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Started: 12/24/2016 Category: Politics
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A woman decides what to do with her own body.



Lemme start with a question to you: did you know fetuses, or unborn babies, can feel? They have feelings, both physical and mental. Before considering abortion, consider this: your baby, who has the potential for greatness, is in terrible pain as you slowly kill it. That's basic manslaughter and torture. I don't care what you think. It is scientifically proven that fetuses can move, breathe, and even think on their own, and most of their senses are developed.

Kelisitaan, when I first debated you, I thought you were a confused soul, searching for answers. And while I have no proof or definite grounds, my theory is as follows: you are a prideful person, craving victory in debate and attempting to force people into your view. You give people that view. And it doesn't help that you are an atheist. Atheists are generally uncaring about life, and believe that there is no life after death. Therefore, who cares if another helpless soul dies, right? NO!

Anyway, back to the topic. Abortion is lethal because it kills unborn babies, it damages the mother physically, and it creates rifts in marriages. Surveys prove that the average suicide happens after an abortion, for both men and women. Women who survive abortion generally die young, and divorce their spouses quite early.

My grounds are stable, and I would like too see you take your shot at me. I have done endless research, compiled surveys, theories, and facts. And what I found is this: Abortion only benefits the doctors performing it by bringing in money. All others involved are devastatingly hurt.

Your time has come to accept the cons of abortion and forfeit. If you don't, don't worry, I'll keep coming back. You can't stop me. You never will. Abortion is evil. And the more you attack me, the harder I will come back. Defeat is not an option for me, only for you.

Oh yeah, and if your mom aborted you, we wouldn't be here doing this. And you would not be here.
Debate Round No. 1


Unfortunately, all of what you say is entirely misleading and untrue. You are only looking at the negatives of abortion and ignoring all of the positives. Moreover, some of your conclusions, e.g. abortions lead to divorce, are based on faulty logic. Just because people who have abortions get divorced more does NOT mean that abortions lead to divorce, it simply means that people with kids tend to stay in broken marriages for the sake of the kid.

HOWEVER, NONE OF WHAT YOU SAY IS RELEVANT BECAUSE ABORTION COMES DOWN TO A BASIC PRINCIPAL. Abortion is accepted because a woman has the right to choose what she wants to do with her body.

The fetus needs the body of the mother to survive. If human A needs a part of human B to survive, e.g. a kidney transplant, it is entirely up to human B whether or not he wants to give human A a kidney. Even if human B is dying and his kidneys will rot with him, he decides what to do with his own body. Even if human A's life is at stake and human B's life is already over, with rotting kidney's, it's still human B's right to choose what to do with his dead body.

Is this considered murder? No, of course it's not. Is it a little douchey? Perhaps. Is it acceptable? Yes, a person has the right to do whatever he wants with his body.

If the fetus can survive on its own, then abortion is more of an up in the air debate. However, if the fetus needs the mother's body (which it does), abortion comes down to the simple principal of a woman has the right to choose what she wants to do with her body.

By letting the fetus control a woman's body, you are granting a fetus rights to someone else's body. No one has rights to anyone's body but that person. Period

A fetus needs a mother's body to survive. If the mother does not want to let the fetus use her body, it doesn't have to. The fetus is a part of a parasitic relationship; although its body is affected, it's using the body of the mother to survive.


Is there a wall nearby that I can crack my skull on? Did you not hear what I said? FACTS! SURVEYS! REFERENCES! BACKGROUND RESEARCH!

Jeez, you just don't listen.

Pros? Oh, okay let's see:

1. Doctors get money
2. kills babies?

WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY???? If you don't want a baby give it to an orphanage.

Sure, people have rights, but you don't take life and rights from helpless beings.

And you didn't address my ad hominem, or my call for forfeit or that. Did you even read my entire argument???
Debate Round No. 2


You realize that we have far too many babies in orphanages as is, correct? Or were you oblivious to that? You do realize that it costs money to put a baby in an orphanage, correct? You did realize that by paying for a baby the mother did not want that takes away money from other babies, correct? Or did you not realize that?

You do realize that forcing a mother to have a baby she doesn't want causes stress to the mother, correct? Or did you not think about that? What about the fact that unwanted kids usually turn out far worse than kids from stable homes and how determental it can be to a kid's psyche to know it wasn't wanted and that the mother was forced to have it. Ever consider that?

The list goes on and on, but as I stated before, it's all irrelevant. It comes down to the simple fact that a woman can choose what she wants to do with her body. If she doesn't want a fetus to use it, that's her right. If she doesn't want human A to use her rotting kidneys, that's her right as well.


Do you not read?
I'm tired of debating this with you. Abortion is a choice, obviously. Choices are save or destroy a life. Your choice.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by arpost 1 year ago
A woman decides what to do with her own body? So why not get her tubes tied and avoid getting pregnant in the first place. She is not killing her own body; she is killing the body of another living human being. Ask the butchers who perform the abortion what happens to the "fetuses" that are still alive, breathing and crying, when they are pulled out. Many would say that my comment is disgusting and cruel, what about killing isn't that disgusting and cruel. If the "fetus is just a lump of flesh then why are there living breathing adults today who have survived after being aborted? Many are born without an ear or arm due to the botched abortion, but they had real lungs and a real heart, they were not just a lump of flesh. The same people who are against guns, killing insect and eating meat will shout "Pro-Choice." I guess a human baby is not as important as an insect. Oh, by the way, I am a woman myself. Not all woman believe in abortion.
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