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All humans are descendants of Adam and Eve.

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Started: 3/10/2014 Category: Science
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In this debate, I will argue that we are NOT related to Adam and Eve and that these two people didn't even exist. I will also make a few points about how Creation is impossible and Evolution is the truth. My opponent will argue that Adam and Eve were real people and that we are related to them. My opponent will also argue that Creation is true and Evolution is not. I would like to keep religion out of this debate and I would like to have a mature, rational, reasonable, scientific, logical debate. I look forward to a debate based on fact and logic, not religious beliefs.

I would like to state the debate structure:

Round One: Acceptance
Round Two:
Main Arguments
Round Three:
Rebuttals / New Arguments
Round Four:
Further Rebuttal
Round Five:
Final Rebuttals / Conclusion

To ensure that this debate remains mature, rational, and scientific, I will implement a few basic rules we must follow:

1. Each argument must contain sources and they must be cited properly.

2. Proper spelling and grammar will be used.

3. Religious beliefs should be minimal in this debate.

4. There will be no forfeiting.

5. The debate structure must be followed.

6. Each candidate should be respectful to the other.

I await my opponent's acceptance.


I do not really like your rules so I'm going to say what I want, when I want. Adam and Eve are obviously real people. It says so in the bible.
Debate Round No. 1


I would have appreciated if you had not accepted this debate. I implemented basic rules and if you don't like them, don't accept the debate. I want to have a mature, scientific debate and you have already ruined it. Please follow these basic rules and everything will be fine. Voters, if my opponent fails to follow the basic rules in this debate, please take the "conduct" points away from him. I am beyond angry, but I must learn to control my anger. Therefore, I will take this in a positive way. Now, let's begin:

Main Argument
I will organize my main argument into sections. I will go into detail about most of the specific points I will make.

Point One: The Bible is an unreliable source
I will not go into much detail about this specific point. I have already debated this topic and I will send you the link to that specific debate. Please read my arguments fully. The link is the following: Due to the Bible's unreliability, how can you assume that what is written in it is true? I assure you that there is no truth when it comes to Adam and Eve and Creation.

Point Two: Incest
The story of Adam and Eve does not work scientifically. If Adam and Eve have a child, who will that child mate with? This is called incest. If you don't know what it is, I will gladly define it for you.

There are two definitions of incest, according to The specific definition I am looking for is the following: "sexual intercourse between closely related persons." [1]

Incest is a very dangerous thing to do. There are many symptoms, not only for the people who are having sex, but also the child that is produced from it.

"Incest is a form of chronic traumatic stress that can lead to a host of initial and long-term effects. Like child sexual abuse in general, it poses a serious mental health risk for many victims. The chronic nature of the abuse, thenature of the family, including its dynamics and defenses, the child's dependence on and entrapment in the family, and his or her loyalty to that family,necessitate using strong defenses to cope. Denial and dissociation (splitting off of normal thought processes from consciousness) allow the victim to discount, minimize, or otherwise suppress memories of abuse. These defenses often persist into adulthood. As a result, survivors may appear asymptomatic andnot suffering from long-term effects of the abuse, when in reality they are emotionally constricted due to the trauma.

Most former incest victims had little opportunity either in childhood or later to get effective assistance to end the abuse or to treat its effects. Theseuntreated effects (immediate or long-term) become chronic or delayed and give rise to additional symptoms. These symptoms, in turn, create new problems that usually prompt the adult survivor to seek treatment. Some of the most common of these problems include depression, eating disorders, substance abuse,anxiety, or dissociative disorders such as multiple personality disorder. Survivors might also seek treatment for domestic abuse or other types of sexualviolence.

Since incest usually occurs in childhood, it inevitably influences maturationand development. For many survivors, the incest experience, along with its aftermath and coping mechanisms, has greatly influenced and become integratedinto the personality. Some survivors develop the symptoms of specific personality disorders, most commonly those associated with hysteric, borderline (difficulty maintaining a stable mood and self-image), narcissistic, avoidant, ordependent personalities." [2]

Unfortunately, I cannot find a proper link to explain my next point about incest. However, I have a thorough knowledge of genetics and biology and therefore can tell you the effects of incest. Incest will often cause genetic disorders in the child that results from the act. A brother and sister having sex, for example, will cause their child to have a genetic disorder. Also, a parent having sexual intercourse with their child will also cause such an issue if an offspring results from the act. Furthermore, if Adam and Eve had a child and their child had sex with them, there would be a major health issue.

