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Against school closures due to COVID

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Started: 5/19/2021 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Does the science support the need to close schools in light of private schools didn"t close as well as the low infection rate and even lower death rates of children


Hello Cbgrindling, I will be the Con for this debate

The topic of this debate is "Against School closures due to COVID".

I define against as: In opposition to. I also define school closure as: The act of stopping the operation of physical school facilities. It would also be courteous if you could define where the school closures are happening, As not all countries closed at the same time, For example, Victoria, An Australian State, Closed schools, While Taiwan have yet to close schools. Until I have been given a specific setting I will just deal with the case in general.

Firstly, Your arguments. You do not bring any arguments against this topic apart from two, Which I shall go into detail. The first argument is the supposed "low infection rate. " You have not given any statistics to back up your "low infection rate. " Which leads into my first argument, That school closure are vital to stopping the spread of the pandemic. In the US alone school closures dropped the mortality rate by 58%, Stopping over 1. 37 million cases in two weeks according to the JAMA network, With scientists keeping records on how COVID-19 cases would have affected society. In India, School closures have also dropped the mortality rate, But by 62%. School closures have shown to stop the spread of the COVID pandemic and are a vital part of doing so.

The second argument stems from another point you made that I need to address. "Even lower death rates in children" doesn't mean that everyone in the community would have such low rates, Even if the rate was theoretically the same with all age groups, People would still be killed by the virus. The reason schools are closed in the first place is to stop transmissions, As children can still contract the disease, And are far less likely to restrict themselves, The government must make sure that COVID is controlled. Children which contract the disease will spread it to young and old alike and has been the cause of many COVID outbreaks. School closures are just another step needed for virus control.

School closures are needed to control the virus, As the virus has shown to be a deadly threat and school closures an effective response. The science behind it is solid and is well-proven.

Until I have more further knowledge about your argument, I cannot continue to address it.
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Posted by itzdominic 2 months ago
Yes! We have already seen that the main spreading of COVID has not been in schools, Yet governors push to keep them closed. The real reason they are staying closed is that Teacher's Unions refuse to go back!
Posted by ATHOS 2 months ago
Lower death rates of children doesn't prevent them from being carriers and potentially infecting family members who maybe more at risk from covid.
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