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Adidas Is better than Nike

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Started: 9/17/2018 Category: Fashion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that at a quality point, Adidas is better than Nike, Here are 3 points why;

(1); Nike is getting lazy
Nike has quantity over quality, And Adidas has lots of shoes, But they focus more on quality, For example, The pure boost uses modern technology, Making it easier to run, You
also get better shoes and it is easier to pick one that suits you.

(2); The websites
While browsing the Nike web page, I found myself getting lost, And It would be hard to decide what to buy, As there wan't much information, And no reviews, Where as the Adidas web page had lots of informative information and lots of meaningful reviews, It was easy to navigate and could be easily trusted by a customer.

(3); The design
Adidas has developed their technology over the years, And recognized what could be improved. Nike has their boring old plain shoes and haven't changed much. So that concludes round 1.

By the way, This is my first debate so if I get anything wrong, That's my fault.


Here's why I think Nike is better than Nike

1. Nike has the most dynamic logo on the planet
It"s simple, Looks great on a shoe or anything else and suggests activity, Arousal, And victory at the same time " perfect for a sports brand.

2. Nike started with running
Nike started out as a running company " and not just track-and-field running. Co-founder Bill Bowerman recognized the potential of "jogging" in the early "60s and published a book with that title in 1966. His ideas led to the creation of a running shoe that would ultimately be named the "Cortez" in 1968

3. Nike has Jordan
Despite its roots in running, Nike has been synonymous with basketball " and basketball is Jordan, To some extent. Together they formed the cornerstones for the rise of a global sneaker culture.

4. Nike has Back to the Future
Nike"s use of this movie wasn"t just smart product placement but arguably the most brilliant and long-term marketing move of the millennium, Spanning three decades in the rollout. First: presenting the Nike Bruin in part 1 in 1985 " in one of the most iconic pop-cultural movies ever. Second: Fictionally imagining how sneakers would evolve 30 years later in part 2 and introducing the Nike Mag. Third: actually releasing that shoe as predicted in the movie " finally with power-lacing and endorsement by Michael J. Fox " no other company even comes close.

5. Nike owns basketball
Not because of names like Michael Jordan, Lebron James or Kevin Durant but because the Swoosh owns the category " today. With a market share of 95% in the U. S. There"s no way around the fact, Although Adidas is making a lot of right moves at the moment.

6. Nike owns collaborations
Although you will find single collaborations from other companies dating back to the 1970s or even before, Nike invented the collab game as we know it. From late "90s releases like the Wu-Tang Clan X Nike Dunk High or all of the St"ssy collabs from the early 2000s up to the whole Nike SB program including all the Supreme Dunks " Nike got the ball rolling.

7. Nike invented limited edition retros
It"s hard to imagine but back in the days, A shoe was done when the next model came out. Thanks to a few east coast US retailers, Nike realized that there was a potential in retroing the Air Force 1 in a limited edition "color of the month" program. Watch the Air Force 1 documentary for the complete story.

8. Nike has the most famous designers
Even beyond the famous architect-turned-sneaker-designer Tinker Hatfield, There are other designers whose names have become synonymous with sneaker culture " like Bruce Kilgor (Air Force 1), Sergio Lozano (Air Max 95), Eric Avar (Air Foamposite One) or even Tinker"s own brother Tobie Hatfield (Nike Free). Fragment Design"s Hiroshi Fujiwara should also be mentioned because of his close ties with Nike.

9. Nike has the best ads in the archive
Marketing has always been Nike"s strong suit. Just look through their archive and relive the gems they"ve produced over the decades " from beautiful vintage running ads to the ever-so-classic "Bo Knows" campaign. This is brand-building at its best.
Debate Round No. 1


Adidas is more popular now, Meaning that the shoes are preferred by most people at the moment.
on complex. Com, It lists some facts about Adidas and how they have changed shoe technology, Here a some of them just to name a few;

The Micro pacer was the first sneaker to have computer technology.
Adidas is the parent company to Reebok, Rock port, And Taylor Made.
The Superstar isn't just an iconic part of hip-hop, But it was also a first in basketball, Too.

As you can tell, Adidas has had a big effect on sports, And also, They were some of the first too.
While Nike has celebrities and starred in movies, Adidas has also achieved that with other celebrities.


Are you sure Adidas is more popular? Nike sells 25 pairs of kicks every second. For a total of about $9. 1 billion dollars yearly. Adidas only makes about $5 billion a year. Nike almost doubles there shoe sales. Btw Nike has well Nike, And Jordan, And Converse, And Hurley. Giants in the shoe market. You think Reebok can compete with Converse and Jordan. HA! Sure the micro pacer was the first with computer technology, But the mags. The mags. Please tell me what "big effect" Adidas has on sports. And "Adidas has also achieved that with other celebrities. " which celebrities huh?
Debate Round No. 2


Adidas has used their boost technology to change running shoes, Meaning that their shoes are nicer to run in, They were a popular part of hip hop and basketball to.

sorry if my arguments were pretty bad, This is my first actual debate.


Cool but I've never found a running shoe made by Adidas that is better than Nike's VaporMax and Free RN FlyKnit 2018.
And as stated before, Nike was first a running shoe company. The waffle-runner which was there first shoe was a running and track shoe.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by taticespedes 1 month ago
In my opinion nike is better than Adidas because the designs are very varied and are focused for all preferences. In addition, This company employs the latest technology so that the customer has a good experience with the product.
Posted by sumonasrivastav 3 years ago
In my opinion Nike is much better brand than Adidas whethet you talk about quality, Innovation and style Nike is way ahead than than Adidas. Nike net worth US$30 billion whereas, Adidas has $15. 2 billion.

To Know more such facts and figure must raed here:- ejournalz. Com/category/sports
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