be a living being.

Now we could say: "As soon as the embryo is 9 weeks old it is a living being and shouldn't be aborted", in which case we would pass a law limiting abortion to the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. But to claim that there should be no abortion at all equals claiming that as soon as the zygote is formed a new life has begun. Would you be willing to make that claim and support it with arguments?

Disclaimer: The biological process of a forming embryo is far more complex then the possibly inaccurate depiction I have made here. It's been a while since I had biology.
Debate Round No. 1


Correct, I believe that at the moment of conception, there is a living child in the womb. I don't believe that the problem is that people don't believe that a fetus is a child, I believe that those who get abortions are not willing to accept the consequences for their actions. As a woman who chose to have sex, and happened to get pregnant, the woman has the responsibility of paying the consequences for her actions. I find this to be a common themesamong liberals, the not wanting to pay the consequences for their actions.
I apologize, as I don't know how to further debate the fact that a zygote is a human being, but here is a link if you would like to read on.


The paper you recommended was very convincing, and a not too long read either. Even though there still are many questions open as to cloning etc, for the sake of this debate I will agree with you that conception is the beginning of new life.

There still are god reasons for women to be able to have abortions. I would argue that there are many cases in which women didn't freely choose to get pregnant, and therefore your argument that abortions should be illegal due to women having to face the consequences of their actions invalid. First of all not all women choose to have sex, some endure rape and they should not be forced into an unwanted pregnancy. Further it often times happens that other preventative measures failed, often times due to ignorance of usage.

Another argument is that women usually have a good reason to abort a fetus. Many abortions occur due to the woman feeling that she can't provide a stable environment for the child to grow up in. Be that relationship stability, economic status or simply the fact they will not be able to care for the child due to other responsibilities they hold in life. There also is the case in which women are simply physically not fit for a pregnancy, and without abortion their lives might be under threat.
Sure for the second argument you can claim they have to deal with the consequences, but is that really an optimal society we would be creating by disregarding all these negative points.

In my last argument I want to make the case that it would be unwise to let the government regulate what we do with our bodies.
Debate Round No. 2


I am very aware that women who go in for abortions are sometimes raped. However according to New York Times, although I am aware that not all surveys and such are accurate (I will leave the link below), only 1% of women who go in for abortions are raped or have had some sort of incestual intercourse. They way that I see it, the women should fight through the pregnancy, although it will be tough, and put the baby up for adoption.

Yes, many women understand that their child would not be growing up in a healthy environment, sometimes abusive. I am willing to bet that most times, when asked later in life, an abused child wil be happy that they were not aborted. Yes, the fact that sometimes a woman might put her life on the line in a pregnancy. I would say that for the overall betterment of society, although we are slightly overpopulated, in my opinon, that abortion should still be illegal. Just for, like I said, the overall betterment of society. 57,000,000+ abortions and counting since 1973. Some women may lose their life, but for the keepsake of the majority of lives, I believe that abortions should be illegal.

Thank you for accepting the debate, I have learned a new aspect on the issue. You were actually proposing intellectual information, opposed to others on the website.


Well there is not much left for me to respond to, so I will end by saying abortion contributes to the betterment of society due to all the issues I mentioned in my last argument. I don't see how there are any positive aspects to outlawing abortion for society. You say there would be 57M+ more lives, but I can't see why our society would be better off with that increase of population, if anything it's the other way around.

Thank you for your open mindedness, it makes debates much more interesting and dynamic.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Reformist 3 years ago
Con has George bush background

We are going to see some real stupid arguments
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