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Started: 2/12/2014 Category: Society
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ADHD is largely a cop out


Are you saying ADHD isn't real, and I would prefer to go second
Debate Round No. 1


There is no evidence for ADHD. Only interpretations of vague behavioural traits that exist in all children. At what point does a child's impulsiveness become ADHD? We are all on a scale with these behaviours that characterize ADHD and so there is indeed nothing different about these people.

If you sit a child who, at home has the internet and TV, in school and force him to do low grade clerical work for hours and hours on end, don't be surprised if he starts to fidget! Everybody is different and school isn't for some people (indeed most people I would argue) and so ADHD is a cop out for a failing education system. They cannot be something wrong with the status quo, it must be the individual.

There is a story about a girl in school who fidgeted and couldn't sit still, she was taken to a psychologist who would of put her on ADHD medication if where this time. But it had not been invented then, and so, by a fluke situation of leaving the radio on and leaving the girl alone, he came in to see she was dancing. She was put into a dance school and became a world famous dancer and the founder of a prestigious dance school. Now if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will think its whole life it is a failure. How many kids like her have been miss diagnosed just because they where not interested in school and passionate?

Another point about ADHA is that we are incredibly susceptible, I mean a hypnotist can make you think you are a chicken! And so what effect on the child, does telling them they have a disorder that causes them to be rowdy and they are forgiven because they cannot help it? what effect do you think that would have on a tender mind?

I would like to ask you for evidence suggesting that ADHD is something more than just a personality type, (exacerbated by self-fulfilment). Also don't be fooled by the extremities of 'sufferers' of this condition, people can be lead to believe and act in extreme ways if they are brought up in certain environment's. And a child who is already forward, told that he can be excused for it and that he is programmed to do it, from a very young age, will certainly have EXTREME effects on their personality. Funny how in the days where kids would be hit for being like people with ADHD are, begs the question; are children hard wired to push the boundaries? Also now we don't hit are kids and many are confused about how to discipline children, could this be in part responsible for this increase in essentially spoiled, boundary-free or inconsiderate children?

Also the diets of westerners are shown to have three effects on personality, and guess what? They are the three traits of ADHD, what a surprise. An increase in ADHD correlating with an increase in foods that result in the symptoms of ADHD. Also an increase in 'bad' behaviour correlated with a decrease in discipline, okay. And also an increase in ADHD (low attention in school) correlated with an increase in the stimulation common to all children when at home. (internet TV) So these are more sober, realistic explanations for in increase in so called ADHD than the actual explanation that there is some new gene that has come in and done this. Its dismissive, illogical, un supported by evidence, vague, short sighted and narrow minded. Drugs aren't the answer, better schools and more wholesome society is!

So do you believe its in the genes and its unchangeable and inevitable? do you think it is genetically programed and those with it have no choice? Predisposition is not the same as predetermination.


All that needs to be said here is that it is literally scientifically proven, i have ADHD and I can defiantly confirm this is a real problem. And denying its existence isn't going to help anyone.
Debate Round No. 2


No your missing the point don't you see? Admitting its not real is the ONLY way to solve the problem. For if it is believed to be un changeable, un preventable and determined by genes, we seek to relieve the symptoms only and don't mend the factors that, in my opinion, actually cause 'ADHD'. If we look at sufferers the way we do, we do not try to cure the problem because we believe it is inevitable and biological. So if we look at ADHD as a reflection of something in the society we may tackle the causes properly.

What is scientifically proven? That kids can be mischievous? Yes ino. But if you label getting jealous in a relationship as 'acute jellosic syndrome' does that mean that is exists? Technically, from a language point of view, yes. But it doesn't mean anything else. It doesn't mean its rooted in the genes, or actually IS something more that a personality.

Gene biology has come along way recently and I don't know how much you know about genes and biology, but lay people typically have an oversimplified understanding of them. For example Robert Sapolsky (genius, renowned, biological and behavioural psychologist) says 'to say a behaviour is genetic is shear nonsense' also that that argument between nature and nurture is ridiculas as both are false. It is not even the case that genes effect to a degree, and environment effects to a degree and the outcome is the sum. Enviroment completely effects behaviour, and biology learns how to survive in the setting its in, genes change to fit the settings and it is much much more complicated that this I cannot go into it here.

But no, treating it like an inevitable fluke that cannot be fixed but only reduced, is what is damaging. Trying to solve the social circumstances that facilitate this behaviour is a step towards understanding it. I don't want this to be personal, but its not fair on the sufferers of ADHD. For one the problem, however much a gene influences the behaviour, is facilitated and nurtured in the home. Now parents don't have to be bad, it could just be that discipline was low or they had certain role models, they where not suited to school (intelligent in other ways, not stupid) their personality is a complex mozake of of all factors, stimulated, concontrated and re-enforced by self fulfilment.

Again I ask you, what evidence is there and what is ADHD? Can you explain to me what, physically, ADHD is and what proof is their that it is not mearly a name given to people who exercise an extremely broad spectrum of behaviours?
To call ADHD genetic and predetermined is not only simply and scientifically proven to be fase, but it is damaging, ineffective at preventing it and makes the problem worse some of the time. Accepting that children who have trouble concentrating in school, behavioural problems, or are hyperactive-are either misunderstood and not being helped in the way they need, lashing out at some other conflict, or are just spoiled children who know no bounds. Therefore we can start looking at active, sensible ways to reduce these effects. To call it inevitable is dismissive and harmful


Jake996897 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I will leave you to respond


Jake996897 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


I will leave you to respond to my last point


I'm sorry but there is nothing else to say it is scientificaly proven. The disease describes how the brain functions. Hence the name attention deficit HYPERACTIVE disorder. Meaning the kids brain activity is faster and cannot focus on the task at hand. As victim of ADHD i can say without my medication is helping me a lot. I'm doing better in school and focusing on my work. ADHD, is simply a modifications of add, of course stating not only does the victim have attention problems, but is also hyperactive. I don't know why do you think this isn't real. I mean if someone has trouble paying attention the. They have add. If they also hyperactive they have ADHD. Simple
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by demimorin 6 years ago
ADHD is very real, but often confused with what it truly does. It's not as if it doesn't affect your life, however it can prove very useful if treated the right way. for example: doctors immediately just prescribe you medication for it as if there's something severely wrong with you. But why not help someone through it, teach them differently then other people. Not lie some retard class, but show them other methods of learning. Medication can only go so far and it has numerous negative aspects.
Posted by Cygnus 6 years ago
I also have ADHD and I can tell you with absolute certainty that it is not a cop out.
Posted by Jifpop09 6 years ago
I'm confused. I have adhd, and it's most certainly real. It really only effects how fast your brain works though. Which is both a pro and a con.
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