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Started: 8/21/2016 Category: People
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Homicide is the deliberate taking of a person"s life by another person. If someone commits homicide, they can be put in prison for a life sentence, or under certain circumstances be executed. Abortion is the deliberate "procedure" of taking an unborn baby's life. The key word is deliberate. In both cases however, someone"s life is taken by another person on purpose. In 1973, the supreme court"s decision over Roe Vs Wade effectively legalized abortion in all fifty states, opening abortion clinics all over the nation. Norma McCorvey, also know as Jane Roe, was dragged into the Roe vs Wade case. She wanted an abortion, and it was this that led to her being behind the Supreme Court"s ruling. She says it is the number one regret in her life. She wishes she had known what she was getting into.. She hates that because of her abortion is legal. In other words, murder is legal. If the person behind the thousands of Planned Parenthood's is Pro Life, shouldn"t that mean something? Anything? Or even everything?


Do you believe there are times where if a woman has her unborn baby killed by abortion she deserves to be put to death? If abortion is murder the question if you're being honest about it has to come up
Debate Round No. 1


Just last year, 2015, in the month of December, Anna Yocca, 31 years old attempted a self abortion using an untwisted coat hanger. The baby survived, but will have lifelong medical issues. She was charged for attempted murder. Now, when Planned Parenthood does the same thine, attempts to kill a baby, and succeeds, they are not charged with murder. In fact, they are praised, and receive money. What"s the difference? Let me answer that for you: none.

Abortion is against women's rights. While many think that women should have the right to choose if a mother conceives, they are missing a few details. Many women have an abortion to become "un-pregnant". Abortion doesn"t make you "un-pregnant".. Abortion makes you the mother of a dead baby. Also, half the babies killed are women, where was their choice in the matter!? Women"s right my butt! Right to choose? THAT"S A LIE! Babies don"t choose to die!


So a 31 year old girl is charged with attempted murder for trying to self abort her late term fetus while Planned Parenthood never gets prosecuted. Problem there is no real comparison between that this woman allegedly did and what Planned Parenthood does. It also doesn't address your proposition abortion is murder.

First the girl tried to abort a viable fetus. States can restrict and even ban in some cases late term abortions when the fetus maybe viable outside the womb. Such abortions are extremely rare and are almost always done when the mother faces life threatening complications if she were to give birth. Second Planned Parenthood does not do late term abortions.

Of the abortions Planned Parenthood and most providers do are in the first trimester and some in the second trimester before the fetus becomes viable outside the womb. To abort a non viable fetus is not murder. But if you believe it is murder you must accept for your claim to be taken seriously and not as meaningless rhetoric a woman who has an abortion must be punished.

To say the woman is the victim is patently absurd. When it is the woman who agree for the abortion to be performed on her body with the known intent of killing her unborn baby. Further she has paid for it or someone with her knowledge has paid for it. That is a capital offense for which the girl should get the needle. To reject that is to reject your own proposition

If a teenage girl decides to abort her baby, pays someone to kill her unborn baby because it is inconvenient for her to be pregnant and for otherwise selfish reasons should she be put to death. She is who chose to murder (as you would describe it) her unborn baby. You can't credibly describe her as a victim
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by BackCommander 2 years ago
Homicide: "the deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another; murder."
Con, abortion is legal, therefore it isn't unlawful, therefore it isn't homicide. Same with murder. We as a society have come to an agreement on the only argument that matters on the subject of abortion is when exactly life begins.
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