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All zoos should be banned

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Started: 5/19/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This house believes that we should ban zoos on global scale as it has been proved that animals in captivity live for less time than animals in the wild. Some zoos are also trying to conserve the animal and help it to regain its numbers however keeping animals in captivity is not the right way to increase animal population. Instead we should just create numerous, very large wildlife reserves, where the animals are allowed to roam freely and thus they will have a higher chance of breeding because they are in their natural environment. The animals can also live much longer in the wild and we could possibly increase their lifespan by keeping the animals in wildlife reserves rather than zoos where they are used as entertainment, and very rarely to actually better the cause of the animal


This house believes that we should not even stop to consider banning zoos on a national scale, let alone a global one. This question is one that has been contemplated since the first menagerie in 3500 BCE yet we are still trying to figure out the answer. But, without question, zoos are a vital part of conservation. They were not in the past, but now, in 2017, without zoos, there would be next to no wildlife left. This may seem farfetched but allow me to expand. Many children of today are looking at a career in zoology and marine biology. They are for the pandas and the lions of the world. But would they really care if they had never got the chance to see any of these animals? When living in the USA, a family can hardly afford to fly out on holiday to South Africa to see lions in their wild state. So what do they do? They go on down to the city zoo and see them in their habitat there. The idea of creating large wildlife parks is ultimately the best way forward, but it is entirely unfeasible. Many of the governments in third world countries cannot look after their humans well enough to be able to take a look back at their animal populations. Take Rwanda for example. They just came off the back of a large civil war. They have been struggling to make a comeback since and although huge steps of progress have been made, they are still concentrating on their humans rather than their vast array of animals. This is why we need zoos, of which their exhibits more often than not, closely resemble their natural habitats, to bring animals back from the brink of extinction. However, having said that, there are many zoos which do need looking at. Namely those in third world countries that cannot keep their animals in good condition. These zoos need to be looked at but more of those later in the debate.
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I am going to continue pretending that you have not submitted to my superior intellectual power. It is now time to rip apart your arguments. Your point about animals being proven to live for less time in captivity is completely false. Take the African Lion. In the wild it lives about 15 to 18 years old. This seems a good life for a cat. In captivity they live 25 to 30 years!!! That's roughly ten years more. In the modern zoological park there is next to no animal cruelty anywhere. Again, returning to these smaller, often third-world zoos. These zoos do bad. I'm not going to lie about that. But the good of many other zoos cannot be outweighed by these. In our day and age, stereoyping is often talked about in schools and other places. Is judging all zoos as horrible places for animals to live not the exact same thing? And if it is then shouldn't we all do what we can to end this stereotypical image of the modern day zoo.
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