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All religions need to unite, and understand what religion actually is

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Started: 9/18/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that all religions should unite, and truly understand what religion is, as if believers are capable to hold wars due to their different religions, they are completely looking at the wrong end of what religion is.

First of all I would like to clarify what I consider as a religion:
A religion is a group of people that worship to do good, appreciate what they have, seek to help others, and acknowledge that there must be a creator of the universe.


I will argue that all of the religions should not unite as one single- One World Religion.

First of all, many of the religions existing in the world today are not compatable with many of the otherss. For example; Islam, the religion that promotes wife beating, FGM, suicide bombings, terrorism, and totalitarian states is not compatale with civilised religions such as Buddhism, or Sikhism, or Confucianism, or Judaism. By merging this religion with all of the other ones, you would infect western and asian society with such a savage cult.

Or what about Christianity- how is the religion that says you don't have to be held accoutable for your sins and that you will be forgiven by G-d for your sins against someone else on account of your religion supposed to be compatable with religions such as Confucianism or Judaism which put the responsibility on you as an individuel to get your act together? Not some 2,000 year old dead man who supposedly died for your sins.

I will add more arguments later, but this should be enough to start the debate.
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Posted by harrytruman 2 years ago
who says this?
Posted by WFTL 2 years ago
You cannot unite different ways of worshipping, when the bible says there's only one way to worship.
Posted by 2 years ago
I saw this but didn't feel like arguing at the time, so I bookmarked it, and now it's too late :'(
Posted by Iacov 2 years ago
I feel not all religions seek to help others as you defined.
Posted by YouGotsToBe 2 years ago
Brunti I think what Vi_spex might or might not be getting at is that beliefing is accepting something to be true without proper investigation or conducting research. Not thinking for oneself but accepting something and almost obsessivly hoping it to be true. Whilst knowing is knowing is having done al the necessary work and finding it to be correct and in alignment with reality.

Descartes- I don't want to believe, I want to know.

Saying I believe is giving up my free thought to reason for myself and having the quest of finding truth.
And we all know especially if you're here that debating and uncovering truth or unthought idea's is very exciting. Saying I want to know is keeping an open mind and not making your mind up but always being expandaple to grow awareness.

I personally think religion can teach allot of good stuff, but confining to an idea is just... blergh.. I personally learned tons from different religions around the world but I haven't really encountered one which gives you the fulfillment that they often do like to speak about. I think this is personal and I think you never stop learning. Religion is too quick to the deal, like this is it. Accept it and now go live your life in that very exact same way. It seems like it just forgets what it means to be human, to be unique and to be an individual. Never stop learning, every aspect.
Posted by canis 2 years ago
Religions are only dreams...That is understanding what religions actually are.. Why dream ??.
Posted by mschechtel17 2 years ago
@Bruntru I would enjoy this debate with you if you let me accept it. I'd by-pass all unnecessary conversation by forming my argument around this question I would first pose. What would you want to be achieved by all the religions uniting? I would argue that religions do not have to unite to achieve the result you are looking for and to force a unity would not be a good act and thus you wouldn't be acting religious according to your definition. This would be a very interesting topic to debate because I was born and raised in a catholic family and grew up religious but don't consider myself a religious person anymore. I wouldn't call myself an atheist exactly either. Also I don't agree with most traditional religions but still believe they have some merit.

Also @vi_spex, for someone who believes limits are unnecessary you're a pretty close minded person.
Posted by senshred19 2 years ago
I will debate you on this if you make it an open debate. It is not letting me accept
Posted by Snazzy 2 years ago
We can't regulate how others coordinate their actions unfortunately, if we could then I could see this as a possibility.
Posted by Emmarie 2 years ago
@bruntru - You are an idealist, as am I. The problem is that we can't force anyone one to believe or disbelieve in anything, and many people join religions for the social benefits of belonging to a group. People can be generous and compassionate without religion or believing in God. This website has made me apathetic toward organized religion, even more so that I was before joining DDO. At this point I'd rather live according to my faith, than preach it.
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