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All forms of drugs should be legalized

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Started: 5/22/2014 Category: Society
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First round for acceptance. Burden of proof is shared.


I accept.
Good luck
Debate Round No. 1


My argument shall be as follows:

P1: Any law which causes more harm than the intended good ought to be removed
P2: The laws which make all drugs illegal cause more harm than the intended good
C: The laws which make all drugs illegal ought to be removed

To begin with, premise 1 seems uncontroversial. A law which is harming society shouldn't exist. Laws exist in order to better society.

I'll spend a bit more time on the second premise.

To begin with, let's go over some problems with our current drug laws.

1. They're not working.

People can still get drugs. It's easy. Our laws haven't stopped the flow of drugs, they've just hindered them a little bit. So people who want drugs will still get them.

2. They put too much guilt on the drug users

The problem is that our current drug laws make the drug users the guilty ones. Police are encouraged to go after and arrest the drug users. This is ignoring the root of the problem, and just encouraging officers to arrest drug addicts.

And arresting drug addicts doesn't stop them from being addicted or stop drugs from coming, or solve the problem.

3. Overdose

People are more likely to overdose when they do not know the strengths of the drugs they are using. There's no government checking it out to make sure it's safe. Also, they would be afraid to call for help if they did overdose, because of the harsh laws we have for drug users.

We've spent billions on the war on drugs and it hasn't solved the problem. It's caused more harm to people than good.

Since it has done so, making drugs illegal is a law which should be removed.

Laws are to serve people. They are meant to help society.

We can't arrest people out of drugs.

I propose an alternative.

I'm not saying that the government shouldn't regulate drugs at all. What I'm saying is that drugs shouldn't be completely prohibited. I propose that we legalize drugs, and establish a new agency to distribute them.

This way, the government can regulate the flow of drugs better and can help save lives from over dosing.

In addition to this, the government could make billions off of the drugs.

So drugs should be legalized



This should be fun. :)

Part One
Even you admit they hinder the movement of drugs.
The point of making such illegal is to make them more risky, expensive, and dangerous to receive and carry.

This allows us to crack down on drug users, and drug dealers.
We should not support the existence and use of drugs.

Part 2
I can agree with this.
America should treat Drug Addiction as a Public health issue, like Portugal.
Assistance should be given, consoling and such should be given to kick addictions, and to help extract the names of dealers, so they can be tracked down as well. Police needs to get better involved with communities to track down dealers and sources.

We should NOT support the use of drugs in anyway.
The ways to stop drug addiction is Education, dealing with public stress levels, and crack down on drugs at the source.
The Government should NOT profit of the suffering of its own people.

They should crack down on the sources of drugs, and help deal with addictions. Police need to work more with communities to crack down on drug violence and sources. This is an issue that effects everyone in the US.

Drugs destroy lives, why should we let a age of drug use fly over our population?
Debate Round No. 2



My opponent claims that we shouldn't support the existence and use of drugs. However, I'm not necessarily saying that. Just because the government regulates something, that doesn't mean that they encourage it's use. All it means is that they have their fingers in it.

So I'm not saying that we should encourage drug use. I'm saying we should discourage it. However, I'm arguing that making drugs illegal is not the correct way to go about this.

My opponent also admits that drugs destroy lives. This is my point exactly! Since drugs are illegal and unmoderated, people may very possibly overdose. When they realize this, it's highly doubtful that they're going to call the police. Why? Because they'd get in big trouble.

This results in many many more deaths.

The drug laws don't help anyone. They have cost us huge amounts of money, and haven't stopped drugs.

Drugs will still be out there no matter what we do. So why not regulate them and wean society off of them?


Here we go. :)

Legalizing all forms of drugs is supporting it, because we are allowing it to be given and distributed.
There will still be underground trading off drugs, since a larger majority of the population will be addicted to such drugs if their use was legalized.

Government should stomp down on drugs, not legalize it.
They should work with drug addicts and communities to track down on drug dealers and suppliers.

Drug addiction should be treated as a public health issue, drug addicts should be given care, and treatment to rid of their addictions and to help draw information about dealers and sources of drugs.

People shouldn't be arrested for long terms for drug use, but I am not saying it should not go unpunished as well.

Yes, drugs do destroy lives. So why are you suggesting they should be distributed by the Government itself?
The Government is there to protect its people, its not there to take advantage of addictions for money.

Drugs will always be around with poverty and stress.
Government needs to improve education, and poverty levels.
They need to work with communities and drug users to hunt down drug dealers, gangs, cartels, and suppliers.

Drugs are not something we should take lightly.

Drug addictions also increase crime rates.

( Had a few other sources, but the wifi I am currently using does not allow me access to such )
( I believe these are correct )
Debate Round No. 3


Thank you. Legalizing drugs is not necessarily the same as encouraging drugs. We can legalize drugs, while trying to stamp out the use of drugs. The two are seperate issues.

My opponent has either forgotten, or ignored my main argument for legalizing all drugs. Overdose.

The government could save numerous amounts of lives if it were to legalize drugs, since the government could then put the strengths of the different drugs on them. This would make people much more educated and informed about what they are putting into their bodies, and how much they should.

I agree that we should not take drugs lightly. However, I am arguing that the path we should take to living in a drug-free society is one in which the government takes its place and regulates drugs. We can then keep people informed about drugs, and get them off of drugs.

I think we can all agree that if you are going to do drugs, you should do them safely. This is not possible when drugs are illegal.



I have not ignored this argument, I have kept it in mind.
As I have said above, drug addiction should be considered a public health issue. Overdose patients should be encouraged to call for emergency services. They should not receive jail times, fines, or prison time. But that does not mean they shouldn't be punished in a way. But they still should receive help over all else.

Just by allowing drugs like meth to exist is supporting them, they should be smashed under a boot. Drug dealers are the ones who should be getting harsh sentences, not the ones who get themselves into doing such drugs.

It is good that we can agree that we shouldn't take drugs lightly. ( Not in the way of taking a little bit of drugs, I know someone out there would confuse it, hehe ) What I am trying to say is that we shouldn't give drugs a chance to suddenly spread madly. One large reason people don't do drugs is that because they know they can be punished for such. Education, and ending poverty is what will end the influence of drugs.

Having drugs legal is not the only way to do such, and that is my point.

( Sorry if this seems a bit lazily typed, more focused on my best friend who just logged on after 3 weeks of being away, darn military training! )
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by debate_power 7 years ago
I support you, Comrade.
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