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All of the 10 commandments are negative and prohibiting when they should be uplifting if anything

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Started: 6/25/2018 Category: Religion
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Thankfully this nation was NOT founded under god who is 100% pure evil. Proof of that can be found under the 10 commandments.
Here's an absolute prime example of how anyone can outthink god with a less than a 3rd grade education because... Well all of the 10 commandments are negative and prohibiting when they should be uplifting if anything. What true downers they all are. There's also no way a supreme deity of intelligence or integrity would ever put into play The 10 Commandments in which 8 of them this country, the U.S. violates and a true supreme deity can not expect anyone to follow all of them to the letter in the first place...
*shall not kill - god kills and violates his own commandment as god kills and murders all the time. (Hey god is responsible for the biggest genocide of all time with the great flood as he obliterated every living thing except for 2 of each species and Noah and his family which would have had to have been incalculable quadrillions. He also murdered innocent 6 month olds breast feeding and god would have had to have committed countless abortions to boot. Now talk about animal abuse. That is animal abuse at its finest. Wow! / is 100% hypocritical/ and the U.S. killed/kills millions in foreign countries and here on U.S. soil. So killing/ murder is just fine according to god.
*no other gods before me - violates the religious freedom of choice (regardless if god is a supreme deity, he wouldn"t care which only points out to his shallow ego)
*shall not make for yourself a graven image - violates the freedom of expression/choice (once again, if god were a supreme deity, he wouldn"t care and absolutely points out to his frail ego)
*take the name of the lord your god in vain - violates the freedom of speech (again, god wouldn"t care that is IF god is god in which he clearly isn"t and would be able to shrug this off with ease and MOVE ON, very childish)
* not make unto thee any graven image - violates the freedom of speech (again, god wouldn"t care, very childish as he lights his roman candle twiddle boxes)
*remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy - violates the freedom of religion/choice/expression (um nope, god wouldn"t care)
Exodus 31:13-15 "Speak thou also unto the children of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the LORD that doth sanctify you. 14 Ye shall keep the sabbath therefore; for it is holy unto you: every one that defileth it shall surely be put to death: for whosoever doeth any work therein, that soul shall be cut off from among his people. 15 Six days may work be done; but in the seventh is the sabbath of rest, holy to the LORD: whosoever doeth any work in the sabbath day, he shall surely be put to death." And how many violate it and are NOT put to death? Regardless, a bit harsh, horrifying and truly silly don't you think? And there's no way that it can possibly be put into place, especially into today's modern era. I mean how shocking do you have to be?
*honor your father and your mother - ha ha ha - Wow. Have you seen some of the parents out there who abuse their kids and or are terrible parents and or should never be parents? So this only appeals to those that are good parents or better.
Exodus 21: 17 "And he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death." Um absolutely not. Not if your mother and father abuse you. Not if they rape and torture you. Then indeed its the absolute reverse. Then if anything its the mother and father that shall surely be put to death. That's a gimme.
** Leviticus 20:9 "For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him."
** Mark 7:10 "For Moses said, Honour thy father and thy mother; and, Whoso curseth father or mother, let him die the death:"
**Matthew 15:4 "For God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and mother: and, He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death."
*shall not commit adultery - violates the freedom of choice. Orif the other supposed "violator doesn"t let the other person know that he or she is committing adultery and or if the person does not know if the person he or she is sleeping with is committing adultery, what then? Also yet again its punishable by death. Wow such a stupid commandment.
Leviticus 20:10 "And the man that committeth adultery with another man's wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour's wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death."
*shall not covet your neighbor"s ?? well, violates the freedom of choice

Once the 10 commandments are rightfully reset due to a thoughtful process which never happened to begin with, obviously, and who knows how many commandments will be needed, in their place it is required to have a commandment which states something to the effect of "thou shall always honor and protect children and never cause any harm unto them" In reality, there's no way that the 10 commandments are righteous and just with leaving that one out and thus leaving god's ridiculous blubbering ego in. That"s a duh situation.
* shall not steal That"s awfully vague. Shall not steal what? One sip of water? One tiny bite of meat? A nuclear bomb from Iran or N. Korea or wherever to save the world from a holocaust?

