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Started: 12/7/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 2 days ago Status: Debating Period
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I would love to hear what pro choicers have to say, Because I want to have a civilized debate about this. I think Abortion is wrong in all cases, Except for when the side affect of saving the mother's life comes at the cost of her fetus. Every other thing, Including rape and incest, Is morally wrong and dispiciple. Prove me wrong, Or rather, Tell me how killing babies is one of our rights. It shouldn't be. Since when was I allowed to murder a child just because it was mine? Never. Take the baby 5 inches out of the womb and rip it apart limb by limb, Its 1st degree murder. Why all the sudden that's its 5 inches the other way that its now a human right? If anyone could give me any case where killing a baby is justified, I would applaud them. Try me, Liberals. Try me.


Alright, Another abortion debate. For starters, I am just going to say some stuff about my side on abortion, And, Considering we have 5 rounds, I will only list a couple of things per round(so that I don't run out of reasons before the end). I hope that our opposing viewpoints will not affect either of our abilities to be civilized.

I will first start with the pain argument. Before the 20th week of pregnancy, A fetus cannot feel pain, If an object cannot feel pain, Then killing it should not be immoral. Pretty simple.
Next, The definition of living argument. There are many definitions of living, But one of the most widely accepted definitions is something that can survive on its own. Can a fetus survive on its own? No. It requires something to feed it directly, It does not possess the capabilities to survive without a mother.

"Take the baby 5 inches out of the womb and rip it apart limb by limb. . . "
you used some words that are purposefully violent, Really, The procedure is medically sound, And does not involve ripping, It involves cutting, And it is not limb by limb, That would be ineffective and time-consuming.

"If anyone could give me any case where killing a baby is justified, I would applaud them. "
you did not specify that the case had to listen to basic logic and reason so I don't have to follow basic logic or reason. The baby is possessed and is killing people, Kill it. But my actual scenario for this would be rape, It doesn't happen often, But why would a woman have to be punished for being a victim of rape?

Thank you for reading
The_Dank_Gamer signing off
Debate Round No. 1


So basically, What you are saying, Is that a fetus is not a human life because it cannot live on its own and cannot feel pain, And that we are "punishing" rape victims.
On the fetus argument, What you are saying, Where you draw the line of life, Is pain and living on its own. What about a person in a coma that relies on life support and cannot feel anything? Can I go right up and stab the person, Even if I know he will awake in a matter of 9 months? Where can you draw the line of life?
To the rape point, Only 20% of rape victims actually have an abortion. The other 80% raises the child as HER child, Not the rapist's child. What you are doing is using the rape scenario as an excuse to justify every other abortion and innocent children. Once you can tell me why the rest of the 99% of all abortions is right, Maybe we can have a discussion. But if your only argument is that fetuses don't feel pain and therefore is not a life and the rape thing, I cannot have a discussion.
You know what? Lets do this.
When can you kill the baby? When is it considered a baby? And how does your right to convenience outweigh the fact that you are killing a human life because it isn't convenient to you. It doesn't.
You can abort a baby until 24 weeks.
At 4 weeks is when most mothers detect their pregnancy. By that time, The baby is already emitting its own brain waves, Has a heart that beats its own blood which is different than the mother, And a spine and a central nervous system. If that isn't a baby, I don't know what is. At 20 weeks, The baby is practicing breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid in the womb. It can also recognize the mother's voice, It can dream in the REM stage, And the oil and sweat glands are now fully functional. To you, Is this not a baby? Is it not alive yet? Are you willing to kill this baby? Again, Where do you draw the line of life? And since when was did we ever had the right to kill a baby? And if you claim it isn't a baby, Then where does life begin?
I don't care if you are raped. I don't care if you had incest. I don't care. Killing babies is never okay.
I can probably predict your future arguments, So I will shut them down right now. One of them is, "Its the woman's body and she gets to choose. " First of all, A baby in her womb is not her body, It is a completely different person, With different blood and genetics. And just because it is her baby does not give her a right, In any way, To kill it.
"The government should stay out of it. "
Actually, It is the governments job to protect people's lives, Which is exactly why murdering is against the law. The killing of a baby is no different. I do believe in a limited government, But it is its job to protect lives, Which means the government can step in. I will never, Ever get to choose whether a baby dies or not. Why should we? Lives are precious. The death of an innocent baby does not rest in the hands of a mother. You know why? Its a life, Therefore, It has rights, And therefore, It cannot be killed. Also, It isn't the mother's body, It is a different body.
My question for you is, Where was human life begin? And when is killing an innocent baby ever justified because it simply its life isn't convenient for you? How does an unborn baby have no value to you? I'm assuming you won't kill a 1 year old, But how is killing an unborn human baby different from a born baby?
Think about it.
Killing babies is wrong.
And it is never okay.


