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Started: 2/3/2019 Category: Politics
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to get straight

Definition-the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, Most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.

ARGUMENT:A fetus is a human person in development and the fetus will become a human person. Therefore it is murder. In case of pregnancy in unwanted times, Why should we punish the innocent?

I llok forward to this debate


First of all, We have to see in which case abortion is be done by the actor. Sometimes we have to considered the situation between the baby' s mom also the baby himself. Even though, That may be whatever the situation is it is immoral action to kill that baby right. What I wanted to state here is that first we have to see where's the location of abortion, Because different location different law right and also different religion and different culture right. I think first you have to make clear this case.
Debate Round No. 1


Well, Religion or culture, In my opinion, Shouldn't have an effect on an abortion debate. Second, We are talking about any type of abortion, No matter the location or law. We will focus on ion the topic at hand and those factors are irrelevant. As the mother, It depends on her view.

I am a Catholic, But I it is not one of my argument.

Are we clear?


First I want to make it clear, We have to see both of internal and external effect of abortion, So I say Of course religion and culture effected to the mother as the society. Environment shape the character of the society. If the baby's mom live in bad environment like kind of society that do not know what's the basic rule in society, Less educated people, No religion, Kind of society that live only for food. Of course they'll develop in a bad personality. Free sex, No marriage, The mom that grow in this kind of society will never think that abortion is illegal right. This case often we see in develop country, Abortion is a common thing to do. And if you say that law isn't that important in this case, Then maybe you should know that your support to stop abortion has no guarantee because law is the basic rule to do something. Like in netherland the law said that it's legal to do abortion with several terms to follow and in Indonesia it's forbid to do abortion. So law is affected to abortion also. But, Unfortunately you said that it's something that you won't to debate about, Then I'll leave it.

Type of abortion. Yes we agree that the baby is innocent, But we have to see from all side point of view. The first case, What if the baby was occur in a criminal event like rape, It will break the woman's mentally and never want the baby from that violence. If they let the mom to continue the pregnancy then maybe the baby will born and unwanted thing will be happen like the mom will throw him out, Do the kid violence, And grow as a people that get no love, This kind of society is at risk to begrown up as criminal at the end of the day. Second, The abortion may be done if the pregnancy is risky for the mom then they may do the abortion. That's my point so far
Debate Round No. 2


Lives are at stake. You can't excuse a culture where people grow up like bums and then kill. In the case of the less than 1% of abortions with rape. Again there is adoption, Childcare, And more. Abortion is murder. Why are punishing the baby? We put rapists in jail. There are better alternatives than killing.

The killing of an innocent human being is wrong, Even if that human being has yet to be born. Unborn babies are considered human beings by the US government. The federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act, Which was enacted "to protect unborn children from assault and murder, " states that under federal law, Anybody intentionally killing or attempting to kill an unborn child should "be punished. . . For intentionally killing or attempting to kill a human being. " The act also states that an unborn child is a "member of the species homo sapiens. " At least 38 states have passed similar fetal homicide laws.

Upon fertilization, A human individual is created with a unique genetic identity that remains unchanged throughout his or her life. This individual has a fundamental right to life, Which must be protected. Jerome Lejeune, The French geneticist who discovered the chromosome abnormality that causes Down syndrome, Stated that "To accept the fact that after fertilization has taken place a new human has come into being is no longer a matter of taste or opinion. . . The human nature of the human being from conception to old age is not a metaphysical contention, It is plain experimental evidence. "

Maureen Condic, PhD, Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy and Adjunct Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Utah School of Medicine, Explains that the "most primitive response to pain, The spinal reflex, " is developed by eight weeks gestation, And adds that "There is universal agreement that pain is detected by the fetus in the first trimester. "

i look forward to your repsonse


I will state my arguments by all the factor that may occur and impacted to abortion. First of all, We talk about abortion in all part of the world, Which is develop and big countries. You may take an example from the US and its law of facing abortion. Yes you right that the baby is considered as human being and has it own right to be born to the world, Sounds like the law has a strong guarantee to save the baby. But in fact, More than 1 million abortion cases be done each year in the US, The same as the armies that died during the war. America is a liberal country that have it society to think freely, The case of being free to think leads the lgbt case the same as abortion. That's my baby, "it's my right to give him live or not" stuff like that. No one will detect the abortion case since the method of doing abortion is easy.