See how stupid these 10 comandments just---don"t---work? 9 commandments out of 10 = kablooey!!! Well at least here in this country. Hey god you hair brained maggot, lose the bloated ego. Let us all band together and permanently get rid of those ridiculous commandments that trumpets his bloated ego. They are not needed for any reason and they are absurd indeed.
Are there any commandments that are geared towards children? No there are none. There should be, obviously. That is a gross violation and it is truly shameful especially when their voices and cries need to be heard and not shut down. Children throughout the bible do not get to say nor voice one single sentence in the bible which is the worst form of child abuse there is as they are neglected and ignored.
However there are 4 commandments out of the 10 commandments covering god"s bloated fragile frail superior ego. Now why is that? What is god afraid of that he requires 4 out of 10? I"ll tell you what he is afraid of" He is afraid of losing his grip, power and control that he has with his supposed chosen people. So what does this god character do? He applies fear through his commandments. And fear controls. Its that simple. In no way could these 10 commandments ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever and lets say - ever - again be implied to today"s intelligent and educated congregations from around the world if they were written today ----- unless they are for those that are far too gullible and seeking an explanation for the unexplained, just like you. So obviously, the 10 commandments weigh in with precious little credibility and with no integrity that isn"t contradictory and hypocritical that "thou shall not kill" is. None. So please do not invent the excuse that I am taking verses from your bible out of context. K? When in fact you can not read your simpleton bible at all - ever - for what they are now can you? That"s an "absolutely not" answer on all levels.
Man can and will do and has done for 265,000 years just fine without god. god cannot do without man. Now would you like me to continue? I haven"t even gotten started.

Prove that the 10 commandments are just and righteous and should be followed.

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Hello! Sorry it took a bit for me to reply!

Let's start off with discussing how the U.S views religion. The U.S was based on Judaeo-Christian beliefs. That said, the U.S has its laws based on beliefs of both religions. Both religions have very strong ties to each other, and believe in the very same things to some extent. With that said, the U.S separates Church and state, meaning that you must not belong to those two religions to be in the U.S, but you must believe in those shared beliefs, which come in the shape of our laws (because our laws are shaped on our ethics). That also brings up the topic of American nationality. To be an American nationalist, you just need to believe in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, obey the laws, and have our morals (stealing and killing bad, work hard and you'll be rewarded, etc...). I'll continue after describing what the Commandments mean:

1) I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not worship Gods before me: This applies for almost all religions, specially Christianity and Judaism. This does not violate the freedom of religion, because if you belong to a religion, you must have a deity (or more) to pray for. If you are atheist which, most people aren't. even the ones who claim to be ones, because they have manners more often than not, and they aren't totally nihilistic, meaning they have morals, and beliefs. That is what religions are for, the collective morals and moral lessons learned through the ages put into a nutshell. God himself is symbolic. God is the collective of all of those manners and morals and wisdom put into one thing, since that one thing is what makes us all in His image. God made us all in His image, and we all have morals as given by God. If you are Muslim, you must not disobey the teachings of the Muslim God. Same goes for all religions. That is what this Commandment stands for.

2) Thou shall not make idols: Goes back to the first one. We cannot pray for what we think God looks like. Just like the desert dwellers prayed for the Golden Calf when Moses wasn't around. This, in essence, lead them to their destruction. Putting a still image to display God is wrong, as time changes, and the still image will not be the solution to every ever-changing problem.

3) Thou shall not take the lord's name in vain: No, this one is not entirely literal. What it means is that you cannot do bad, cannot do harm, and say God was responsible for it, or that he commanded that bad act. Even vulgar language with God, the kind loving maker in it, is bad, because you demean his name. This does not infringe you freedom of speech, since cursing with the word God in the sentence is not a crime, but is frowned upon. Due to the separation of Church and state, you can be a sinner, but I can't do anything about it, because it's your life, and what else can I do but to tell you not to? You can be gay, which I believe is sinning, but hey, it's your life. Best I can do is help you go on the right path, and wish you the best.

4) Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy: Although Sabbath means Saturday, which is the day (and Friday) that Jews use for their rest day, it is Sunday for Christians. What those days are for, are a day for us taking a rest from the hard work we put into our lives and the lives of our communities to strengthen our beliefs and faith. No wonder that in areas where Church/religious attendance goes down, crimes go up. What God means by death in Exodus 31:15 isn't actual death. But the decay and rot of our bodies and souls by refusing the light of the lord into our lives. God gave mankind 2 punishments after they ate from the Tree of Knowledge: 1) Death upon death, meaning that we will rot away once the Lord takes our souls, and 2) We are mortal. We must constantly sacrifice the present for the future. For us to redeem ourselves from both of those capital punishments, we rest at Sabbath, and get one step closer to God, and away from the stress and evils of life. Imagine your faith as a cup of water. Still water becomes dirty and contaminated. Going to your religious day/prayer fills that cup with new clean running water. Keep doing this to yourself on Sabbath, and you yourself will become a better person.

