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Started: 6/6/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think abortion isn't wrong morally because first of all zygote can't feel pain until 20 weeks in the pregnancy. That is 5/9 months of the pregnancy so if an abortion is happening at that time, it is probably because the baby or the mother and baby would die during the pregnancy. That means at 20 weeks it is just starting to develop enough brain cells and nerves to start feeling pain. "The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 66 percent of legal abortions occur within the first eight weeks of gestation, and 92 percent are performed within the first 13 weeks. Only 1.2 percent occur at or after 21 weeks (CDC, 2013)."
Also please don't call the fetus a child or baby when in the womb because it is either a fetus (reference Source 3 for definition) and zygote (reference Source 4 for definition).
A baby does refer to a human that has been recently born (reference Source 5 for definition).



The physical pain to the fetus is irrelevant to its status as a human. Ability to feel pain does not dictate a human life, there are four criteria for establishing human life, all four processes the fetus actively engages in from conception:
1) Metabolism
2) Growth
3) Reaction to stimuli
4)Somatic reproduction
In your original argument you also say that it is ok to murder the baby because it does not feel pain. If you are under anesthesia and I kill you is it not murder? You wouldn't feel pain so I assume it's fine isn't it. Your argument is faulty because the line you ascribed to be the start of human life can be applied outside the womb on people who are obviously still alive.
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Actually, the reason it can't feel pain before 5 months is because the brain is either non-existent or developing. It's not a complex or complete thing. With that logic, killing gnats should be illegal since they have a brain. Because no matter how small the brain...
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