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Alabama Crimson Tide is going to win against Arkansas Razorbacks

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Started: 10/2/2018 Category: Sports
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Alabama is stacked with many players in the 2018 lineup. Saying their going to lose against the ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS is literally the most incorrect statement ever.


Ah, And the Vegas Golden Knights making it to the Stanley Cup finals and nearly winning it was "the most incorrect statement" in the hockey world not long ago. Unless you can do some Back to the Future stuff and see who's won, You have as much evidence to legitimately back your claim as someone would to call a grain of sand a liquid, If you will.

Yet maybe you can prove me otherwise, And it'd be the biggest breakthrough of scientific history.
Debate Round No. 1


With Chad Morris stressing tempo and the likelihood Alabama's gets more possessions than usual in this game due to a ton of Arkansas three-and-outs, We have a feeling this one could spiral out of control early for the home team if the offense gives it away in the first quarter leading to a quick touchdown. The Crimson Tide's takeaway-prone defense will feast on a squad not nearly as talented unless Morris is content with keeping it respectable during his first bout with Saban. The Razorbacks should have decided on a quarterback by this point, But whether it's Cole Kelley or Ty Storey should have no bearing on the final score.


I've seen little to prove me otherwise really. You've proven a likelihood, Yet you have neither proven it true nor incorrect. Go Canada?

These debates in specific have never really been for me, Eh?
Debate Round No. 2
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