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Airsoft guns legalized in Australia

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Started: 7/22/2014 Category: Entertainment
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I argue that airsoft should be available to people in Australia since it's a more economically viable alternative to paintball that everyone can own (in airsoft legal countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and the USA). In addition, indie filmmakers can use airsoft guns as props (with added effects, of course).


Alright, lets dive right into this!

I believe that airsoft guns should not be legalized in Australia. The following argument, will explain my thinking.

***Contention #1: Potential Harm***

In our world we have by-laws that require you to get a license to attain possession of firearms that can potentially harm or kill people, or that are dangerous in general to have in ones possession.

Airsoft guns are firearms that can hurt, or even kill other people!! There have been examples of this.

Seen in link #1 a florida boy was accidentally shot by his brother in the head with a airsoft gun and was killed. This Pellet/BB that was accidentally fired was being propelled though the air at 750 feet per minute. Thats astonishing. Worse this was happened as the kids were practicing at shooting at targets down a range!

So lets think about this - if Florida had a Law set in place that you had to get proper qualifications to own a Airsoft gun, chances are that wouldn't have happened.

If someone was "not right in the head" and had a terrible plan of wanting to kill or harm someone, and was unable to get a actual gun -- whats the next in line? AIRSOFT!
There would be a good chance that that person would, next go to buy a airsoft gun as it is a known fact that Airsoft guns can kill people.
And since in most areas of the world Airsoft guns are not illegal to own without proper qualifications, it would be easy for that person to get ahold of one.

In addition there is a added risk of having social disruption if one would happen to be carrying around a airsoft gun around. This is due to the fact that lots/most of these guns have a resemblance that replicates a gun in the real world. Seen at links #2, and #3.
Imagine someone walking into a mall with a Airsoft gun that looks exactly like a AK-47. Would that make you think that something might be wrong? I think so.

So it is directly beneficial, for Australia to have a Law such as this. It keep people there a little more safe and offers extra peace of mind.


1. Pro states " more economically viable alternative to paintball"

This is simply way to vague. This varies drastically, on your play style, how serious you are and how much money you have available that you are comfortable spending.

I believe there is no way to argue this, as there are so many different resellers and retailers. There is no definitive way to prove that Paintball is more expensive to be involved in than Airsoft.

I wish for my opponent to provide definitive evidence that Paintball is more expensive to ones assets in comparison to Airsoft.
Otherwise this statement is invalid and as a result cannot be used.

2. Pro states "Indie filmmakers can use airsoft guns as props"

My opponent is saying this in the form that only Airsoft products can be used for this. This is just so not the case.

There are many alternatives, that filmmakers and even indie filmmakers can use that can replicate the prop/look of a real gun.
All you need to do is search "Buy gun props" on google and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Australia's Airsoft Law does not effect the production of any type of film, that is wanting to acquire a prop that looks like a real gun. As pro states "use airsoft guns as props"

So Pros statement is completely invalid.

As seen in link #4.


I have shown that Australia's Airsoft Law is good for the country as it provides increased safety for citizens and added peace of mind, and had this law not been put in place, loss of life could've occurred.

I have refuted Pros entire argument and shown that is statements are invalid. Therefor, Pro literally has no case.

Thank you Pro, your turn.

Link #1:
Link #2:
Link #3:
Link #4:
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by rings48 7 years ago
The laws highly varies depending on each state.
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