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Adoption agency should prioritize the infertile couples

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Started: 6/20/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Beacause of some special reasons,now infertility has became a big problem.For those couples,they face more pressures from thier families and themselves.Recently there caused a great argument on whether the infertile couples should have priority adoptions.In my opinion,I think adoption agency should prioritize the infertile couples.
Firstl,for those children who are adopted,they are lucky,they shake off a bad life.Infertile couples will take them as thier own children,give them more care and love.On the countrary,the couples can also get more from children.They are longing for children,and thier dreams for sevral years will come true.And it will make them more harder in thier works.Because they have new aims,they must try thier bests to make thier children have a better life.
Secondly,if they can adopt a child,it can not only alleviate the relationship between husband and wife,but aslo can reduce conflicts.At last but not least,it is a perfect idea for our whole society,because we all emphasized the harmonious developments of society.If we use this policy,it can ruduce the divorce rate,bring happiness to the families and make them more stable.It is a better choice for both of them.
We must make our efforts to do so,care for those orphans and infertile couples,and achieve the social harmony and stability.So I think it is necessary for adoption agency to prioritize the infertile couples.


I will be clear on my argument. I will NOT argue that homosexuals should get prioritized adoption privileges because I think that homosexuals should not even be an option for adoption. However, my argument will be that infertile couples should not necessarily have first priority but be equal in the group.

I am currently going through the adoption and foster process, my wife and I are not sure if we can have kids or not but want adopt a child as well. The reason we want to, is we can provide a safe home and environment for a child that is in need. In sum, getting them out of the system or away from families that do not have the ability to care for their child for any reason.

The number of children that need to be adopted are tremendous, meaning there are more kids that need to be adopted than families willing to take them. Therefore, most families that go through the adoption process (which is long and tedious, took us 1 year) have a significant chance of getting a child quickly. Here is the issue, you can select the type of child you want! So if thee families are putting they want a child under 12 months that is Caucasian and female with no drug exposure or molestation...... there chances are slim and it will take a long time because so many people want that type of child. If the family changes the focus to different race or possible a child that is delayed due to drugs (will be normal and functioning just not where the child should be at) there chances would increase significantly.

My point is that they currently are a priority as everyone that wants to adopt is but their requirements for a child limits their options.

My opponent: How do you know that the infertile families are currently not a priority? If they are not who is?
Debate Round No. 1


olivialena forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


olivialena forfeited this round.


Well cote con since pro had not arguments.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 7 years ago
Over what other options? Are you saying they should prioritize over homosexual couples, fertile couples that have health issues and fertile couples that have genetic concerns?
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