Point Three: The Population
According to the Bible, Adam and Eve were the ancestors of all humans. An issue with this would be the population. How can two individuals give birth to such a large population? I have already stated the incest issue and the Bible's reliability. How can you still believe Adam and Eve were real people? And now I shall make a point about evolution.

Point Four: Humanity's True Origin / Evolution
Humanity did not descend from Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve weren't even real people. The true origin of humanity is Africa.

"Humans are primates. Physical and genetic similarities show that the modern human species,Homo sapiens, has a very close relationship to another group of primate species, the apes. Humans and the great apes (large apes) of Africa -- chimpanzees (including bonobos, or so-called “pygmy chimpanzees”) and gorillas -- share a common ancestor that lived between 8 and 6 million years ago. Humans first evolved in Africa, and much of human evolution occurred on that continent. The fossils of early humans who lived between 6 and 2 million years ago come entirely from Africa. " [3]

Please look at the illustration of human migration below:

The illustration above clearly shows early human migration. It does not correspond with the Bible and the story of Adam and Eve. Below, I will show a "family tree" of human evolution.

The Bible is an unreliable source. There are issues with incest and the population. The story of Adam and Eve does not correspond with the solid and valid evidence of Evolution. I have a challenge for you: Prove to me that Creation is true. Prove that Adam and Eve were real people. If you somehow managed to do that, I would praise your debating skills. I do, however, doubt this will occur. I will go into more detail in the coming rounds. However, I do not want to write too much. I want to give my opponent and opportunity to make his main arguments. Once this is done, I will go into more detail and make rebuttals about this points. I await his response.

Sources & References






I like your pictures. Please enjoy an article about the carpathia.
Debate Round No. 2


1. I already knew everything about the Carpathia. I am an expert when it comes to the Titanic disaster and al things related to it. I knew everything already that was said in the argument.

2. I will give my opponent an opportunity to better himself. If he does not, I will start another debate with the same topic and I will simply copy and paste my argument into it.


Did you know that the Carpathia is about a ship that went to save the titanic?
Debate Round No. 3

Con users and voters, I have a suggestion for you: Report my opponent. I intended on having a mature and rational debate and my opponent ruined it.

And yes, I knew that.


The Titanic reported to the Carpathia to come save them.
Debate Round No. 4


1. That is untrue.

2. I would appreciate it if you stopped. I presented sufficient evidence supporting the notion that Adam and Eve were not real individuals and that we did not descend from them. I am done enduring this bulls**t. I still await your rebuttals.


The Carpthia had rebuttals to the Titanic.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by rolemodel-JFK 7 years ago
That away WilliamsP
Posted by MysticEgg 7 years ago

I feel so, so sorry for you, my friend. Make your debates impossible to accept so this won't happen. Seriously, look at what happened to TWO of mine:
Posted by MysticEgg 7 years ago
...why do I miss out the debates instigated by the Pro side? Woe is me!
Posted by WilliamsP 7 years ago
Creation is religious, yes, but I wish to discuss the scientific aspect of it.
Posted by oculus_de_logica 7 years ago
you start a topic on religious figures and state that you're going to talk among other things about Creationism, a religious term. Few lines later:
" I would like to keep religion out of this debate"

Something is a bit off here.
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Vote Placed by jamccartney 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Agreed with after the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:70 
Reasons for voting decision: All points to WilliamsP. He took this seriously, while jamonster did not. jamonster should be reported and taken off this site for ruining a would-be serious debate.
Vote Placed by Finalfan 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Agreed with after the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:70 
Reasons for voting decision: Way to troll pro!
Vote Placed by Actionsspeak 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:60 
Reasons for voting decision: Con made an argument while Pro didn't, Pro had terrible conduct and din't finish the debate, and finally Con had better sources that actually related to this debate.

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