If you said that there'll maybe adoption, Childcare and so on. Let's see the fact in the develop country. They even have less money to pay for education, Unemployee, Infrastructure, Debt and so on. This situation leads the childcare to bring that baby become a labour that has no labour right at all, Plus they are still in young age. In the worst scene they maybe sent to other place to be a prostitute worker, What kind of horrible future the kids will get. I won't even imagine. One case I read in asian country, There's a childcare that do the violance with the kids, Even a baby that just born is died because the babysitter hit him like an animal, And then the police discover that the childcare is do violence to most of the children that live there. The kid that live in this kind of circumstances will grow up with mental problem

At the end of the day do or not do abortion is just a same thing. But let's think in a long term of time, What the kid will be, We give them right to be born but we let them face the world alone. No one will love them, Since the people so much egoist, Since the technology grow rapidly and many problems occur.
Debate Round No. 3


Well, The main reason why the anti-abortion exists is that of Christain Civilization in America.

The great thing about Capitalism is that it is the easiest system in the world to lift yourself out of poverty. In India you are born in the rich, You are set forever. In America, Three or four generations later and all the wealth could be gone. This is an economic problem.

Poverty rates are decreasing.

living is better than being killed and sold as body parts by Planned Parenthood.

Ok, The kid might not live in the greatest environment. But Again, This is an economic and social problem.
Last Arguments

A peer-reviewed study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health found that "Young adult women who undergo. . . Abortion may be at increased risk for subsequent depression. " A peer-reviewed study published in BMC Medicine found that women who underwent an abortion had "significantly higher" anxiety scores on the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale up to five years after the pregnancy termination. A peer-reviewed study published by the Southern Medical Journal of more than 173, 000 American women found that women who aborted were 154% more likely to commit suicide than women who carried to term. A study published in the British Medical Journal reported that the mean annual suicide rate amongst women who had an abortion was 34. 7 per 100, 000, Compared with a mean rate of 11. 3 per 100, 000 in the general population of women. A Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology study of men whose partners had abortions found that 51. 6% of the men reported regret, 45. 2% felt sadness, And 25. 8% experienced depression.

In the United States, Black women are 3. 3 times as likely as white women to have an abortion, According to the Guttmacher Institute. In New York City in 2015, More black babies were aborted (23, 720) than had live births (23, 116).

I look forward to the response. It has been a good debate.


Around 56 millions abortions are performed each year with 45% of it were done unsafely. What we regret the most is this 45% people, I believe the datas that you already provide more likely happen to this person. We cannot say that after we want to legalize abortion there'll be no consequences, Even in worst scene there'll be another death body that come from suicide, The pain that cannot stand by the mom and so on. Both the woman and man will get the burden physically and morally. They have decide to undergo abortion means they ready to lost something, To get the consequences. That's the consequences of the free sex they did (that most of case of abortion are performed because free sex). At the end of the day, We may say we shouldn't punish the baby, But at end the actors will get the punishment or pressure they might get. It's about who can or cannot stand it. Maybe the person that have do abortion several times like prostitute worker maybe get used to the burden she get. And for a normal civillians, Like I say, It's the consequences, That's why in my first argument I think it better to consider law, Religion, And culture. So, At the end of the day there'll be no regret to undergo abortion or not undergo abortion.
In my last argument, I want to say, Abortion is a hardest action to do by a human being. You might determined as a murderer the same as the murderer that being jailed in the prison. A strong law about abortion have to be learned by the authority. What's wrong in our society is the do something without thinking about it properly, The young age are free to do everything and get less attention from their parents. We have to prevent free sex (which is contribute so much in abortion cases) or abortion is the last choice you may take to be keep being looked normal in society, To be not kicked in school, To be not become a thing that your family have to be shame about.
Sorry for the language errors, I'm not from English country plus this is my debut in debate haha.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by John_C_1812_II 3 years ago
The meaning used does not state the whole truth in describing pregnancy abortion.

Noun " Pregnancy abortion - the legislative unregulated admission/ confession, To known crime made by the general public.

. Pregnancy abortion is In Vitro Fertilization the process of human egg fertilization which takes place only outside the woman"s body.

. Pregnancy Abortion " To officially stop an official start for female pregnancy. (Adjective) Female specific amputation, Gender specific amputation.

Verb: A pregnancy abortion - the action of refusal to copulate made by a male or female.

. Pregnancy Abortion " The action taken with male or female by donating egg or sperm to medical science.

Rights Reserved.
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Reasons for voting decision: Better arguments and wording by Con, and they did a good job of rebutting the argument that rape should excuse abortion.

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