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Adverse affects of Social Media on Teens

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Started: 1/30/2017 Category: Education
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Although social media has been linked to negative effects on teens (although some are not malicious), it has also been a extension of connectivity and cognitive development. In Social Media, referred to as SNS or Social Networking Sites, teens are given a deep pool of information and tools that help them in life. Games and messaging help hand-eye coordination and fast-paced decision making, which in turn helps them in the brutal decisions later in life, although when a teen is addicted to gaming, it may cause them to be sleep deprived or may cause harmful dis functionality of their joints (e.g. Arthritis). But most usage of gaming is for passing time or making friends in the community. On the topic of friendship, SNS creates an unlimited web of fast pace messaging and sharing that gives teen the power to develop friendships around the world with a click of a button, or a tap of the screen. With this fast web or networking, teens relatively can discuss problems in their life or can have a fun reaction to a post. With posting, SNS give a function of posting called "likes" or "dislikes", which reward teens based on peer review. Posting photos or videos gives others entry into their lifestyle and their habits, and give others the power to reward or punish teens on those posts. When a teen views a photo that they have posted as being liked, teens sees that as good and continue to post more of those pictures and continue a habit or trend. When a picture gets "likes", it increases the dopamine (hormone associated with good feelings) that the body puts out of the poster. This is a dangerous tool that can be harmful, if a teen sees that a photo of them doing something bad (e.g. smoking, or performing informal or rude tasks) it may cause a community to do the same or may persuade the teen that posted the photo originally to continue that trend. When a teen is "glued" to their phone or pc, it may cause harmful affects on the body or stag nit their brain development. Cause in the precious phase of adolescents, the brain is going through the final parts of development, and in this phase, the brain is susceptible to incoming information, affecting their plasticity to situations. SNS is a glass cannon that may cause good relationships with others, or bring downfalls to the ones we love. In the end, it is up to teens how they use this and we must be respectful to their decisions on it.


Jesus said you need to protect the children because they cannot protect themselves. That is why he gave us guardian angels to protect.
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