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Affirmative Action

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Started: 5/13/2015 Category: Politics
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round is acceptance


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank the pro for accepting this debate.

1) "Justified discrimination"
Affirmative action is simply a euphemism for discrimination. AA solves nothing it simply creates the same problem all over again. We should be trying to fix institutionalized discrimination, not adjusting ourselves to it. AA allows for the reverse of a preexisting problem.


1) Affirmative action helps socially excluded groups to preferred positions in society.

Affirmative action would not be necessary if there were no discrimination. This policy only helps minorities from their low socioeconomic statuses and makes education equal. With things such as legacy scholarships factoring one's chance to get in a college, it only makes sense to have AA. Because of discrimination legacy scholarships only apply to people with a higher statuses in the past because minorities could not go to such colleges .Additionally, AA does not just let any minority get into a school or have a job. It gives qualified applicants a chance that they will not have otherwise. Some people treat AA as a free ticket for minorities to get into college, but those people would not have been considered if they did not have good application. AA gives people the education they deserve, resulting in better jobs and in the end improving their life by making things equal.

2) AA helps with discrimination problems we have today

While some may argue there is no discrimination, there certainly is. Black applicants were half as likely as equally qualified whites to receive a callback or job offer. In fact, black and Latino applicants with clean backgrounds fared no better than white applicants just released from prison( events involving Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Jordan Davis, and Freddie Grey make it hard to deny that discrimination is a difficulty we struggle with today. AA only helps with this trouble we face with by giving these discriminated people a better life.
Debate Round No. 2


HaileyL forfeited this round.


The opponent said we should be trying to fix industrialized discrimination and we do: it's illegal to discriminate in jobs. Affirmative action helps by helping minorites into higher postions in society. Affirmative action programs are created in an attempt to make sure that all groups within a given society have the same opportunity to succeed. It adresses the imbalance groups in workplaces. Minorties in lower classes need this opportunity to succed and get a good education that results in a good job that brings in money. The escape of poverty is formed with the help affirmative action.(

Affirmative action does not discriminate against whites and it doesn’t create quotas. Affirmative action does not put people who are not qualified in college. Affirmative action is a necessary policy in college admissions that combats racial discrimination and the lower class. (
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Con didn't debate at all and forfeited. All that Con said was that AA is basically a form of discrimination. Didn't explain why and how. Pro explained the benefits of AA which were not rebutted. I don't even know why I'm providing RFD here! Conduct: Con ff. 1 point to Pro Language: it's fine. Sources: Pro provided sources.