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Started: 10/21/2018 Category: Health
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My arguement is that i have one question for abortionist:
why is a 20 year old man a human but a fetus is not?
if you can answer that question then we can debate.


I understand your concern and would like to challenge you on it. Please read everything. .
What I believe is a fetus is not exactly a human yet. It is a human entity. The reason why the debate about abortions is so difficult is because people view it like that black and blue/ white and cold dress. Some people see the dress some ways while others see it another way.
Just like that some people see that a fetus is a human and others see a fetus as it isn't. We don't know what makes a living thing "life" yet now do we? For example a 20 year old man is a build up of cells which in itself are just molecules stacked together to function. . A human is therefore a cluster of dead things. What makes it alive and conscious is a scientific mystery. We know that a 20 year old functioning human has that "I'm alive" factor by the way he makes decisions and by how he acts. We can't say the same about a fetus though. . We don't know when to place that flag of "being alive".
As the title of this debate is "Abortion", I conclude with: I believe about the matter is that it is the parent's decision. It is their call whether to go on with the procedure and no one should bother them about it. As I said, Someone people see it differently to others and that is fine. You can have personal opinions but should never enforce it upon others.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by ConserativeDemocrat 2 years ago
A fetus is not a human being.
Posted by Shavo 2 years ago
Why do others give a F*** about what she does with her body and what decisions she makes for her life?
Posted by unicorngod 2 years ago
Fetus is still part of the human body therefore it"s up to the mother what she does with it
Posted by Shavo 2 years ago
I tried
I hope you understand
Further discussion can be done on the comments :)
Posted by dustryder 2 years ago
Is there anyone who actually takes the position that a fetus is not a human?
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Vote Placed by MewxVenus 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: This debate was lacking in nuance all around, but I went with pro as they actually attempted to articulate an argument, while the Con just posed a rhetorical question and concluded the argument. Both of y'all really need to bring some sources into this, this isn't Facebook.

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