The_Dank_Gamer forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by John_C_1812_II 1 week ago
Not that the issue you face is unimportant as it does matter. The idea of United State Constitutional principle is to have you be able to set personal feeling aside to make a simplicial assessment of the situation.
Are you saying The_Dank_Gamer some woman and men should direct all woman into an admission of guilt of a crime because it is a truth explained in a way they do not understand? " Pro-Choice. " "Pro-Life. " When science and medicine does not allow this choice at all as an onion in the field of science?
Can you understand, Or might this fact be seen as creating a loss of privacy?
Posted by The_Dank_Gamer 1 week ago
my mom says I am an accident, She said she thought about abortion, This is why I am pro-choice
Posted by PointProven 1 week ago
I wish i was aborted.
Posted by John_C_1812_II 1 week ago
You sound a little confused about truth, Or maybe it"s me. First police officers are a united state of constitutional enforcement I. O. W. To serve and protect. Only a lawyer is licensed to inforce law. Lawyers does not deputize anyone they hire assistance and legal aids. Or Vote on constitutional principle as part of the Republic.
The admission of guilt is what puts the control of pregnancy abortion in the hands of the criminal. Pregnancy abortion is unconstitutional which describes it is illegal beyond the scope of just the woman as united State in many ways. You ask what the purpose of making it illegal is, It is the same purpose of making it legal. Pregnancy Abortion is a self-incriminating weapon that can be used by the public and state. Meriting a Constitutional separation of united State set for the general welfare of posterity.
My translation of this goal for all as United State Constitutional principle is Female Specific amputation. By simplest explanation what is going on with the pregnancy abortion debate. It is a public search for constitutional representation that can be placed as a united state. People either believe it has unconstitutional precedent with issues of legal debate, Or ignore truth trying to legislate around the united state constitutional obstruction on behalf of general welfare.
Posted by missmedic 1 week ago
Law enforcement does not reduce abortion. Law enforcement endangers the women's health and put the control of abortions in the hands of the criminals. What is the purpose of making it illegal?
If you want to reduce abortions it would be through the health care system and the education system, Not law enforcement.
Posted by John_C_1812_II 1 week ago
Tell me how killing babies is one United State as Constitutional Right. The human egg is alive by Science/medical definition. The human egg which has a lifetime set in nature dies within that lifetime and sometimes shorter. The female egg displays very little in the way of independence its death is regulated by the potential mother. That is it is she who can look at ways in which to stop or lengthen the life of the human egg.
By diet she can stop the process. By interactions described as reproduction she can lengthen the living state. What is being asked is when does a Society have right to insist independence as the child will become a citizen of that nation. The woman by truth of basic principle is not ending life in following a United State of constitutional principle she is insuring the continuation of a process which occurs in her body. Not all in society can share this united state by law of nature and truth.
The legality of Pregnancy abortion is the admission of guilt it describes not the crime it details in admission. It is the admission of guilt which is transferred into the public unregulated as it seeks participation in a process that is not a united state to all people involved.
Posted by FordKareem 1 week ago
I'm tempted to play the devil's advocate.
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