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Started: 11/25/2016 Category: Politics
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What are your opinions on abortion? Why should men not have a say in abortion? And why is it legal?


Hello, I am arguing for the idea of abortion.

I think that abortion is perfectly in line with secular ethics and beliefs. The reason why I particularly mention "secular" ethics is because there are many people who do not agree with abortion because it goes against the religious beliefs they have. One popular belief is that abortion is unethical because it goes against one of the Ten Commandments of the Christian faith, "Thou shalt not kill." However, I think that abortion is undoubtedly harmonious with the popular Christian opinion.

First of all, an abortion is sometimes performed as a NECESSARY surgical procedure. The abortion of a fetus is sometimes the only way a life-threatening pregnancy can be terminated. For instance, during an ectopic pregnancy, fertilization occurs outside of the uterus, usually in a Fallopian Tube. If the blastocyst (fertilized egg) continues to develop, it is bound to be life threatening for the mother. Usually the only solution to this is an abortion.

In the case that I have presented, abortion was necessary for the safety of the mother's life. However, is it still ethical to perform an abortion on a mother who is not in danger?

The question of whether it is ethical or not stems from the notion that "abortion is the killing of an unborn baby, which is human and very well alive." Is it really alive tough? Biologically, for an organism to be alive, its organs must be able to perform its functions ( For instance, if the organism has functioning organs, like a heart that provides blood to the rest of the body, it can be considered alive. With that being said, was an aborted fetus alive (according to our definition) before the medical procedure was performed? If we can agree with the definition provided by the scientific source provided, no, the aborted fetus was NOT alive to begin with.

Abortions are safely performed during the first trimester of the pregnancy, or the first twelve weeks of the pregnancy ( So does the fetus have functioning organs in the first trimester? Again, it doesn't. While organs like the brain begin forming during the second month of the pregnancy, they actually don't start functioning after the 21st week of the pregnancy. In fact, one of the first organs to begin functioning, the kidneys, don't start to function after the 13th week, by which time doctors hesitate to perform an abortion because it puts the mother's life at risk (

Lastly, I would also like to refute the idea that the fetus is able to feel pain. This just isn't true. To put it simply, pain receptors transmit signals to the brain, which brings out a sensation we call "pain". The keyword in this explanation is the term "pain receptor". Pain receptors are part of the PNS (Peripheral Nervous System), and the PNS is not functional during the first trimester of the pregnancy ( Therefore, based on the biological development of a fetus, the fetus CANNOT feel pain during the abortion period.
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