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Started: 2/5/2019 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Abortion should be legal, Because women have the right to control the uses of their own body, And they shouldn"t be forced to have children and raise them if they don"t want to, Nor should they be forced to go through with the scars and pain of childbirth if their life is at risk or the babies is. Abortion should also be legal because of complications like rape or child marriage, Children shouldn"t be forced to have children.


Abortion is not the right choice you are throwing away an innocent life not knowing if you would ever get another one. Abortion can cause so many life dangers to your body you are basically destroying your reproductive System. When you kill an innocent life you are stopping more doctors, Lawyers, Teacher, Etc from coming into the world to help U. S. Even if not having a baby is not the right choice for you there is adoption where baby that can't have babice are actually glad to have one give it to them!
Debate Round No. 1


If someone wanted to be pregnant, Unless there was a health complication, They wouldn"t have gotten the abortion in the first place. Where was it ever written that abortion can damage your health or reproductive system, Even if it can, Most likely the damage from surgery (c-sections) or natural delivery can be more harmful, An abortion has never caused the death of any woman, Pregnancies have. Abortion early on in pregnancy, (which is when most abortions happen) is usually never harmful, And in cases like child pregnancy, Can save a unborn child"s life in some circumstances. There a millions of orphans in the adoption system, One more isn"t needed, Especially if danger can be caused to the mother and or child. No one has the right to tell women when and where the create or people, Or to tell her that she must keep the baby.


Acacia_brilliant forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


No one has an abortion for fun. Most abortions to protect the mothers life, Or allow the baby to rest peacefully instead of forcing it out into the World, Where it may only live for seconds or even minutes. Other abortions may be because the mother financially can't raise a child, Or is a child herself. Abortion is needed to be legal, Because so many stillborn babies and dying because of starvation children will continue to be born. Would you rather have a hungry, Starving, Crying child with no way of feeding it, Or not have a child at all and put it through that torture?


Acacia_brilliant forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by John_C_1812_II 3 years ago
@ logicae

The argument of legal debate is that a woman who has not married has made no promise to man to provide for the Constitutional posterity in a union. None.

The Medical science study was not a promised powers of creation of posterity in the form of child by license of state, The sciences were only attempting to preserve life as witnessed. This is the reason behind the lack of any public witness account to be made before such action was to be taken under legal precedent, Be it religious or not to the creation of parenthood by donation of goods necessary.
Posted by John_C_1812_II 3 years ago
The issue is that a precedent set by the Supreme Court is ignored completely by some debate. Pregnancy abortion is/ was never made legal. It was left unprosecuted crime as a privacy issue, To a crime which has not limitation on criminal prosecution. The murder that is detailed by the description of pregnancy abortion is still a crime.

. There is no D. N. A. Connection to be understood of human life what so ever in the court ruling.
. All woman are not created equal by the use of an admission/accusation as the principle of legislation.
. A form of murder takes place with all woman who ovulate and make a choice not to participate in human reproduction. The Constitutional principle of when does any act of fertilization set independence is simple a united state debated.

. Better and more clearly constitutional judicial separation is required along the idea of sexual assault/rape. At what point is this criminal act attempted murder like all assault crimes a criminal charge increases be severity of harm and risk.

. Medical science opinion needs to be weighed very carefully as this evidence is taken from a bias source that is financially committed to forms of pregnancy abortion it does not disclose openly and fully to the public it services. In all surcimstance by state approval. The question is not what D. N. A. Connection is human or not. The question is does a state licensed medical science have right to have persisted in use of Title/name which has been found in clear violation of privacy to the patient"s constitutional right by Supreme Court.

. Again Female Specific Amputation is not Pregnancy abortion and a clear constitutional separation takes place equal to In Vitro Fertilization. Would you agree logicae? Fact is a truth it simple may not be a whole truth yet sounds as though maybe it should be.
Posted by logicae 3 years ago
@Dr. Franklin

-This is a common argument that some pro abortionists make.

Yet this seems to contradict our logic, I took a look at the factors involved.

It turns out that after abortion was legalized in 1973, Abortions (logically) rose up from just above 600, 000, To over a million, Four years later. The rate stayed in the 1 million range until 1997 as "the number of abortion
"providers" has dropped from a high of 2, 918 in 1982
to 1, 671 in 2014. " (Link to the information quoted below)

Now that we understand the full story it is easy to see why abortions have fallen, Because simply the number of provides have fallen. In the same way, If abortion was made illegal, We would see these abortion providers drop to 0 and so the level of unborn genocide will logically decrease from there.