5) Honor thy father and thy mother: Cannot be more literal. Mankind passes the knowledge and love to every generation after them. The love of parents to their child is immense. The parents spoil and teach and love their kids, asking nothing in return other than to do the same for their own children, and so on and so forth. Good parents make good kids, and the cycle continues. Yes, there are bad parents out there, and God help their children get through that rough time in their life, so that they can give their kids a childhood that they themselves never had. The greatest privilege, and perhaps one of the most wanted things in the world, are parents who love their kids. Parents who love and tend to and raise their children right. Parents who keep light in their life, so that they can set their children on the right path to life without having to punish them for doing bad things, because they won't do any major bad things in life if they have the passed wisdom and knowledge of generations (yes, humans are humans, we make mistakes).

6) Thou shall not kill: How much more obvious can it be. Do not kill. But what if I encounter a person with different beliefs than me, I mean, beliefs that killing is OK, and want to kill me? If I see someone approaching me with the intent of killing me, then it's either me or them. We are both children of God, but one of us is on the wrong path, going towards a road that is irredeemable, a road that will kill another person. Then, defend yourself with minimum force, but if shove comes to punch to shoot, then save yourself, and God knows however many more people the idiot would have killed with their bad beliefs. Other than that, why would you kill? Why would you commit a crime? End a life for no reason?

7) Thou shall not commit adultery: Don't be a whore. Having sex before marriage demeans sex, something meant to be only for value. Yes it feels good, but sacrificing the future for the present is how we get killed and destroy meaning in our lives. Would you rather be your spouses 1st, or 7th? The more sexual partners a person has had in their lives before marriage, the higher the chances are for a messy divorce to be due to cheating (and overall divorce). It makes marriage meaningless, sloppy, the sex isn't good, your spouse won't feel yours. Do you think porn is empowering? It demeans both the actors and the viewers. Yes it is fun in the meantime, but tomorrow, how do you, or would they, feel? It is demeaning for both people to have sex before meaning. Again, those aren't laws, but general rules for happiness.

8) Thou shall not steal: No explanation needed. Don't take what isn't yours. You want something, earn it, work for it.

9) Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour: Why would you do something like that? This makes them lose in life, and your reputation worse, and your manners worse. Your guilt will get the best of you, because mannered people do not ruin other peoples lives for naught. What if it happened to you?

10) Thou shall not covet thy neighbour's goods: Goes back to 8.

Since the U.S separates church from state, you do not have to be a Christian or Jew to live here, or follow our laws, you can be anything. You can pray for two pennies and a sock for all I care, you can have Charles Barton as you lord and saviour for all I care. But God killed, you say. God caused the flood because people have become corrupt and disobeyed the structures that have caused us to become a functioning society.

Fear controls, yes, like a tyrant controls a slave. But are we slaves? No. God made us out of goodness, and made us good. It is like parental authority. Parents decide to have children. God decided to have children. The Father and the Holy Spirit give birth to the Son, out of love. All are aspects of God, but the reason for creation in the first place remains the same reason that parents decide to have children. To spread the good and love. When your children, rebel, do you mentor them and teach them good from bad? Or do you let them enjoy the current moment in exchange for a corrupt horrible future? That is why parents tutor children. So that they can rid them of the current bad actions, in exchange for a brighter and healthier and better tomorrow. If the corrupt people of Noah time were to continue the rejection of God, and keep in their corrupt ways, the future societies that they would have made would be even worse. In their case, discipline wasn't enough. Instead of them raising children in love, they would have done so in hate. God perhaps went too far, maybe He could have sent them a message, but hey, He works in mysterious ways.

U.S laws don't force you to obey our religions to live here. The USA is the most accepting country and civilization there is, but in order for you to live here, obey our laws that were set to keep you safe, and you're fine!
Debate Round No. 1


Here"s how I run things" if there is the slightest hint of you inventing excuses from something in which you clearly know nothing about, especially when its the subject in which you claim to professing you have knowledge upon, namely this one, and you really don"t, and yet you pretend that you do by coming up with invented excuses and or flat out lying, I will insult you with my brand of insults that are original, funny, stupid, deranged and walls to the ball insane, unless those excuses are so far fetched that they are clearly pulled off from your groin to be a groin pull from the gold-i-lox area to keep scientists looking for other planets, then all bets are truly off and I may end the debate right then and there because I DO KNOW my stuff, whereas most don"t. Who knows? I may give you a strike 3 and you are out. We shall see.

