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Adding fluoride to community's water

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Started: 9/4/2018 Category: Science
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Yes, I would support adding fluoride to our community's water. Fluoride in water is the most efficient way to prevent childhood diseases. It helped prevent tooth decay by 25% in both children and adults. Drinking fluoridated water has not been known to cause any form of cancer or any other health conditions. For 70 years, Scientific evidence indicates that fluoride water is safe. Health organizations notice the health benefits of water fluoridation. An average lifetime cost per person to fluoridate a water supply is less than one dental filling. It saves money for both families and health care system. The estimate for the community water fluoridation ranged from 4$ in small communities, And 27$ in large communities. Overall I think its a good decision to add fluoride, Because it is one of the greatest advances in our nation's public health.
1. Adding fluoride to public water supplies has been credited with being responsible for the decline in tooth decay in the U. S. Every since mid-1980s. Its affordable and convenient, Also its an important advancement on health and helps to protect against cavities.



Adding fluoride to water has NOT been a very wise move considering that fluoride has been added to many other sources including toothpaste, Mouthwashes and various other chemical products. Keep in mind that ingesting anything in excess can be toxic, And this is not untrue of fluoride. Excessive exposure to fluoride has been linked to many health problems: dental & skeletal fluorosis, Thyroid problems, Neurological conditions and reproductive issues, Just to name a few. [1] So you are incorrect in saying that "Drinking fluoridated water has not been known to cause any form of cancer or any other health conditions. "

The fact that fluoride doses are carefully calculated and controlled should show you that it is not an inherently safe substance. It is technically a water contaminant, And is thus regulated by the EPA [5]. I mean if parents of children under the age of 8 are warned to not allow their kids to use fluoridated mouthwash, And to ensure that their children do not swallow toothpaste [2] for the sole reason that ingesting fluoride in large quantities is poisonous, Then surely there's something fishy don't you think? The same source also highlights that it would be best if you don't feed your infant child with formula that's going to be mixed with fluoridated water, But then goes on to say that regardless, "it is safe to use water with fluoride, As [fluoride toxicity] does not affect the health of your child". A few warning bells should be going off in your head right about now!

BTW tooth decay has decreased in countries that do not fluoridate their water too - therefore this is not unique to community water fluoridation. Please compare the following graphs: 1. The prevalence of tooth decay in countries that fluoridate their water [3]; and 2. The prevalence of tooth decay in countries that do NOT fluoridate their water [4]. What you will find is that the occurrence of tooth decay has consistently decreased on average over the past few decades regardless of fluoridation practices.

I will definitely agree that some evidence suggests that there is a correlation between fluoride and lower levels of tooth decay, But is it necessary to add it to our water where we'll be absorbing it into our bodies?

I'm not a dentist or a health professional, But in my opinion the best way to ensure that people don't get cavities is to educate them on proper hygiene practices. Plaque formation and bacterial accumulation are the major contributors to cavities and tooth decay, Not a lack of fluoride lol!

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