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Started: 12/26/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I find that it is immoral to let babies die because of the mistakes of the parents.


I am for choice because this is america. We should have the right to choice, and honestly if a couple or women want to take that route for abortion, I think that it is THEIR business. Not mine, yours or anyone else's. Every situation is different, for example if someone was raped, then found they were pregnant, don't they have the right to abort the pregnancy?
Debate Round No. 1


Regarding your argument that says that it is not any of our business to interfere with the choice of women is what I disagree with. If someone hired a murderer to kill someone and I knew that this murder was happening, I believe that people should speak up about the issue. If I know that a baby will be murdered in cold blood by someone paid to do so, I believe that it is necessary to stop this murder from happening. Besides the very small percentage of women that get abortions because of rape, women choose to have sex and they should be held responsible for their actions. The baby should not be murdered because of the bad choices of the mother.


As you said, murder of life, is what you don't agree with. However, the definition of murder is " the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another." Now, go into the definition of what is considered a human being. The correct definition of a human being is "a man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance. " Now, given this logic, is a zygote consider human? Is a fetus consider human? However, I am not saying everyone should be having abortions left and right, what I am trying to conclude is that, they should be legal. Even if they are not legal people will still find a way around it, and do what it takes to have it done. For example they have inject themselves, or drink or hurt themselves to terminate the pregnancy. What I am saying is women should have the right to get the help they need. I am not pro-abortion, however I do think they this options should be available to those who need it.
Debate Round No. 2


According to your logic, humans that cannot do complex tasks as stated by your definition are not humans. This means that brain dead or mentally retarded people are not human and can be murdered no matter what. However, the baby is also unable to do complex tasks so we should be able to kill the baby even when it has been born. Back in the beginning of this county, black slaves were not considered humans but they were considered property. The same thing is happening now with regards to unborn babies. However we know that all life is precious and we should not be able to end life for selfish reasons.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by yourdeathwish123 3 years ago
Here is my position:
Abortion should be legal for anyone unless the baby until it becomes late in the pregnancy when it becomes clear that the brain and other organs have developed enough to be considered a murder.
Here is my logic:
A baby originally starts off as 2 cells: A sperm cell and an egg cell. When people begin to ......, then millions of sperm cells rush to meet with an egg cell and fertilize. That is millions of potential babies! But only 1, ONE, make it. Only ONE manages to fertilize, leading to only ONE baby to form. This begs the question, what does it mean to be pro-life. If we are going with the conservative logic about unborn babies being LIVING, then technically humans have been murdering millions of babies for everyone born! ANd after fertilization, the baby is literally 2 CELLS. Sure, it can grow to become a person, but as of now, it IS NOT A PERSON. Just like a sperm cell is not a person, but has the potential to be one. Just how a month-long pregnancy baby is still a group of cells.
With this logic, I think that an abortion can be perfectly justified. Besides, if the parents are in poverty and are unable to take care of the newborn, how will living as a hungry person and dying as an hungry person be any better. And that is why I support abortion.
Posted by Lookingatissues 3 years ago
MRAAJ replied, 22 hours ago
"-None of your business
-More to it than "mistake", mother my have birthing difficulties, be in unfit to raise the child, may've been raped, it may be an area of high-crime/drug.
-Foetus won't care if dies
....These are the 3 points I place on any abortion page, it may be cold, but it is the truth."
sotheseedsofliberty2 comments ......This Baby, this fetus, This Human life, is not something to be excised from a mother and tossed into the trash container of some Abortion Mill just because of external conditions which surround this mother. The mother could carry this baby to term and either leave the infant at a Hospital or Police Station or put the child up for adoption relieving the mother of any further obligations with no questions asked of the mother. The Abortion mill is just a enabler of today s woman, modern feminists and Relativism but regardless of the sematics used to cover the act of taking the life of a baby its still what it is, disrespect for human life . The value placed on the life of another human being is every bodies business because all of society is standing by and allowing these innocent lives to be taken from them.
Posted by Bitch_Goddess 3 years ago
Oh, lord.

People on the autism spectrum have superior mental development, compared to that of other animals (as so in accordance to the definition). They also DO have the power of articulate speech (be that through the common tongue or other means).
However, in ends meet, it is in close, a defect from the original genetic sequencing of a human being. So while some may not fit the criteria perfectly, their genetic code was supposed to be designed that way. Whereas for zygotes/fetus', they have not even developed.

As for brain-dead people, they once possessed all of those abilities (and would as well if they were to, miraculously, regain consciousness). Therefore, they are humans. They've displayed the criteria for what is a human being. You cannot 'un-become' a human being.

And finally, terminating a pregnancy is not selfish. It is preventing a baby from coming into the world when the birth-giver is unprepared, likely scared, stressed and uneasy. You are, by no means, killing a "baby" before 24 weeks in, as it cannot even process as a human being does (ex. display emotion, feel, feel pain, think, process information, etc.)
Now, before you go into the whole "...but brain-dead people" argument again, I remind you that you cannot "un-become" a human being. Once a person displays human intelligence, then they are, in full, a human being. Every born child has displayed human intelligence except those already dead (still-born, miscarriage).
Posted by MRAAJ 3 years ago
I'd liken it to the classic moral conundrum, would you kill one man to cure the lives of others, to an extent.
Posted by MRAAJ 3 years ago
ps no, the father justs provides the ingredients, sperm, the mother has 9 months to ensure the baby is born healthy.
Posted by MRAAJ 3 years ago
Right, alright then it's up to both parents, i never said mistake, someone else did and i expanded on it.
I'm speaking about abortion from a family point view. The cold truth is people die every second.
re convenience:0My point is why raise a baby if it's life conditions are at a disadvantage, eg birthing difficulties (in certain circumstances, not all) That's all I've got to say. It's not like they're killing them for jokes.
Posted by KZC 3 years ago
- It is the business of other people since a human is getting killed. Also, it not just about the mother, it is because of the father that the baby is possible
- calling a baby a "mistake" is derogatory. Calling anyone a mistake is derogatory. Out of the many reasons for abortion, a majority of the cases have to do with convenience. Address the issue of convenience rather than use it justify abortion.
- You can't know the feelings and thoughts of a fetus, it is a unique individual. Abortion survivors, people who survived abortions, are advocating for pro-life.
Posted by MRAAJ 3 years ago
-None of your business
-More to it than "mistake", mother my have birthing difficulties, be in unfit to raise the child, may've been raped, it may be an area of high-crime/drug.
-Foetus won't care if dies

These are the 3 points I place on any abortion page, it may be cold, but it is the truth.
Posted by Lookingatissues 3 years ago
Posted in Debate : Abortion
" I find that it is immoral to let babies die because of the mistakes of the parents...."
" Only a humanity to which death has become as indifferent as its members, which has died to itself, can inflict it administratively on innumerable people." author Unknown
Human babies are Life and have a right to be born, the mother has the right to decide if she will act responsible for her choice but not the right to decide if the baby has a right to live.
Abortion is the killing of babies The Mother doesn't have the right to kill.
Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
I find abortion is immoral because it is asking people to admit to large scale self-incriminating to a detailed felony crime to receive emergency medical care. Gender Specific Amputation is not self-incriminating to a felony crime, and maintains the constitutional separation between self-incrimination and public confession needed for further impartial separation.
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