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Adolf Hitler isn't as bad as we are told

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Started: 1/31/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Adolf Hitler isn't as bad as we were taught. He was a very bad man, but not the worst man to ever live.


Hitler fought America so he was bad like Mr. Rodgers he is soooo annooying. Always telling me how to spell things and say hello I know how to spell Elifant RODGERS
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Posted by Banan13 3 years ago
While Adolf Hitler is in fact as bad as students are taught today, that doesn"t necessarily mean he was the worst person in the world. In my opinion the worst person in the world was Stalin. He was a dictator around the time Hitler was. Stalin killed many many more people than Hitlet. Hitler is only well known because he killed many people in a short amount of time while Stalin had a longer time period of dictatorship.
Posted by Jawad_aslam 3 years ago
Hitler did some nasy things but you also have put this into account that he was the first to develop a rocket and without that the russians would not have put yuri Gagarin in space and amercian would not have put men on the moon if the conspiracy theroies are wrong. And there would not have been an international space station
Posted by Actions_Speak 3 years ago
I'd say his worst attribute was being a genius, he showed extraordinary potential as a human being and decided to use his resources for war and chaos. Inventing the blowup doll, the Volkswagen, and large spending on science are all of his "favors" to mankind, but they certainly weren't at a time.
Posted by Minddagger 3 years ago
ive seen SJWS no better than he was.
Posted by Actions_Speak 3 years ago
I agree, he was worse. Peterson covered it well.
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