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Started: 1/29/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm a pro-life and here's my opinion:

1) I think nobody should have the authority to decide who has and hasn't the right to live. That can both cause a sorting society and trivializing of the child's life. It do also make a society where the child's life don't have any value.

2) People should learn to take responsibility and either use contraception or doing it in a way so there would be no impregnation instead of killing an innocent individual because of people not being careful enough. People have a choice and can choose to have sex, use contraception or to avoid it. So as a pro-life I'm a pro-choice. Don't want children, be more careful!

3) 99% of the cases are consenting sex and aren't incest.

4) This isn't about discriminating women. I would be a pro-life regardless if it was a female or a male who got pregnant. Why I'm against abortion is because it takes away the child's right to live. It hasn't anything to do with gender to do.

5) The child is a separate individual than the mother. It has it's own DNA, body and organs. So the "Her body, her choice" don't apply here. She also had a choice to be more careful when having sex.

6) Poverty shouldn't be an excuse either. Just because you thinks your child would be unsuccessful etc. don't mean it have to be it. Things can go well too even if you don't expect it.

If poverty is a big issue in your country, then the country have to work together on improving it and solve the problem instead of just letting people kill of their children. Adoption is also an option. Disability shouldn't be an excuse either because it's possible to still live a happy life and a disability don't make you lesser worth than anybody else.

7) If killing is in general speaking wrong, then why isn't it wrong if it's a child in womb? A human life is a human life.

8) Yes, freedom can be a good thing. But sometimes things should be controlled. Owning slaves, raping, stealing etc. is illegal because it can do harm and harm makes unhappiness. The right to freedom argument is also flawed because it would affect the child's freedom to be allowed a chance and it didn't consent to me removed. Your freedom should end where someone else's freedom starts.

9) Pro-choicer says it's not a person yet because of it's size, location, unable to feel pain and being dependent.

- A 16-years old is usually bigger than a 10-years old and a 4-years old. Do that make the 16-years old more worth than the two other people just because of it's size?

- I'm more worth inside my house than outside my house, and how do location determine my person hood? Regardless if the child is inside the womb or outside of it, it wouldn't be a less of a person for that reason.

- In some stages the child can actually feel pain during the abortion procedure. Even if it couldn't, would it still be right to kill it? People who are asleep, affected by anesthesia, in coma and have some medical conditions wouldn't be aware of the pain either. So is it okay to do the same with them?

- Yes, it's true an unborn child is depended on their mother to survive, but so are infants. If nobody takes care of them, they won't survive. But the parents could get imprisoned for not taking care of their child, so why not applying it when it comes to abortion too?

10. When a mother undergoes abortion, she either takes pills suffocating the child where it's blocking it's blood supply and nutrition or are undergoing surgically procedures where the child gets sucked out of the mother's womb or crushed and cut in several pieces depending on the child's size. After that the doctor is taking one by one piece out of the womb. Often the doctor are also tearing the child's arms, legs and head apart. Should this inhumane method be legal?


I agree with you
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Posted by Truth-Over-Emotion 3 years ago
I am personally very against abortion. But legally, I say "...fine". I don't care about it being the "woman's choice" and all of that nonsense (because, honestly, you make a mistake-you pay for the consequences of your actions). However, making abortion illegal is kind of like making drugs illegal. It sounds like it'll work, but it won't. You'll just have women hurting themselves or traveling out of the country to get an abortion. And I know this next point sounds terrible, but let's think rationally and without emotion for a second. In 2014, 652,639 legal abortions were performed. And while that is sad, overpopulation is starting to become an issue on Earth. If abortions were illegal (and it actually stopped people from getting them), there would be 652,639 more people in the United States in 2014.
I think we need to really encourage more contraception and maybe Planned Parenthood should no longer be funded by the government (run on donations(?))
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
I would agree that abortion is a terrible thing, and all the women I have talked to about it, say they do it with great regret, and it is unfortunate that in a country as rich as America, abortion is still one of the best options. Governments can significantly reduce abortion numbers by building a more stable, prosperous society and making child-rearing economically feasible. There is no need for societies to defend fetal interests directly, as the best way to protect fetuses is to provide resources directly to pregnant women. When a pregnant woman is safe and healthy, so is her fetus.
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