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All schools should have uniforms

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Started: 10/6/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I am on the con side because in my my opinion schools should not have uniforms.
First of all not all families can afford uniforms because they're way over priced like $70 for a single t-shirt when you can get the same shirt without the logo on it for $15 and then get the logo printed on it for only $5. Then you just need to get the pants which could be $25 or less and there you've saved about $25. Plus otherwise families spend and average of about $350 a year (I think) on uniforms and then once they leave that school they can't sell the uniforms so they just basically throw away money. Especially when some families pay extra for a Catholic school and now getting charged a ton more money for something thats requiring but they don't want. It's no different than someone coming up to you and forcing you to pay them money or you not allowed back at school. Other than money the school has to be careful about customizing the uniforms because if they accidentally use a uniform that another school is already using the other school could get a right to sue them and then they won't have enough money to take on the school. Alot of people probably already know this one but using hot lunches could help. I mean spending $1200 on hot lunches per year and then making $2000 your school just found a way to make a simple $800. I could go on with about 100 more reasons why but one of the most important ways is it takes the kids creativity and i thought schools were supposed to tell kids they always be themselves. Again I'm only 10 years old so what do i know


Before I begin I would like to clarify your position. When you assert that schools shouldn't have official uniforms with labels are you suggesting that they instead have guidelines that allow students to wear non branded uniforms with no logos or have students wearing casual personal attire? With the latter cost can still be significant as students are generally vying for attention or social standing. Therefore they would desire well known labels to conform to their defined social groups or convey a specific aspect of their identity. If certain students couldn't fulfill the expectations of their peers or are only able to afford undefined, nondescript brands there would be an increase in disparity which can be a platform for ridicule. Currently school uniforms can be altered, recycled or purchased second hand which can limit costs. Regardless of where the branded uniform is purchased (either first or second hand) there is often little difference indicating its origin and a student's financial status isn't revealed.

In addition logos and specific colors can identify a school. When worn correctly school uniforms can present to wider society an image for the school which can encourage enrollment while increasing the institution's reputation. This uniformity can be useful on excursions as students are easily identifiable, this can be specifically useful with primary school children as they may become lost. Uniforms can also provide increased safety in school zones by serving as a reminder to drivers and crossing guards while increasing visibility.

It is often cited that schools stifle creativity and while I must concede to this aspect of the argument. Self expression on the basis of clothes can be shallow and establishing general school guidelines while cheaper won't remedy the loss of creativity. Self-expression and creativity can be expressed through a variety of activities or outlets and ultimately the conformity encouraged in school is simple preparation for professional environments.
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Posted by jkucik 2 years ago
suck a
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