To Truth! -logicae

https://nrlc. Org/uploads/factsheets/FS01AbortionintheUS. Pdf
Posted by logicae 3 years ago

I have to jump in here. You make the claim the Abortion does not lead to an increase in death/heath risks.

This is actually quite a false assumption, It turns out killing the baby leads to unnaturally high death rates:

"In this 14 year study of over 1. 2 million pregnancy events, Women who chose to abort their pregnancy died of ALL CAUSES combined (disease, Suicide, Accident, Homicide) at a rate 3X higher than women who chose to deliver. "

Here is a link to the one mentioned above and a bunch of other studies on the matter: https://aaplog. Org/induced-abortion-and-natural-cause-maternal-death/

I think your reasoning here is biased to support the abortion effort, You need to justify a few things in order to justify abortion as ethical:

1. Show that the unborn baby is not a human with its own independent DNA.
2. Show that murder is moral when babies are helpless (this stance would also make born babies ripe for the killing)

Or if you prefer:

3. Show that convenience is an acceptable means for murder.

I am glad that you took part in this important moral question.

To Truth! -logicae
Posted by John_C_1812_II 3 years ago
The issue is pregnancy abortion is not giving woman control of their own bodies it does just the opposite and places all woman under guilt automatically by use of an admission. Woman are able to slaughter the most innocent of life on earth just because they don"t want the responsibility of raising a child. Ever young woman who ovulates take part in this process and cannot avoid it.

What is taking place is not all woman will confess to this fact and instead place all woman unequal before United States Constitution. The judicial legislation should be looking at the means to perform efficient separations of woman in impartial way to insure a liberty when possible.
Posted by Surgeon 3 years ago
What a dreadful argument by Pro. A independent entity connected by an umbellical cord is not "part of the mothers body". That is trendy but monstrous Orwellian double speak to justify anything, Including murder. It is also clear that a zygote is not a foetus, And a foetus not a fully formed human. And only fully formed humans are protected by laws. This is not a straightforward issue at all.

Whatever the situation with rape, Incest or whatever, The moral question is when is destruction of this entity ever justified (c. 50% of which are other potential women if we want to talk about violence against women by the way). We can intuit that 1 minute before birth, It is not acceptable to murder an unborn baby. But at what point after conception are the conditions met that allow "murder" to be sanctioned. It involves the question when is a "potential" human life protected by moral and actual law? One that will not be solved by lying about it being part of the mothers body. Pathetic.
Posted by Eugenious 3 years ago
"Abortion should be legal, Because women have the right to control the uses of their own body. " -Sorry. The baby's body isn't the mother's body. They may be connected, But they are certainly not the same.

"And they shouldn't be forced to have children and raise them if they don't want to. " -So they should be able to slaughter the most innocent life on earth just because they don't want the responsibility of raising a child? Most abortions happen because of sexual irresponsibility anyway, So these women who are for abortion just want to have all the sexual pleasure they can get without the consequences afterward.

Abortion is murder of the highest order, And I will debate anyone who wants to on that.

Long live innocent life.

Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Adoption rates are dropping.
Posted by John_C_1812_II 3 years ago
The problem is Pregnancy abortion is legal, The issue is the reasoning behind its legality is not whole truth. The right of autonomous control is not real. What is real is the admission/accusation made by description with the use of words pregnancy abortion. To official stop pregnancy.

Looking at the perspective of a father I would not want my daughter in all condition to assumed a burden of officially stopping life at its creation, It"s pond or stream source. The egg she indorse to hold is alive but its life is set by nature in its destiny. A woman has a right to female specific amputation as this is a process of enforcing the act of ovulation which is in truth what has been aborted for many numbers of reasons. To the general public those reasons are for most part unknown. As this was a ruling past down from the United States Supreme Court. Not that it should be used to govern the world it simple is a documented finding of legal precedent openly shared with the public as a common defense to the general welfare of all woman who wish to be created equal.

The legal precedent here is a woman both young and old alike who ovulates makes a choice of death constantly. The global issue is how we best address this area of shade and uncertainty with ways to create impartial separation with the most efficacy in judicial operations.
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Vote Placed by Jzyehoshua 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Neither side made good arguments, used sources, or had good spelling/grammar. Con could have won if participating but did not. Pro resorted to obviously false arguments like "most abortions to protect the mothers life" (sic) when they are only about 1% of abortions.

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