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According to the Bible, Who Raised Jesus from the Dead?

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Started: 8/6/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This debate challenge is to unitarians, Such as Jehovah's Witnesses, Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals, Christadelphians, And anyone who believes the Trinity begin at Nicea in A. D. #1. This is for serious debaters. #2. There will be no foul language, Name calling or disrespect. Any action of some sort will result in disqualification of the debate and a forfeit. #3. Both debaters must stay on topic and and engage in meaningful argumentation.

It is a pleasure and honor to participate in this debate. . I thank my opponent for agreeing to engage with me in this important subject. Further more, I give all honor, Glory, And praise to the Father, Son, And the Holy Spirit and ask Him to open our hearts and grant us wisdom and understanding so that we may be edified from this dialogue. I also need to begin by defining what it is that Christians believe regarding the nature of God in order to avoid confusion because me and my opponent might use the same terms, But we can use them in entirely different ways. A basic definition of the doctrine of the Trinity is #1 There is only one God (absolute monothiesm). #2. In the one being of God exist three divine, And distinct Persons- namely the Father, The Son, And the Holy Spirit. (throughout the Bible personal actions are attributed to the Holy Spirit thus identifying Him as personal). #3. All three divine Persons are coequal and eternal. In otherwords, They are all omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, And eternal because they share the one nature of God. Additionally, It is important to know that scripture teaches that the Father is NOT the Son, The Son is NOT the Holy Spirit, And the Holy Spirit is NOT the Father! This is communicated to us by scripture and contextually unchallengable. Well, Now that we defined what Christians believe we can dive into the subject matter and see how it relates to the nature of God as previously defined.

I truly believe this topic regarding Jesus death is a simple, But theologically deep, And spiritually rich revelation that must not be ignored. The death and Resurrection of Jesus is so monumental that history has been divided by it. Archeology, History, And divine revelation agree that #1. Jesus was dead. And #2. That He was alive again. This question of Who Raised Jesus from the Dead is extremely vital and significant because the answer to this question reveals to us the very nature of the God of the Bible. How so can this be? As stated by the Christian definition of God via the doctrine of the Trinity, Christians believe there is only one God. Not two or not three. This teaching of monotheism is found in both the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 6:4) and the New Testament ( Romans 3:30), Thus God is believed to be one being. The Biblical evidence found in the New Testament regarding the resurrection of Jesus points to this one God as the "resurrector" (Acts 2:32). The statement of God resurrecting Jesus is found multiple times in the N. T. And leads us to the establishment that the one God of the Bible is the one responsible for raising up Jesus from the dead.
But upon the inclusion of scripture as a whole, We find further revelation regarding the one God in connection to the resurrection. Not only does the Bible say God raised up Jesus, But it also identifies three divine, And distinct figures all said to have raised Jesus up from the dead. Let's look at some of these passages and see if we can understand what the God of the Bible might be communicating to us.
In the book of Galatians (Gal. 1:1), The Father is identified as having been the one who raised up Jesus from the dead. But in the gospel of John, (John 2:18-22), Jesus is identified and recorded making claim to be responsible for raising Himself up from the dead. Furthermore, In Romans chapter 8 (Romans 8:11), The Holy Spirit is identified as the one responsible for raising up Jesus Christ the dead. From these three passages we have Biblical evidence of the Father, The Son, And the Holy Spirit as being responsible (the cause) for the divine action of the resurrection in regards to Jesus.

So what do we conclude given that there is only one God, And this one God is naturally described as resurrecting Jesus from the dead, Yet, The same holy scripture specifically tells us (the readers) that it was the Father, The Son, And the Holy Spirit who in fact raised Jesus from the dead? Well, Anyone who has studied Hermeneutics, Applies common sense, Uses a tiny bit of logic, And holds all authority to be given by revelation (the Bible) would most definitely come to the conclusion that the one God of the Bible exist as three divine distinct persons, And happen to share the same divine, Eternal, Omnipotent nature. This is exactly why Christians believe in the tri- unity of God! It is scripturally revealed to us (not made up). This is how God has revealed Himself to us and how we are to understand this nature. Any rejection to this Biblical revelation is a denial in the nature of God and ignorance to the full revelation of divine scripture.
In conclusion, The thesis of this debate, Although simple sounding, Is somewhat like a diamond in the dirt - it is but a small question with big precious, Big dividends, Revealing unmeritted beauty that can only come from God.
When one ponders the question " who raised Jesus from the dead? ", The automatic and only answer is one that reaffirms the Christian faith while making heretics cringe - "God raised up Jesus from the dead. . . That is the Father, Son, And Holy Spirit! ". . Amen. . Thank you!


Answer: No one.
Reasoning: Jesus is still dead therefore it is impossible to say that someone raised him from the dead.
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Posted by mosc 3 years ago
The brother in the last comment, He loves to accuse people of cocaine, He has done this same BS with me as well.
Posted by BrotherGino 3 years ago
Everyone, Please notice how egalitarian288 has just now forfeited the debate because he willfull ignored the rules of this debate set forth in Round 1. I suggest no one waste there time with this young kid on cocaine.
Posted by canis 3 years ago
According to the bible he is dead.
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
Silly foreign counterfeit new testament. Torah has no concept of a dead person living life in Heaven. That's a Greek concept of faith not a T'NaCH concept of faith. Jesus son of Zeus, Was raised from the dead by the mythical father of the Gods Zeus. LOL
Posted by Jocrazyboy 3 years ago
Sry some grammar errors
Posted by Jocrazyboy 3 years ago
In the Gospel of Mark the Angel who moved the stone said, "Don't be alarmed. You are looking for Yeshua of Nazarene, Who was crucified, He has risen! He is not here, See where they placed him. " So this leaves us the question of by whom. Well, If we go to any Gospel we see him call out to God before he breathed his omega breath. There was a Jewish custom that told of the spirit having a chance of redemption in resurrection. Jesus even said that he will rise, And only one so holy could do so holy, Because James says that if he didn't know that 100% it would be pride of time and Yeshua wouldn't be the perfect sacrifice. So not only did he self confirm, But the angels even witness the quote and replete it to Mary while she's in a depressing manner.
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
It seems to offend you that i demand that the terms employed by the T'NaCH. . . That the T'NaCH define the very terms which it employs! The opposite, Your argument, The T'NaCh could well have used nonsensical terms, And you would have no problem with that.


! @#$% represents a nonsensical term, Let's define "prophet" by that term? Absurd. But in effect this precisely represents your opinion. The T'NaCH clearly defines the term prophet. Not so the new testament nor the koran. You have no right nor authority to employ a key T'NaCH term whose definition you do not know.

You prefer making ad hominem attacks upon my person rather than address issues and topics. Its universally recognized that ad hominem attacks lack logic and therefore exist as a display of irrational emotionalism. From dictator to mr. Mosque its all one long ad hominem masturbation.

Dude i am Israeli and Jewish NOT a Muslim. That's slander on your part.

Allah violates the 2nd commandment of the Sinai revelation just as equally does Jesus son of Zeus. That Muhammad, Who did not know what the term prophet meant, B/c he referred to the imaginary mythical man/god -- Jesus son of Zeus -- as being a prophet from the T'NaCH LOL ignoramuses defile all generations of Mankind.
Posted by BrotherGino 3 years ago
Thank you asta! 👍
Posted by asta 3 years ago
Good luck to Pro and Con.
Posted by Smooosh 3 years ago
Sly Stone raised Jesus from the dead.
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