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Started: 3/6/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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So this argument has been going on for a while now, but allow me to put this thing to rest. I am 100% Pro-life, and I will never change that.

The people I have had this argument with in the past have labeled me as someone who is against women's rights, and that is not true. I am simply against murder. Especially the murder of innocent, unborn children.

The argument that the people in the past have used against me is that the baby isn't born yet so technically it is not murder. However, life does not begin when the baby is born, but it begins when the sperm fertilizes the oocyte and they together form a zygote. This is when the human life begins.

The definition of murder is the killing of one human being by another. So, if this is true then abortion is considered murder and should be punished exactly like a murder.

"But it's the woman's right!" I'm so glad you said that because I'm about to break this down to where a kindergartener can get it! It is not so much the woman's right as it is her freedom. You have complete control over what you do, which basically means freedom of self, so if this woman chooses to take a life then it is her "self-freedom". However, it is also a known murderer's "self-freedom" to murder an innocent person in cold blood. But, these are not rights. Everyone has the freedom to break the law, but if they do then they have to pay the price for doing so.

I am going to save the rest of my argument for round 2 because I want to give you a chance.


I will preface my initial response by noting that I am, as a person, also vehemently against abortion. However, I will be arguing in favor of it here.

I would first point out that a zygote is but a single cell, capable of no mental function, no emotion, no human activity. While fetuses certainly develop functions such as heartbeats, movement, blinking, etc. later in a pregnancy, there is no logical basis on which to grant a zygote special worth.

If there was, however, then my opponent should be shocked by the frequency of pregnancy loss at fertilization; according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, roughly 50% of all fertilization spontaneously fails, mostly before the heart begins beating at five weeks. If these undeveloped embryos are to be considered human, then based on the number of pregnancies in the US in 2014 alone, an estimated four million (2) innocent, unborn children were killed by failed pregnancy before their mothers were ever aware that they were pregnant. However, my opponent has expressed no concern with this egregious loss of precious life.

Contrast this number with the 664,435 legally-induced abortions reported to the CDC in 2013 (3). The instigator's position appears to focus on the prevention of a certain kind of death, one which is statistically minor in comparison to the far greater loss of pregnancies which occurs naturally, every day. I am aware that this debate does not (yet) focus on naturally-occurring pregnancy failures but I wish to streamline the argument by precluding appeals to the value of human life on which pro-life advocates almost universally rely.

Secondly, I submit that the welfare of the women who suffer unwilling pregnancies (rape in particular) has not yet been acknowledged. Researches from the Medical University of South Carolina identified in 1996 that 5% of rapes result in pregnancy, causing around 32,000 annual births at the time of the study. Nearly 12% of these women suffered spontaneous pregnancy failure and half of the 32,000 victims chose to abort (4). I thus question the morality in criminalizing the decision of a woman with no say in their own impregnation to abort an unwanted fetus as opposed to carrying for nine months, undergoing thousands in medical costs, and either possibly and radically modifying their lifestyle to accommodate the newborn or contributing to the orphan crisis by placing the child in adoption, out of which 22,000 children every year mature without ever being accepted into a family (5).

While I acknowledge clear humanity after a certain point in a fetus's development, I challenge the notions that humanity begins at conception and that abortion is unjustifiable even in cases of rape.

(1) U.S. National Library of Medicine - Miscarriage

(2) Center for Disease Control and Prevention - 2014 Births and Natality

(3) Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Abortion Surveillance

(4) U.S. National Library of Medicine - "Rape-related pregnancy: estimates and descriptive characteristics from a national sample of women."

(5) Dave Thomas Foundation - "Get Informed"
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Posted by sboss18 3 years ago
If no one accepts in the next couple hours, I'll take a swing at it.
Posted by Vapid_Darkness 3 years ago
I myself am Pro-Life. I look forward to see this debate play out. Good luck!
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