"Let's start off with discussing how the U.S views religion. The U.S was based on Judaeo-Christian beliefs." That"s an automatic strike 1. Really? According to what? You? How would you know? What grade of hand waving to cover your mouth from yawning from a jesus jiujitsu documentary service using sign language while speaking in foreign tongue so that nobody can understand a single word of cow giblets love songs pulled from the bank of He-Man and She-Ra vocal chords to form a new opera, do you really think so? "That said,..." bat crazy nothing. Continuing "the U.S has its laws based on beliefs of both religions." Really? According to what? You? How would you know? What grade of typhoid sing-a-long-johns have you graduated from to put your pj"s on so that you know the difference from nighty night and bedtime stories? Um nope. Name the laws that the U.S has is laws based on beliefs of both religions? Continuing "Both religions have very strong ties to each other," Really? According to what? You? How would you know? What grade of totally lacking any knowledge whatsoever except for maybe a yeast infection, overbaked of course, does judaism have ANYTHING to do with christianity? "and believe in the very same things to some extent" Oh really? According to what? Yu? How would you know? Nice laughable of NOT KNOWING as once again judaism has 0 to do with christianity. "With that said," There you go again pretending you know something about nothing. This chambers is wearing thin. "the U.S separates Church and state, meaning that you must not belong to those two religions to be in the U.S," What? There are plenty of households that the wife was christian and the daddy was jewish as an example. That really should be a strike 2. "but you must believe in those shared beliefs," Really? According to what? You? How would you know? I get it so we all MUST believe in what YOU believe in or else!!!!!!!!!!! Continung "which come in the shape of our laws (because our laws are shaped on our ethics)". But hold onto your horsey, you said "the U.S has its laws based on beliefs of both religions." Ethics and beliefs" hmmmmmmmmmm which is a more powerful strangulation? "you just need to believe in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution," Well garsh golly in a caped crusader sneeze rag, the Constitution NEVER mentions that slab dirty word "god". "and have our "morals" which most certainly does NOT include your god.
1."I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not worship Gods before me: This applies for almost all religions," A HUGE STRIKE 2. Absolutely in no possible way does it. Nice invented excuse and it shows you, being a teeny bopper, clearly without an edumacation, has to invent an excuse for something in which he clearly knows nothing about and yet he pretends he does. First of all, nearly all other religions known have more than one god = plural, god"s. Secondly, all other religions do not worship the same way as christianity or judaism does. In fact its not even a close call. Third in other religions there were many gods, so "thou shalt have no other gods before me" kinda falters before your blubbering knees deep in blile.

"That is what religions are for, the collective morals and moral lessons learned through the ages put into a nutshell." That"s strike three IN A HUGE way. I told you I REALLY hate it when people make stuff up as you clearly undoubtedly just did. I mean are you THAT stupid to have come up with THAT pathetic of an excuse? Religion has caused more wars than those who do not have religion BY FAR. "More people have died in the name of god than for any other reason." George Carlin and he"s right. And yet you cannot even prove that this god of yours even exists. Not only that but religion, since it has caused so many wars, especially with your god riding high of his reigns and deliberately causing so many genocides, as lifted from YOUR bible, there"s no such a thing as your god being moral at all. And no that"s NOT what religions are for "he collective morals and moral lessons learned through the ages put into a nutshell." Religions are created to explain the unexplained. Its that simple. And then once that"s occured and happened, a religion rules through power then comes fear and then comes control.

"When you start making excuses for atrocities you have removed yourself from ANY valid discussion on morals. When you say "yes the bible says you can own slaves but" well now you"re contradicting yourself because before I was asking if you thought the bible was accurately representing the mind of god, the will of god. You"ve got this conflicted mess of contradictions and you"ve found a way to rationalize them. You"ve gone and looked at them and said "boy that one really sounds bad, BUT that"s what Israel was doing that"s not what god was doing. So let me ask you this" do you believe that there"s an all knowing all powerful fun loving god who has an important message for humanity and he is so completely inept that his best attempts at communicating to people managed to convey the exact opposite message of what you think he meant? Now like are you the one who got it right? And all the people who authored the holy book and got you started that they managed to get it wrong? Is your god such a bumbling buffoon that he cannot state "thou shalt not own somebody as another human being?" or "please don"t rape the people and pillage the villages around you"" and he managed to communicate so poorly that it got written down as "Thou shalt be able to own other people as property and oh by the way go over there and kill everybody kill everything except for the young virgins." Its asinine. You cannot reconcile this." Matt Dillahunty

I"m sorry but I cannot possibly carry on with this debate with your invented excuses.


Honestly, I'd love to have a debate with you, but having a debate with someone who 1) immediately goes to insults once their opposition says anything back and 2) doesn't even get the commandments right, when they are the topic of the discussion, is impossible. I'd love to have a talk with you, but insults and now knowing the thing you're arguing about really don't work!
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