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Started: 2/10/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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As a fourteen-year-old female, I believe we not only have the right to decide whether WE think it's acceptable to bring OUR child into the world, but that this should not be questioned. Over the past century, we have just received the right to vote, the opportunity to wear what we want, and the chance to work - however, this is not equality. Men are being paid more, Men are classed more superior and the term "like a girl" is used negatively. Abortion is a big thing, its the decision that it's not the right time to have a child. Whether this is from rape, an unhealthy relationship, unsuitable living styles or just the fact that a woman doesn't want to keep her baby; we should not be called murderers and hated upon. A child is an expensive, life-changing mild stone, something that not everyone wants. Therefore, when people challenge such a heartbreaking decision, it infuriates me. For example, being a school girl- I would find it impossible to stay in education and raise a child, I also feel like I am not mature enough and this would cause a lot of issues between me and my parents. The world we live in is already a scary and unstable place, with no guarantees. Anything can happen, whether its a natural disaster (tsunami) or by man (being evicted), I wouldn't want to bring a child into the world, until I felt confident, and that I had stability. Furthermore, it would already be upsetting to have to make such a mature decision, perhaps without the guidance of my mother - to then be hated upon and disliked, or even not being able to have the decision, is not freedom. It's dictatorship.


first things first I'm not pro-abortion but that is the side you choose. abortion shouldn't exist either you be more responsible or live with the consequences. and if you are raped than find a family who can't have kids and have them raise him/her.
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Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
As a fourteen year old young woman you have the right to admit to a felony crime. Abortion is the admittance it is not the accusation, it is saying a person will officially end life after confirming it has official started. The issue is as a fourteen year young woman, you do not have the authority to say all woman, men, and children must confess with you, while you admit wrong, if in fact it was a real crime you would be admitting. The person using the word abolition is only saying it is a real crime.

You as a young woman you are instructed by constitution to look for a line of though held by two points that can be shared by all woman in a united way, joint understanding. A United State, inside the United States of America"s Republic, unite describing the goal of all people, in this case the minimum would have been all woman. Admissions to felony crimes does not create these types of United States. Why do you believe you have the right to make people admit to a crime? Have you been tricked? As a young woman you may share a state called Female Specific Amputation with female companions, or a medical doctor, even a parent without having them admit to any crime by its very use.

Life has self-value it is not a First Amendment issue. Abortion is not even American it is a foreign introduction to constitutional law.
Posted by frankfurter50 3 years ago
You, uh, you say you're AGAINST abortion, though. You should be PRO, not con.
Posted by Arclite 3 years ago
I would agree with you on the idea that abortion is acceptable under the premises of rape or a life threatening pregnancy, but not as a contraceptive. If you are a woman and do not want to have a child because you are not in the proper situation to care for it, simply don't take the risk of having sex. Abstinence is a great solution, as are condoms, pills, and other forms of birth control. Using abortion as a quick fix to a stupid mistake is morally unacceptable.

Also, most of the other things you listed as 'oppression of women' are either factually false or weak.

- Arclite <3
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