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All school should be gender exclusive

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Started: 4/4/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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There would be a time where these opposite sexes will not know how to interact with each other and there is also a bigger chance of becoming a homosexual.Children that go to a sex school may also become stereotypical, they may think that one sex is superior to the other. When there are same sex school there tends to be more bullying because all are the same gender so an image is built that this gender should look a certain way, we want our children to know that everyone is made different .


Same sex education is something that has almost always been an option, and has not negatively influenced the society yet. Let's start off with the basics. Single sex schools provide a safer environment in both a mental and physical aspect. Being in an all female/male school, it's not likely for your child to be sexually harassed and/or attacked. Your child would not have to worry about the pressure of being sexually active either (considering a majority of the population is heterosexual).
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