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Aerogant is rude to his apponents

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Started: 8/10/2014 Category: People
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Come on and accept the debate and don't deny it, you know your wrong. You have been nothing but rude to the community.


As if rude is a bad thing? I am brutally honest with my words and my wisdom. I live in a world filled with conformists and psychopaths. I don't wear a smile, a suit or a smooth hair cut. I tell you the truth - I let you know the pain within that truth, as I do not hold back on telling it. I do not care to make it easier for you, when it's your fault for not self-disciplining yourself and wondering why this man's passion cooks your existential withering.

I can only imagine a world wherein our emotions become realistic traits which physically affect us, as per our anger causing our houses to set on fire; our depression causing us to drown in water; our ways of eating away at ourselves causing acid to rain from the heavens, eating holes through our flesh. A world where stupidity causes many pain; intelligence causing many happiness. A world where the wise lead the people - the unwise are kicked down until they treated their brain, like they would treat their loved one. A world where people would take a glass of water and drink it in sips, rather than take it all in at once, causing the experience to become watered down - realizing that they are nothing without this water. A world where people stopped playing god, to finally play human. A world where judgment ceased to exist, as this world of people would recognize that judgment is paradoxical as it can judge even death. A world where people would accept their emotions and release them, rather than bottle them up and fear those that let them go. A world where people do not pick and choose what they want in their life, as everything in life is a part, not a side. A world where a child would walk into a museum and say, I do not feel anything in this picture, but I do understand that the artist did a lot to make it so. A world where the brain and the heart can live together, where the brain deals with the objective; the heart deals with the subjective; the brain dealing with the Universe; the heart dealing with the "You need verse". A world where art, music and feeling trumps the argument, the abusive and the yielding. A world where people are free to flaunt their intelligence, their potential and their ability like those that can flaunt their ignorance, stupidity and negligence. A world where the wise weren't in pain, but were in paradise - and those that cause others pain, were restrained by a world that welcomed intelligence, knowledge and brain over nonsense.

I see pain in everyone - I may inflict a type of pain, but the reason why it does not go further than a prick, is because the truth is like a rose; beautiful, yet can cause some pain. You don't even remotely know my intentions to base my character off of your own weak ability to sustain yourself through my words that do not take a second to allow you to hide in your comfort zone.
Debate Round No. 1


You see, this is what you do. You first say a claim that makes nonsence to ANY of us. And then you be rude to us when we don't understand your unreasonable words.


Or perhaps I faced the Universe's eye of the storm, while you just sheltered yourself in feelings and make-believe and wonder why your body reacts unexpectedly to my passionate vibes?
Debate Round No. 2


Now in english please? Anyone here speak gibberish? Come back to the debate when youre not acting like a jerk.


You base your life off of chemical tautologies - I base my life off of critical thinking.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by blackkid 7 years ago
This is amusing.
Posted by Wylted 7 years ago
KFC nac
Posted by Aerogant 7 years ago
Why make me go through that trouble to write a consensus based on a theory, just so you can link me to Youtube? This is why I am more brilliant than you - I take complex formulas seriously, while you don't even care!
Posted by asiandoctor 7 years ago
here's a video JUST for you ! good job!

(don't worry, it's not a virus. =P)
Posted by Aerogant 7 years ago
My brain is not for math; my brain is for what makes sense of the math. Considering that the Riemann's hypothesis dealt with numbers which created an infinite sequence, which was then was curious towards why the numbers contained half values; the reason behind it was posited to be the the imaginary units within a real value, which resonates in my brain as I am aware that 2+2=5 based on Einstein's theory and that the entire Universe is based on the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio, which is to say that knowing that math is based on the entire Universe, having knowledge of how the Universe seems to be "skipping" numbers, is enough information to suppose that the Riemann's hypothesis is truly relational to how the Universe creates both, genuine matter and imaginary matter, hence why the human mind can create both real things and false things - math is based on the human mind, which is why our emotions are based on Newton's Law. I may not be able to read the thousands of names and labels they gave this formula - I am able to tell what this formula is relating to by its pinnacle of interest. Therefore the Riemann's hypothesis is directing us towards a truth that explains why the Universe manages to create false units and true units within the space and matter which are based on the previously aforementioned designs. If anyone wants to solve this mystery, I suggest them to combine the knowledge of everything I mentioned, as this formula reflects on Einstein's theory, the behavior of the imagination and the reality we live in, the Golden Ratio, the Fibonacci Sequence and possibly other things I have yet to read on.

Well, there you go. My genius being able to break down a formula without bothering learning the labels and names the symbols were given, by understand the nature of the formula and tying it to likened mysteries in the world that are also not yet answered because I know how to use my brain, I know how to cosmically reverse-engineer this entire world.
Posted by asiandoctor 7 years ago
idk if you admitted defeat or you can't actually prove the Reimann's hypothesis. lol
Posted by asiandoctor 7 years ago
Alright then,

prove the Riemann's hypothesis
Posted by asiandoctor 7 years ago
Talking to you is like talking to a're a lost cause. good luck in life!
Posted by Aerogant 7 years ago
Life grows when it experiences boundaries. Luckily your ignorance is a perfect surrogate for it! I got to the point I am at because I learned from arguing with idiots more from agreeing with intellects.

I like how everyone has to say "if you're so smart", as if they can only imply that I am smart, they can't accept that I am smart. That's the ego for you; deflecting and neglecting anything that conflicts with its faltering evolution.

See? I know far more than you do. Hence why I can answer everything you ask me. I can answer everything. I have all the answers. Ask away.
Posted by asiandoctor 7 years ago
*facepalm* say's the person who claims to know....

"... The Subconscious, Conscious, Psychopathy, Humanity, Ego, Pride, Passion, Integrity, Intuition, Fear, Hunger, Anger, Insanity, Color, Personality, Vibration, Existence, Faculty, Depression, Curiosity, Thrive, Dream, Emotion, Reaction, Identity, Distinction, Paradigm, Projection, Interaction, Confusion, Holism and Nihilism.

I know the ties between the following:

Bees / Electrons

Black holes / Birth

Stars / Seeds

Volcanoes / Penises

Soil / Vaginas

Emotion / Electromagnetic waves

Consciousness / Water

Amoeba / Life

Human design / Sea life design

Human behavior / Universe behavior

Eyes / Galaxies

Sex / Creation

Anger / Destruction

Ignorance / Dark matter

Light / Awareness

Gravity / Greed

Sun / Male

Moon / Female

Ocean / Conscious and Subconscious

Stages of human life: Animosity > Humanity > Insanity > Self-humility

Stages of the human brain in frequencies: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Stages of human personality: red (survival), orange (taking a stand), yellow (taking control), green (love), light blue (communication), dark blue (intuition) and purple (forming a bond between ourselves and the Universe)."

lol. If you're so smart, then you wouldn't be wasting your time in replying. The result of 500,000 years of evolution ^^. lol
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Vote Placed by lannan13 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con was rude in the debate, but Pro had bad grammatical errors and insulted Con.

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